The Emergence Of VR/AR In Healthcare Is Transforming Surgical Procedures

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Digital transformation in healthcare has led to countless opportunities and advancements which were once alienated from humankind. From something as basic as keeping records to managing complex surgeries, it has come a long way.

7 Major Trends of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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Digital transformation in the medical arena talks about embracing cutting-edge technological solutions. These solutions are focused on increasing work efficiency in medical facilities while taking patient care to the next level.

15 Top Healthcare Investments in HealthTech Businesses (2015-2020)

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The healthcare industry has never been under the influence of recession. In fact, the recession has benefitted the healthcare industry. And why only recession? Natural disasters, calamities, and the latest in the cohort, pandemic–every negative factor has positively influenced the healthcare sector.

Healthcare Technology in 2020: The Future Arrived Sooner than Expected

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Healthcare industry doesn’t need an introduction. However, it deserves one. That’s because it has evolved beyond recognition in 2020. Did I just hear--”How has it evolved?” Well, the shift from the fee-for-service care model to value-based care model. [...]