CTOs should Watch Out for these Metrics to Measure Developer’s Performance

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Let’s face it. Software undergoes a series of testing and debugging before being launched into the market. Multiple back and forths happen from the system of developers to QAs to achieve an unmatched performance of the software.

Megahit Online Businesses in COVID-19 & After

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The Bright Side of the Lockdown for Online Businesses in COVID-19 is Here The first criteria to being an entrepreneur is to strike a perfect balance between risk and profit. COVID-19 is that opportunity in disguise, when [...]

2019’s Most Inquired Professional Services Marketplace Model

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As a recent couple of decades were the years of e-commerce boom, for online marketplaces particularly the Service Marketplaces, this is a decade of exponential growth. With the e-commerce already reviving the way we shopped for products, the [...]

Topic #2 PLUL: What Happens When Client Wants Uniqueness In Edtech Mobile App Development

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Somewhere in between request for proposal and project completion, the life of the project remains untold. And you won't belive that what did happen in one of our project of edtech mobile app development. Yes! All that is seen [...]

EdTech Startups – Mobile Apps That Are Ruling Over Educational System

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Taxi and Cab services? Fully Digitalized. Logistics and Transportation? Fully Digitalized. eCommerce? Completely Digitalized. Education? Umm... Innovation in education, is that even possible? It is therefore called innovation because it requires a lot of conceiving of new ideas and with [...]