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Today, every industry domain- ranging from retail, travel, customer service, to restaurant- is making efforts to retain their princely customers because customers are indeed Gods for their businesses.

When it comes to restaurants, diners always want to try new variants and options for dining. In such times, Loyalty Programs for Restaurant Chains have to be highly strategic to hit the profits acutely.

We narrate you a tale of a Restaurant Chain in Scotland, how it is held dear to its diners, succeeding the implementation of Loyalty Program App developed by us.


A famous fine-dine restaurant in Scotland had approached us to build them a Loyalty Program App so that they can retain their customers. The aim of the app was to give loyalty benefits to the customers that would increase their involvement with the restaurant through loyalty points, gift cards, & online food ordering for pick-up. The app had to be two-way integrated with the restaurant’s existing POS (point-of-sale) system. Catch: The restaurant owner wanted us to provide a solution such that they could offer loyalty benefits to their diners even if they didn’t have a smartphone (without our Loyalty Program App)!


  • Integration with the restaurant’s existing POS system database and data-access
  • Strategizing a loyalty program such that the diner can choose between discount or loyalty points
  • Linking the gift card (used by new diner) with the POS -restaurant database
  • Customer Management and tracking their restaurant orders, invoices, and online orders.
  • Handling multi-port payments chosen by customers (i.e. cash, card, or point redemption) and synchronizing the same with POS data
  • Customer reachability when not using the Loyalty Program App for Restaurant Chain

Our Approach

Looking to our client’s expectations and visions, we proposed a dynamic Loyalty Program App for his Restaurant Chain, such that he can set the discount rates, loyalty point- values, combined offers, and more for each menu item in his restaurant.

Some of the star features of the Loyalty Program App:-

  • Invoice based loyalty point scheme
  • Offer and Invoice mapping with customer account in POS database
  • Loyalty points and reward system with the gift card option for customer involvement
  • Easy to order food from anywhere through application to increase customer reachability
  • Loyalty point-chits/vouchers for customers without smartphones or our Loyalty Program App for Restaurant that can be redeemed on future orders
  • Gift-card integration with the customer data in the POS system

Business Benefits

Our client was more than happy to serve his customers with additional loyalty benefits, and it also hiked his business value and profits.

The Loyalty Program App developed by us helped our Client’s Restaurant Chain immensely to achieve aspired goals.

Pre-planned order delivery: The app favored the restaurant to prepare the pick-up orders on-time which appeased the customers and ultimately benefited the business by valuable ratings & reviews.

Customer Retention: The restaurant could now cherish the perks of loyal customers as attracted due to our Loyalty App.

New customers visiting to use the gift cards: The gift cards offered by the loyal app users laid new customers to the restaurant business, making our client happy.

Loyal diners, streaming business: Just within 6 months of using our Loyalty Program App, the Client sent us free Gift Cards for all our employees to cherish unlimited food at their restaurant-as a manner of thanking us to strike his business

And we got our share of Satisfaction!

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  • Backend

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Want to Enthrall profits in your Restaurant Business?

Want to Enthrall profits in your Restaurant Business?