How Pattern Recognition by AI Helps Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry?

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Modern-day digital transformation has an impact on the healthcare sector. Cutting-edge technological tools and solutions are used to improve patient treatment and patient care. Moreover, the latest technology helps develop innovative business models and improve communication.

Student Assessment System: Challenges & Solutions Experts Want You to Know

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Students’ evaluation is a crucial component of academic institutions. Educators all around the world faced significant interruptions to impart learning in the classroom as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In order to stop the virus from spreading, educational institutions were therefore forced to make a swift transition to online learning.

Will Agile Manifesto Principles Have Relevance in the Future?

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Present-day businesses have closely witnessed the technological upheaval in the past few years that left the developers baffled regarding the relevance of Agile Manifesto values and principles. And after a practical experiment, probably, the world came up with a simple answer – YES!

The Top 10 Augmented Reality Trends For The New Year 2023

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Individuals have come up with a solution to produce realistic visual experiences in a technologically advanced society. In terms of creating this technology vector, we have come a long way, from panoramic paintings to completely immersive virtual realities.

Smart Factory is the New Age Innovation in the Automotive Industry

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Connectivity is not a novel concept in the process of manufacturing. However, recent events like Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, and the fusion of the physical and the digital worlds, combining information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT), have made supply chain transformation more and more feasible.