How Pattern Recognition by AI Helps Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Industry?

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Modern-day digital transformation has an impact on the healthcare sector. Cutting-edge technological tools and solutions are used to improve patient treatment and patient care. Moreover, the latest technology helps develop innovative business models and improve communication.

Release Software, not Bugs with 12 Types of Software Testing

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The year was 2018. The country. The U.S. Can you guess the loss incurred owing to poor software quality? No. Not in a million. Not even in billion, But in a trillion. Poor software quality led to a mounting loss of around US$ 3 Tn in the U.S. The brunt has been faced even by British Airways, O2 network, Facebook, and more. And if you think that these losses are limited to small or mid software apps and websites, think again.

6 Most Popular AI and ML trends in 2023 to Use for Business Transformation

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2023 is almost here. How are you planning to succeed? You surely can’t keep on doing the same and expect different results. But you can take the magical touch of technology to make way for more efficiency and productivity in your business.

8 Best Python Libraries for Machine Learning In 2021 And Beyond

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Data bind the digital world together and empowers businesses to pave the way for a more optimized future. Newer technologies have unlocked new horizons for companies with personalization, better search functionality, and more competent recommendations.

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