Release Software, not Bugs with 12 Types of Software Testing

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The year was 2018. The country. The U.S. Can you guess the loss incurred owing to poor software quality? No. Not in a million. Not even in billion, But in a trillion. Poor software quality led to a mounting loss of around US$ 3 Tn in the U.S. The brunt has been faced even by British Airways, O2 network, Facebook, and more. And if you think that these losses are limited to small or mid software apps and websites, think again.

Adopting Blockchain for eCommerce is the Next Sane Step to Take

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The eCommerce industry is tapping into Blockchain solutions sets three facts right: 1. Adopting Blockchain for eCommerce is more than hype. 2. Efficiency in internal processes brings better sales and optimizes resources. 3. Transparency and sustainability lay the groundwork for a thriving eCommerce business.

Blockchain Solutions are not that Complex. See Development of this Basic Finance App

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These are the times when processes and systems are either turning automated or irrelevant. Technological advancements that span Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Internet of Things cater to the demand for automation. However, when it comes to security [...]

Blockchain use cases for Insurance Industry| The Business of Tomorrow

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The insurance industry is undergoing a perfect storm. Shifting customer demand trends, advancing technology trends, hikes in data, the aftereffects of natural calamities, changing demographics, and ever-evolving regulations are some of the factors that shake this industry to its [...]

How Blockchain in Government is getting accepted across the Globe

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Blockchain is seen as an important development. Some compare it important to the introduction of the internet. The internet is a global network that we use to exchange information, it is less suitable for the exchange of value. [...]