Innovation needed in Edtech App Development: It is growing on technology focus but not on conceptual parameters

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Quick Fact: In 2014, the EdTech industry has crossed $1.8 billion dollars, which was $380 million in 2009 as per the CB insights. It has been 4 damn years since that billion figure and you are smart enough to [...]

Top Ingredients For A Perfect Edtech App Business Model

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The K to 12 traditional education is in crisis. All thanks to the technologies contributing to the Education industry and making it EdTech, snatching the essence of the traditional education system and adopting the EdTech app business model. And [...]

Why Edtech App Should Be Your Ideal Business Venture as Startup?

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The kid looked irritated, “Why are the teachers so keen on surprise tests and assessments? What is the meaning of quarterly exams then?” “But aren’t you supposed to be attentive during every lecture?” I argued. “Whoa! Who the [...]

The Crucial Role of Technology In The Advance Edtech Platform Development

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  Learning Becomes Effortless, When Education Meets Digitization. Insightful studies have found out some really shocking yet interesting revelations made by the students across the world. Students have confessed that [...]

EdTech Startups – Mobile Apps That Are Ruling Over Educational System

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Taxi and Cab services? Fully Digitalized. Logistics and Transportation? Fully Digitalized. eCommerce? Completely Digitalized. Education? Umm... Innovation in education, is that even possible? It is therefore called innovation because it requires a lot of conceiving of new ideas and with [...]

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