Top 10 Future Trends In Android Development You Cannot Miss In 2019

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The future trends in Android development are showing all the love for app users. These trends are focusing more on Convenient apps rather than [...]

Master UI/UX sense with McDonald’s Cross-Cultural Web Design Guide

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You might have heard of personalized search options, personalized features for user’s privacy, personalized notifications or personalized chat options for the app users. [...]

Cloud computing discussion of an entrepreneur & an absolute cloud genius on all cloud terms

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Makes up for a cloud dictionary, one of its kind! There is a big chunk of startup entrepreneurs who have great and [...]

Cloud Application Service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS): Easy explanation for business people

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What is Cloud Computing? Getting an image of yourself sitting on a soft, fluffy, pearl-white cloud with your laptop in lap? Certainly not! [...]