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An expanding multi-brand Departmental Store of Latin America.


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Departmental stores are big-time saviors for urban population as they avail all the basic essentials at one place- for an easy and fast lifestyle.

There are several operational divisions and units in the departmental store for its smooth functioning like operations, finance & accounting, purchasing, human resource, marketing & sales, etc. Amongst all, the important role of the Purchasing Department to keep the store’s stock updated and reloaded is highly crucial.

Some of the undertakings of the purchasing team are identifying requirements of goods, finding reliable suppliers, price negotiations, delivery-time comparisons, managing budgets & payments, analyzing needs & supplies, product testing, and quality control.

Our client is the owner of a flourishing Departmental store in Latin America; the prime role of its Purchasing Department is to timely refill the essential stock in the store by ordering and procuring the products from their business merchants/ wholesalers via their SAP enterprise portal.

Continue reading to discern our challenging stride over the path of an enterprise iPad app development for the purchase division of a departmental store.




We were once approached to build an enterprise app for a departmental store in Latin America. An app for their Purchase Department so that they can directly send a purchase order without logging-in to the SAP portal. Our aim was to develop an offline enterprise (iPad) app for a departmental store that can access data from the SAP portal of the store, display products, categories, and client range, avails product/item selection, make a purchase order, and synchronizes data with the SAP portal.


For developing such departmental store enterprise app for ordering depleting stock, we had to be conscious for the below points

  • Synchronization of data from the enterprise SAP portal
  • Updating changes in the Product Line by Seller
  • Huge data handling of purchase order till connectivity with SAP is re-established
  • Allotting data-access rights to the purchasing division

Our Approach

After analyzing and researching the procurement process of the departmental store, we strategized the iOS app plan that would bridge the gap for the purchasing department and ease the entire restocking process.

We proposed an enterprise app for the departmental store, which would allow the purchasing team to place the restock order directly via the app without accessing the SAP portal.

The app contained all the product range categories as depicted in the store. Now, instead of tracking and getting to individual sellers, the app user just needed to select the products required to stock the store.

Then on, the purchase orders would be sent to the respective merchants who in return send the order invoice after purchase order approval.

Hence, the procurement department was able to timely restock the store and keep the business ongoing.

Business Benefits

Thanks to our Stock ordering App, the Departmental store saw hill-climbing results in its internal and external operations and functioning as well as increased the sales records.

Some other benefits attained by our client:

  • Time-efficiency while restocking
  • Satisfied Customers with product availability
  • Better human resource management
  • Pleased Purchasing team
  • Smooth internal functioning
  • Data security during SAP portal access

Enterprise App Features

Some of the important features of our enterprise app for departmental store

  • Seamless connection with SAP portal The purchase order/s can be preserved until data connectivity is established with the portal.
  • Inventory record fetching from the SAP portal The app users can track and access previous purchase orders, invoices, and transactions undergone with the merchants.
  • Role-based access Access permissions granted to the purchasing team to access merchant data and their product categories, and lines.
  • Data Mapping to create & add purchase order in SAP portal directly sending the purchase order from the iPad app (on admin-approval) without creating it in the SAP portal.

Technology and Tool

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Database

Want fruitful outcomes from your Departmental Store?

Want fruitful outcomes from your Departmental Store?