A Unique Chat App That Allows Live Video Conferencing Even in the Low-Bandwidth Zones


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A telecom company in the United Kingdom



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United Kingdom


Today’s app market is overflowing with video messaging & chat apps but only a few are genuine and thrifty to users’ pockets. Most of such apps consume a large amount of your data usage, plus they are of no help when users are stuck in low-bandwidth zones.

Efficient and easy global communication, leave apart video calls, for developing countries like South Africa and Nigeria is still a distant dream.

Looking at such conditions, a renowned telecom company in the United Kingdom joined hands with us to develop a unique chat app that works efficiently even in those low bandwidth areas and consumes less data usage.



A successful telecom company in the UK wanted to recast the communications occurring across the world and acquire the markets of even the low-bandwidth countries. That’s when they contacted us. They wanted us to emerge in a chat app development that availed the option for group video/voice calls and messages in a seamless manner using the chat app architecture’s serverless approach.


To fulfill our client’s vision of uninterrupted video-connectivity worldwide, we analyzed the market and found that for such a video chat app development, we will have to overcome the following challenges:

  • To make the app stand out with its unique features
  • Make the app features reach every possible functionality because users love an app that can accomplish their other tasks as well
  • To incorporate high-level encryption as security is the main concern of app users
  • To retain & engage users of the app

Our Approach

For this chat app development, we opted to go with the serverless architecture- meaning, using cloud-hosted servers.

Working on serverless, gave us the liberty to work on managed infrastructure, which reduced our labor cost and improved load-flexibility.

As all the server management was taken care of by the cloud provider, we could easily focus more on other app features like video quality and handling large conference calls.

We made this chat app development with an exceptional UI and UX so that the users can not resist but interact with it.


Business Benefits

Our telecom industrialist was able to achieve aspired goals with the successful outcome of the chat app development by us.

He was benefited in the following ways:

Huge user base- a free app attracted many users to our app giving our client much-needed target achievement. Here we could leverage the users from low-bandwidth countries like Nigeria.

In-app advertisements- the telecom company could easily attain the envisioned revenue out of the chat app due to its huge customer base watching the in-app ads.

In-app purchases- eventually as the app was successfully growing its user- base, we added few in-app purchases in it like stickers, emoticons, and special rights, to help our client make more profits out of it.

Project Features

The video chat app developed by us incorporated the following features:

  • Video Calls- Users can video call with friends, family, and other people they choose to follow
  • Voice Calls- Free voice calls to anyone over the internet
  • Conference Video Calls- Users can hold a conference video meeting right from their phones
  • Video Blogging- Users can make their videos public on the chat app server and create VLOGS for their community

Technology and Tool

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Database

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