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Create web applications. Develop Backend. Perform Testing. 

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Great Place to Work - TRooTech Business Solutions

How Is It Like To Be A TRoop Of TRooTech?

Looking for a Mobile & Web Developer Job? Then come and be a part of our TRooTech family.

 When we made it to SiliconIndia’s Top 10 Development Firms 2017, others called it a top-notch development firm but we always prefer to call it our TRooTech family.

We encounter challenges, we develop; we are at our lowest, we grow; we conceptualize an idea, we make it practical; a problem to even one becomes a brainstorming delight to the other members.

As imaginary as it would sound in this authoritarian Information and Technology industry, we leap together to cross any real-world barriers and strive to complement our client’s imagination.

Come with your set of skills and a huge appetite for learning; you are going to be a TRoo contributor.

Our Promise

Grow Professionally, Grow Personally


At the end of the day, we do not want you to be a working robot, but a compassionate human. We deliver you all the opportunities to enhance the professional you are. But when you breathe the air of the real world, we ensure that you step front as a sanguine person. We do not sacrifice on any opportunity that can help you make a better human being.

A Large Bandwidth for Unleashing Your Creativity


All the resources, all the tools, all the comfort, and your role is elucidated to you to perform it by taking your creativity at the very next level of what it is today. You can choose to be at your creative best and we won’t interfere.

We would love you to be productive but not at the stake of your creativity.

Work-life Balance


While working with us, you will never feel like walking on a tight rope between your personal and professional life.

You will have ample of days-off to chill out and enjoy with your friends and family.

Enhanced Productivity


Days here won’t be all fun and joy!

You will work hard, your professed beliefs will be challenged, you will exhaust your thoughts and still the solution would seem far. But all along this, you will feel more productive. You will see your efficiency rise and your time safe-pocketed to manage other tasks well.

Relentless Support to Do the Right


When you stand for something professionally right, rest assured, you have got our back. To satisfy your intent and your purpose, we extract the essence of our experience and shed light upon your path of righteousness.

Work Satisfaction


We understand, your CTC satisfies your external needs, but the acknowledgement of your hard work satisfies your internal self. We constantly appreciate our team for their extended efforts and their caliber to go an extra mile by blending their hard work, talent, and perseverance.

Open Positions

We regularly keep in touch with the excellent talented professionals who have once worked with us or are willing to work with us. We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the world that empowers the future generation of creators to be successful.

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Our Culture

We believe creativity breathes in a politics-free environment.

Micromanagement to us is like working in a daycare business, and fortunately we are into development!

We love to make your work environment so lively that every morning you come here excited and you leave with that smile of satisfaction.

Our culture allows you to be yourself without being judged on your caste, creed, color, language, and beliefs.

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Perks & Benefits

Happy Hours


We see the work-committed individuals every day, but we want you to be involved with even the immature soul of yours. Let out that giggle, talk a little louder, do an unfair play to win that game, and most importantly enjoy to the fullest!

We Give Back More Than What We Take


What you develop for the TRooTech family is a rich portfolio and a unique personality to help it stand abreast in the market.

We return the favor by conducting frequent personality development sessions to develop a better version of you.

One-to-one Interactions with the Management


We prefer our members to express themselves openly, rant about problems they face, come up with better suggestions, take initiatives, and love what they do.

And so, we encourage a one-to-one interactive talk with the management wherein they can talk their hearts out about anything and everything.

Certification Courses


We want to make you feel confident professionally. When you step out with the other individuals of your domain, we want you to be the knowledge bearer.

At TRooTech, we sponsor professional certification courses for the outstanding performers to endorse their skills and to psych them up on their professional contribution.

Quiz and Contests


Who doesn’t like prizes? Well, you are lying if you say you don’t.

As a part of trust-building efforts among the members, several lit quiz and contests are held wherein you show how good of a team player you are. This is how you learn to deal with the team management issues and can overcome them when you have an entire team to be led.



We are all party animals and we do not need strong reasons to excuse ourselves to spare some time for celebrations.

Your birthday is as special to us as it is to you. Other days, we celebrate the talent you possess, but on your special day, we celebrate your existence with us.