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With flexible occupational culture and abrupt workforce requirements, big companies are hiring more of contracted employees who are in turn benefitted by multiple part-time jobs and temporary positions.

However, with this trending work-culture, it becomes difficult for real-estate property owners to monitor the tasks of contracted workers like sweepers, cleaners, agents, plumbers, etc. and to manage them.

We have helped a distinct wealthy real-estate king of Singapore by developing a Beacon-based task monitoring system and work-order management app to hail smooth functioning of their work.

Hop on to know how we built such an exclusive and innovative solution for important enterprise functions.



Singapore’s leading real-estate beneficiary approached us and brought along his problem of employee task compliance and management. After several proposals offered by us, he finally accepted our proposition using beacons- that are low energy Bluetooth devices constantly transmitting signals in the proximity that are recorded by gateways. The objective was that Each of the attendants would be given a beacon that is constantly transmitting signals to the gateway trackers placed at various locations where the task needs to be undertaken for eg. gardens, lobbies, offices, public washrooms, etc. The admin app is synchronized with the gateways and so it gets to track if all the workers are on their work-spot or not. This system may be used by many property owners, agents, tenants, and contractors causing a huge amount of beacon signal storage, so we hosted on cloud storage from where it can be used as a service (SaaS).


While building such a rare Beacon app for task monitoring, we faced several barriers such as:

  • Real-time notifications in the admin app via the beacon-gateway servers collecting unique identifiers from the beacons
  • Continuous Internet connectivity costing the client’s stakeholders a high reckoning
  • Constantly monitoring the logs of beacons causing high computational effort
  • To minimize huge amounts of server loads
  • To confirm the contractor’s micro compliance for his task monitoring, i.e. monitoring whether the employee has been present during his work-hours full-time.

Our Approach

Our Client’s requirements for this project were not definite or limited. He used to add-up features one after the other as and how the system was built on-the-go. Both the modules functioning in this system- Task Monitoring and Work-Order Management are intertwined and dependent on each other.

Thus we developed this project using the Agile Development Method. We routinely communicated with the client to acknowledge him of all the intricate project details developed by us.

Business Benefits

With this unique Beacon app for task monitoring, our client brought about a revolution in Singapore by automating a conventional and time-consuming responsibility. Thus, he grabbed the First mover advantage in his realm.

It was a one-time investment project for the real-estate owner, which we got him custom-made and hosted on the cloud-server making it easy for him to make revenue by selling his app service to other property-managers.

Project Features

This comprehensive Beacon app for task monitoring consisted of the following useful functionalities and features:

  • Staff Rostering- to add contracted employee accounts, assigning them tasks, locations, and time-durations
  • Task Compliance- to check the work done by the employee through the app
  • Time and Attendance Management within the administration
  • Compliance with employee’s Onsite Health & Safety by tracking consistent beacon signals
  • Work-Order Management- to send quotes and invoices of abrupt tasks like plumbing, repairs, etc.

Technology and Tool

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Database

Want to bring such a turnover in EdTech?

Want to bring such a turnover in EdTech?