9 🚩Red Flags Waving at Web App Front-End Refactoring

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Going for application modernization? Not before you let our frontend engineers tell you how to go about it to have a better pathway for web app development and refactoring! “When you approach to web app frontend refactoring, make sure to load only the components that are needed and load them only when they are needed.”

Security ✅ ! Here’s How to Build Secure Software with AngularJS

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Thinking to build a large website and betting on AngularJS? Well, the development of a large website is already a huge undertaking. And, while AngularJS is the frontend framework of choice for enterprises, you might have to look beyond what catches your eye when you have to build secure software with AngularJS.

Best Remote Team Management Tools to Manage Dedicated Remote Developers

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What’s stopping you from hiring dedicated remote developers for your project? Besides the project abandonment threats encircling the development, we found that clients fear distorted communication and supervision the most. And definitely, the fear would have been [...]

Noteworthy Design Trends Today: Websites In Split Layouts

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Website design trends seem to be evolving with technology and techniques that go into designing. One such trend that seems to be making its presence felt after a long time is the splits layout. This is an easy to [...]

Place Yourself as a Designer Who Tailors Specifically to Your Consumers’ Requirements

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Here’s a quick question at you- why do you buy branded clothes? It’s not that branded wear is the only thing that can make you comfortable? Do you really believe that there is some difference between the branded wear [...]