How to Build a City Travel Guide App to Help Plan Your Next Trip

By |2018-01-13T09:46:16+00:00November 24th, 2016|Business, Technology, Travel and Hospitality, Web Portals, Websites and Web Applications|

The travel and hospitality industry includes tour operators, travel consolidators, tourist boards, airlines, cruise lines, railroads, private transportation providers, car rental services, hotels, resorts, lodging, and restaurants. Traveling to a new place is always exciting, whether you are traveling [...]

Why Hospital Management Portal Is The Need Of The Hour

By |2018-01-31T11:28:54+00:00June 22nd, 2016|Softwares, Travel and Hospitality, Web Portals|

Operational efficiency is the need of the hour for most industry verticals, and healthcare is no different. The administration is the most important aspect of operations, and is one of the crucial departments for a hospital. It is important [...]

eCommerce or mCommerce: What Defines Success For You Today?

By |2016-04-04T06:39:34+00:00April 4th, 2016|eCommerce, Mobile Applications, Web Portals|

The internet has become a quintessential part of the journey your business has embarked on in this inbound marketing era. The consumer feels powerless without the internet. With mobiles gaining more power, it has become an important part of the [...]

Foursquare Towards Travel Business Development, Adds Travel Review Feature

By |2016-02-15T14:25:52+00:00February 15th, 2016|Business, Business Directories, Consumer Review Platforms, Marketplaces, Review and Rating Platforms, Travel and Hospitality, Web Portals, Websites and Web Applications|

Foursqare has come a long way since its inception. It started as a social media site that allowed you to share your location. From a simple social networking app, it went on to become a local search and discovery app, [...]

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