Topic #5 PLUL: An Idea to Reality Journey of App Development for Health Records

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Abstract Of App-Based Digital Business Today we are going to talk about the journey of app development for health records, before starting [...]

Topic #4 PLUL: An Ultimate Design Scenario of one Social Media App Development Project

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We are adapted to receive all kinds of RFP’s, our proficiency spans from numerous small and large scale projects, including a face for startups, [...]

Detailed Analysis of Edtech App Development When As A Client You Have Bountiful Thoughts

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Imagination has no limit, the technology has, Business has, and Development has. Let’s face it - There are different types of industries with different [...]

How We Sail Through The Development Process Of Online Hotel Reservation System

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Considering the popularity of online hotel reservation system and having delivered top-notch custom-tailored website development, Android mobile app development, and iOS mobile app development; [...]

What Should You Do When Mid-Development Crisis Occurs In Project?

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“It all starts”, they said “..with communication and it all ends with communication.” All the clients and vendors out there, I can see you [...]

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