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Probably COVID-19 has had a prominent impact on the functioning of hospitals. After all, the unprecedented rush of patients to the hospital for getting tested and diagnosis turned out to be an unmanageable mess. Especially the hospitals that operated manually and through the bookish appointment and management processes had to bear the brunt of the pandemic situation.

However, even before the coronavirus was on the horizon, the internal processes were complicated to manage. And why not? Scheduling, appointment booking, management of patients, billing, health insurance claims, and more add up to the complexity.

The current wave in the healthcare industry is to be patient-centric, which means the internal processes have to be transparent and speedy in nature. Our Australian-based client was caught up in a similar mess of complications and wanted to regulate his hospital management.

Well, it seemed simple at first. However, the challenges started surfacing during the development cycle. Nevertheless, the developers of TRooTech kept the cycle going to reach the clients’ perceived hospital management system.



An esteemed Hospital Owner of Australia wanted to make the most use of technology and leverage all the operations in his hospital, starting from patient management, accounts & billing, doctor schedules, all up to data standards incorporation. He asked us to develop an all-inclusive Hospital Management system for his hospital.


Take for an example, a renowned hospital that has a humungous amount of data to be digitalized. That’s a time-consuming and a bit of a complex task. Now, consider a chain of that hospital requiring the data to be transferred to a sophisticated server. That sounds like a challenge.

Below are some of the other significant roadblocks for the development of a hospital management system:

  • Prior Scheduling of patient-doctor appointments
  • Security of Patient Information
  • Complying with HL7 health data standard for medicinal drug prescription
  • Reluctant medical staff to use computerized systems

Our Approach

To come up with an effective solution to developing sophisticated hospital management system, our business analysts analyzed all the challenges that could potentially arise during and after the development.

We evaluated the client’s requirements, discussed with them, and proposed an all-in-one Hospital Management System software that complied with all the essential healthcare data standards including HL7 that has been proposed by the central authorities of Australia.

We created a separate module for the allotment of doctor to patients that helped manage the doctors to patients’ requests. Since a lot of data was involved and to be transferred, we developed the hospital management system that complied with the HIPAA and ISO data standards.

The hospital management system turned out to be very interactive and easy to use. On providing a presentation of our proposed system, and training the staff of the hospital, they were no more reluctant to use it.


Business Benefits

Our Australian client was very satisfied with the introduction of this multi-faceted Hospital Management System in his hospitals. He was benefitted in the following manner:

  • Improved Processes
  • Digital Media Records
  • Staff Interaction
  • Facility Management
  • Financial Control & Tax Planning
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Better Customer Experience

Project Features

In our proposed Hospital Management System, we assured that each and every minutest department functioning in a hospital system is included.

Our HMS incorporated 5 dashboards, namely for Doctors, HR, Facility Managers, Accounting Head, and the Laboratory Chief. Other functions included are:

  • Diagnosis Portal Management
  • OPD/ Clinic Management System
  • Payroll & HR Management Software
  • Laboratory Management System
  • Pharmacy Management Software
  • Reception Management Software
  • Medical Store Management Portal
  • Insurance & Billing
  • Integrated Accounts
  • Doctor Portal

Technology and Tool

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Database

Develop a Similar Hospital Management Systems Instantly

Develop a Similar Hospital Management Systems Instantly