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As it is now mandatory for the heavy machine industries to maintain the international quality standards, the market for testing and handling equipment is also evolving.

With changing trends in technologies, the testing equipment has multiple usage and demands in the semiconductor and manufacturing industries.

But the main issue is, the customers or clients are running short of time to deep-research on products and get involved in the long lengthy ordering process.

This made our client demand a comprehensive quoting tool that makes the customer’s purchasing journey a highly easy one along with well-defined order management technology for interdepartmental business operations.

Read on to know how we helped one of the California based global providers of testing and handling equipment with a high-potential enterprise quoting tool.



Our client had undergone new business expansion in PCB and semiconductor test equipment. With an expansion in product categories, our client wanted an advanced quoting and orders management app that can effectively help them offer varied product ranges and services to a wide variety of markets. They wanted a more standardized RFQ process in enterprise quoting tool that nails down the smooth managing of increased customer lead.


  • With great business expansions, it was difficult and complex for our client to handle and manage the mechanism of RFQs, products, contractors and other customers.
  • To optimize inventory management was also a tough challenge.
  • Also, getting approvals and confirmation from different departments were turning much lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • Going more intricate on managing and handling quotation for RFQs, it was all obscure.
  • The activities were to be conducted depending on the specific roles and responsibilities at different departments.

Our Approach

  • TRooTech’s dedicated team of designers and developers focused on providing optimum solutions to develop a simplified customer’s journey on the web-based app. We made sure that our client stays on the top of Request for Proposal.
  • Our team not only brought sophistication in the business process of our client’s business, but it also constructed a sophisticated design of our client’s customer portal and enterprise quoting tool.

Business Benefits

  • We created a centralized repository for inventory management. The enterprise tool was built with effective features to have an error-free easy tracking and managing of the quotations, products, contracts and spending activities.
  • The app had a well systematized and time savvy process to generate & get approval for the RFQ. Here, the customers can request quotes for selected products/services catalogs. They can easily attach the catalog to the RFQ. The related department or a responsible internal staff of our client will be able to manage quotes, product catalogs, and product prices in the catalog. After the RFQ is well evaluated by the engineers, an exact revert will be sent to the user.
  • The login feature on the tool has role-based access for the app users. The admin will allocate and assign the roles and app accessibility to internal staff for performing specific functions on the app as per their roles.
  • The purchasing and selling modules on the enterprise quoting tool made our client have something much more valuable. After receiving the response to the RFQs, the customers can accept or decline the quotation. They can easily send the purchasing order through the application if they accept the quotation.

Technology and Tool

  • Frontend

  • Backend

Looking For Dynamic Testing & Handling Solutions?

Looking For Dynamic Testing & Handling Solutions?