Automation in Supply Chain: The First Step Towards an Autonomous Supply Chain

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The world is headed towards digitization… Each day we see new technologies brimming up, and different domains embracing the same. Yes! The facts speak that the global automation market is all set to reach its peak by the end of 2026 by growing at a CAGR of 3.7% and registering a value of US $136.5 Billion.

9 🚩Red Flags Waving at Web App Front-End Refactoring

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Going for application modernization? Not before you let our frontend engineers tell you how to go about it to have a better pathway for web app development and refactoring! “When you approach to web app frontend refactoring, make sure to load only the components that are needed and load them only when they are needed.”

Noteworthy Design Trends Today: Websites In Split Layouts

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Website design trends seem to be evolving with technology and techniques that go into designing. One such trend that seems to be making its presence felt after a long time is the splits layout. This is an easy to [...]

IT Trends: Top 5 Enterprise App Development

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With time, technology has evolved, and the old trends have lost to the newer and better ones. The old technology trends don’t address the evolving needs of the business, which is why it is important that enterprises incorporate newer [...]

Responsive App Design, Website Design and still Fewer Revenues

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A visible online presence can help increase your user base, and can maximize your conversions. If you are visible, and can grab attention of your customers, you can easily achieve your revenue goals. In the mobility era, you need [...]