Cloud WMS & the key insights that all supply chain directors must know

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The digital revolution has spurred immense growth when it comes to Warehouse Management Systems. As per one of the published reports, it could be found that – the warehouse automation market is projected to reach the benchmark of USD 64,639 Mn by 2030 and that too at an exponential CAGR of 14.8% by the end of 2030.

Release Software, not Bugs with 12 Types of Software Testing

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The year was 2018. The country. The U.S. Can you guess the loss incurred owing to poor software quality? No. Not in a million. Not even in billion, But in a trillion. Poor software quality led to a mounting loss of around US$ 3 Tn in the U.S. The brunt has been faced even by British Airways, O2 network, Facebook, and more. And if you think that these losses are limited to small or mid software apps and websites, think again.

Do’s and Must Do’s – 10 Microservices Architecture Best Practices

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Monolithic systems are difficult to maintain, says every entrepreneur out there. The digital unicorns spare no time staying untangling the mess associated with their business. With the increasing complexities pertaining to the growing data, a smarter decision seems like using microservice architecture.

16 Most Effective AWS Security Tips with Best Practices

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Imagine that you want to ensure the security of your home. What is the first thing that would come to your mind when you think of a security tool for your home? A lock, right? Now imagine that you have reconstructed your home with more space, which has further added more ground to your premises. How would you ensure the security of your home now?

Cloud Migration is not as Complex as it Seems | Cloud Migration Services

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As enterprises continue to bring new momentum in their businesses, cloud migration services are no longer the want. They have become the need of the hour with an intensified focus on flexibility and stability. Cloud technology serves the required agility and efficiency. Organizations opt for cloud migration for optimization.