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When we talk about pharmacies, we can visualize the long queue eagerly waiting to purchase medicines. On the bright side, we live in an era where technology evolves and helps us get rid of the drudgery. The advent of the on-demand business model has been applied to numerous niches, and even healthcare hasn’t remained aloft from its waves.

This specifically holds true when it comes to running a business during the unfortunate times of COVID-19 crisis. Impact of social distancing and lockdown led many businesses to look at digital medical services. And, our client was never off the bandwagon.

Our client based in Australia, instantly sensed the profitability of the on-demand economy.

On similar lines, he planned to launch his business with the blend of technology with healthcare through the development of a unique on-demand prescription delivery app. As a result, he approached a software development firm for the development of a go-to prescription delivery app.

Later, after being in the business for a while, he started receiving feedback on his app. The app started showing issues and bugs when end users placed their orders. As a result, it became important for our client to look into the development and further extend the application. He conceptualized turning this app into a one-stop solution for all healthcare needs with features like Virtual Video and Chat Consultations, Doctor-at-home, Lab Tests, etc. Since healthcare is an umbrella term, our client wanted to explore it to the fullest to dive into a broad niche.

Get insight into our robust development approach to on-demand prescription delivery app.


Our client already had a well-established on-demand prescription delivery app, which functioned well with some bugs of course. But now, he realized that if he wanted to develop a stronghold in the present competitive market during the COVID-19 crisis, he was required to offer additional convenience to its users. When our client started researching the potential functionalities that he can add in his on-demand medicine delivery app, he landed on one of our case studies. The case study was about an eLearning app with custom audio, video, and chat module-based communication. This helped him think of an idea of adding a virtual consultation with multiple doctors onboard. So, he approached TRooTech with two development requests–refactoring of the extant app and development of an advanced module for virtual consultation that include voice, video, and chat modules. His intent was to get doctors onboard from various expertise to facilitate online booking of doctor’s appointments. Besides this, he also wanted to provide the online lab test scheduling to end users.


The client had a broad vision when it came to the development of the online prescription delivery app. The previously built on-demand prescription delivery app worked just fine. However, challenges that surfaced were associated with the addition of the new module.

Below were some of the roadblocks in the client’s vision to business advancement:

  • To add the doctor-appointment portal with real-time availability feature.
  • To develop the app in the least possible time to establish the brand during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • To refactor the existing app developed in .NET by keeping a check on the budget.
  • To handle the onboarding of doctors and segregate them based on their area of expertise.
  • To produce search results based on proximity.

Our Approach

The developers at TRooTech identified these challenges and created a roadmap regarding the project lifecycle. The best approach devised was to develop a separate module for the doctor and lab test scheduling functionality. Since refactoring demanded a high budget, given the scarcity of .NET developers, we leveraged PHP – Laravel to have a seamless integration of third-party delivery API.

Besides this, we diligently mapped the multiple categories related to the doctors to produce relevant search results for queries. Once the individual module was developed, we integrated the portal with that of the prescription-based delivery app to meet our client’s vision. We conducted several use cases and quality analysis to check the performance post the integration for making it ready to operate in the real world.

Business Benefits

App Started Working Efficiently:
Our developers worked on this unique yet comprehensive app idea by changing the technology stack with the latest ones. This significantly helped our client to re-launch a better and cost-effective app in the store.

Better Market Times:
The basic intent behind the addition and refactoring of this on-demand medicine delivery app was to leverage the lockdown opportunity. So, we set two parallel teams–one, for working on the refactoring and the second, for the addition of the new module. Our client was able to launch the app at favourable times.

Project Features

The exclusive on-demand prescription delivery app offers the following features:

Scan/Snap and Order:
Ordering medicines has become easy with this promising feature that allows end users to scan/snap their prescriptions with all the mandatory details such as–doctor’s details, medicine details, patient details and the doctor’s stamp.

Ease of Placing Order:
Placing their order for medicines has now become effortless, with this feature where the user can directly access the prescription uploaded by the doctor. They can directly process their orders without having to download the prescription.

Real-time Delivery Tracking:
Customers can constantly monitor their orders at every stage of delivery–right from the moment of placing an order, acceptance of the pharmacy to the last-mile delivery. Customers can live-track their orders smoothly.

Refer and Earn Bonus:
This feature is an easy way to make a bonus available to end users every time they refer the app to their peers. The user gets a chance to earn a bonus worth $5 for each reference.

Top-up Medicines:
This special feature will allow the users to get their medicines auto-refilled after a particular time period. The users can set their auto-refilling duration/frequency, and the application will auto-order the medicines at their desired time.

Online Shopping of Pharmacy:
The users can shop all their pharmacy essentials using the app with the utmost ease. Alongside, it is their one-stop solution for purchasing all their toiletries and OTC medicines in a jiffy.

Hassle-free Scheduling of Appointments:
The scheduling of appointments has become effortless, as the users can book their appointments based on the availability of the doctors onboard. Alongside, the users also have the provision of booking consultation at their home, as well as scheduling their lab tests as per their convenience.

Video Consultation:
Owing to the digitalization, now the users can seek their consultation on the video, which eliminates their need to physically go to the hospital or a clinic.

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Want to launch a healthcare app to leverage the lockdown advantage?

Want to launch a healthcare app to leverage the lockdown advantage?