Topic #6 PLUL : Best Enterprise App Development Case – A Worth Reading Project Development Case Study For Every Entrepreneur

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It is equitably said that “Haste makes Waste!” Even in the race of tortoise and rabbit, the dawdling mammal hit the finish line early than the brisk reptile. History has been a witness to stand by this and [...]

40 mighty myths hindering cloud POS system adoption Part- I

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The cloud-based POS system is becoming a new normal for retail landscapes. It’s popularity not only rests among the e-tailers, eCommerce stores or the brick-and-mortar stores to sell goods and handle payments via electronic transactions, but also [...]

Loyalty app development for your industry is not that simple

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Deep Dive into the POS System _________ How happy you will be seeing a customer re-visit your store frequently. There is a saying " A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all." There is [...]

Topic #5 PLUL: An Idea to Reality Journey of App Development for Health Records

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Abstract Of App-Based Digital Business Today we are going to talk about the journey of app development for health records. It is a niche of the much larger concept of app development for healthcare industry. But, before [...]

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