How Pattern Recognition by AI Helps Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry?

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Modern-day digital transformation has an impact on the healthcare sector. Cutting-edge technological tools and solutions are used to improve patient treatment and patient care. Moreover, the latest technology helps develop innovative business models and improve communication.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence: The most-trending technology that’s chased by successful companies

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Artificial Intelligence is employed in organizations in different ways with a major influence on helping firms evolve. In reality, the majority of us employ AI frequently in some capacity.

Top 10 case studies of digital transformation in business worth knowing for the CTOs

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Businesses are progressively becoming social, portable, and digitized. Advances in technology, demography, and the workplace alone are driving this transformation. Every part of our job, including how we interact, cooperate, grow and adapt, is impacted by this transition.

Artificial Intelligence in traffic management: The possible future of road safety

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Road safety witnesses the need for AI. We all are aware of the popular terms that are being used nowadays. Like, Artificial Intelligence, which is emulating human intellect in machines that have been conditioned to think and behave like people.

Top enterprise AI trends that are making the buzz in the market

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As we analyze the decades of technological advancements across the globe, we can clearly identify the importance that Artificial Intelligence has received over others. Being one of the established technologies, AI has made its place in successful proofs-of-concept, production processes, operational arena, and many more areas.