Development Scenario of a Recipe Blogging Platform with Online Store

Recipe Blogging Platform with an Additional Revenue Stream

The influence of eateries has been increasing in the lives of consumers. On the other hand, there is a customer base, who is curious to learn and experiment with different recipes and cuisines. After all, cooking shows aren’t something new to us. When amidst the various entertainment sources, if MasterChef emerges as a popular show, we know looking at the recipes is therapeutic for a cohort.

Gauging the high traction that cooking shows have, our client requested the development of an online blogging platform for recipes. Here the obvious question that he was surrounded with was–

Why should you opt for the mobile or app-based recipe blogging platform when you can simply use the social media channels?”

Answer: Comprehensiveness

Social media blogging is quite popular these days. You can experiment with the type of content you want to disseminate. Besides this, bloggers tend to receive high reach, owing to the prowess of social media. However, there is limited scope for experimentation when it comes to using the platform. Our client wanted to use a comprehensive platform with the functionalities that he desired, and TRooTech turned out to be his practical choice.

Overview of the Project

Since our client had a penchant for a comprehensive platform, the blogging platform wasn’t just about publishing recipes using the text and video content. Our client also wanted to integrate the eCommerce functionalities to the platform to translate his blog into traffic and revenue. Besides the normal functioning of this platform, the web app to be developed also had to be prepared for selling the ingredients of recipes.

Hurdle in the Way

Usually, when we develop any blogging platform, we grant the back-end access to our clients to upload the preferred content. However, our client also wanted to explore the eCommerce part of the recipe blogging platform in this case.

eCommerce or online store for the recipe blogging platform would mean preparing the inventory for recipe ingredients. In this case, the inventory wasn’t predefined. Since ingredients for all recipes were different, products to be added to the stock were to be customized. Besides this, the blogging platform also had the feature to allow users to share their recipes.

The admin can then review these recipes and publish it on the platform.

Our Process

We got to grassroots of the problem during the requirement analysis stage and proposed a solution that was feasible for the recipe blogging platform. We developed the recipe blogging platform for our client to allow the listing of packaged products. So, the issue regarding the customized ingredients was resolved as the ingredients were listed as separate products.

Features of the Recipe Blogging Platform

In our proposed recipe blogging platform, we offered comprehensiveness of use as demanded by our client. Below are some of the best features of the recipe blogging platform developed by us:


  • Monetization ease through advertisements
  • Efficient content management system
  • Search module
  • Management of categories
  • Handling Inventories
  • Reviewing orders and handling payments
  • Processing cancellations and refunds

Business Benefits

Our client managed to launch the recipe blogging platform right at the scheduled time, which helped him target the right audience and geography. Besides this, immediately after the launch, the COVID-19 situation took over the world. As a result, bachelors and amateur chefs found it easy to look for recipes and order the ingredients in the exact quantity.

Besides this, blogging platforms usually use ad-based monetization strategies. However, our client was also able to receive an influx of revenue from the online store he set for the recipe ingredients.

Industry Segment

Entertainment, eCommerce

Technology and Tools

eCommerce App: Magento

Blogging App: PHP Laravel

Web Frontend: React JS

Backend: PHP Laravel

Database: PostgreSQL

Server: Amazon AWS

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