Release Software, not Bugs with 12 Types of Software Testing

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The year was 2018. The country. The U.S. Can you guess the loss incurred owing to poor software quality? No. Not in a million. Not even in billion, But in a trillion. Poor software quality led to a mounting loss of around US$ 3 Tn in the U.S. The brunt has been faced even by British Airways, O2 network, Facebook, and more. And if you think that these losses are limited to small or mid software apps and websites, think again.

Use Cases of React Native and Flutter: In-depth Evaluation

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Flutter vs React Native–two of the most popular frontend community rivals often draw a line of difference among developers. While some frontend developers hail Flutter for delivering interactive business apps, some supporters can’t move past its limitations and are dubious about the future of Flutter.

Understanding The Best Mobile App Monetization Strategies In 2019

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Currently, there are millions of apps in the universe; one can say that Smartphones and mobile apps are becoming the 4th necessity for a living after food, shelter, and clothing. Thousands of mobile apps developed and launched every [...]

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