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With every zone in the world going through bizarre, joyous, pathetic, or crazy times, the news publishers covering every single story is a fair play.

The newsreader (app user) can’t control what New Jersey post or any news publishers post.

But the thing which they can have a control on is their News Reading Experience.

Sensing this, the current news industry spotlights on the web and mobile apps and realizes a diehard need for a unique business concept in the global market.

Read on to know how we helped a New York-based company investing in business concepts that make lives easier for people to get a highly personalized AI-powered news app development.


Our client aimed to fetch love of newsreaders and lead them to the lasting habit of news reading. Their main desire was to have a highly personalized news filtering app for the business people that works like a personal agent who notifies about the latest news and even displays the news based on the user’s selection and criteria of search and user behavior for the news feeds.


Challenge 1

It is much challenging to bring high-end personalization in the news and news feeds.

With the very many news publishers prevailing in the industry, the readers look for customized and advanced search options to get the exact news content they are interested in.

To design the ‘ultraprecise’ and ‘all-specifics’ filtration in the search options that can discover from a single keyword what the readers would want and like to read is a tough game to win.

Challenge 2

One of the most complex tasks of AI-powered news app development was to design and develop a featured module to collect the news from various mediums/channels.

Challenge 3

Making the news app more interactive was an add on to the challenges. Designing the app that’s more user-friendly for the business people to make themselves feel comfortable on the app and enjoy news reading is equally challenging as making the app more interactive.

Our Approach

1. We adopted a very intricate process of app development, that can go into the soul of what’s on-demand in the news industry.

2. The strategists at TRooTech performed an exhaustive analysis of the business ideas to hit upon the concept uniqueness.

Business Benefits

Benefit 1
TRooTech outfitted an AI-based system for user behavior analysis to provide personalization in the search options for the news and news feeds.

This AI-powered news app development for user behavior analysis observes the following:

  • An estimate of the total time the user reads or spends on the page.
  • The total proportion of the news content that’s visible on the user’s screen.
  • The scroll depth on the page.
  • The frequency and speed of scrolling on the page.
  • The volume of interaction with the page

These metrics will help analyze the type of reading behavior of the users on the app. Basically, it will measure out the digital reading experience of each and every user on the app.

Based on this data, the app will help recommend the desired news content to the readers.

Above all, the users can control the news feeds by choosing the specific news genre, news sites, and filters that will display on the dashboard as per the order or sequence of the news the user chose to read or listen.

Benefit 2

We made a simplified process for our client and also for the app users. Our team automated the news fetching API’s.

It helps the application to search and retrieve live news content from all over the web.

The data fetching is much easier related to the top stories uploaded in any news sites or the users can search the latest news based on the keywords they use on the app.

Benefit 3

TRooTech developed a chat discussion tool that’s attached to every news content on the app.

Here, the users can start a chat and even add other app members to participate in the discussion.

Benefit 4

This was the point where TRooTech gave more emphasis to the Empathy stage in designing the AI-powered news app development.

Explore what’s in the feature wishlist and our team outputs for the app requirements.

  • Understanding the need for the newsreaders made our team realize the importance of archive or save option to the news feeds.
  • This is because the business people sometimes get attracted to read particular news but do not have time to go through that news content at the very moment.
  • Our UX experts fine-tuned the ‘Read Later’ option to the news feeds.
  • They went a step ahead to not only facilitating the app users to save the article but also save the keywords to create business news feeds.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to remain online just to get a glimpse of the latest news feeds.
  • With the enthusiastic team of app developers, TRooTech played with the technology to provide offline access to the news articles.
  • Another strong point to focus on was providing great mobility on the news filtering app.
  • Here, mobility was concentrated with regards to getting news updates at the time of walking or driving a vehicle.

TRooTech added a text to speech feature to make the app capable to speak out the written news content to the users when they are in momentum.

Technology and Tool

  • Frontend

  • Backend

Get the best-proposed idea for your AI-Powered News App Development Instantly

Get the best-proposed idea for your AI-Powered News App Development Instantly