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We at TRooTech build large-scale, adaptable and powerful Cloud-based applications for Startups and Enterprises.

Cloud solutions that maximize benefits from the shared network and provide consistent and trustworthy app experience.

Cloud Services We Offer

Our certified cloud architects work dedicatedly with your firm to lay down the perfect roadmap for accelerated cloud growth. We understand the core metrics of your business before constructing a tailored solution for your organization’s leap towards cloud computing.
Prior to the deployment process, we create a proof of concept (POC) addressing every single patchwork of your business. Keeping in mind the storage, content distribution, application development on the cloud, etc for your business, our architects then lay down the perfect plan to choose the right architecture.
We understand this process is quite sophisticated and of critical importance to your business. Our architects and top-of-the-class consultants have mastered the art of understanding your business perspectives before embarking on the migration process. We follow a risk-free process for cloud deployment leveraging the advantages of the cloud model.
We optimize the cloud services based on the requirements of your business which in turn helps bring down any additional costs. Our team provides the right guidance in terms of services to be availed and which infrastructure to choose. With first-hand experience in cloud consulting, we know the dos and don’ts for cutting any superfluous costs.
With TrooTech’s cloud expertise you can scale your business harnessing the benefits of our enhanced 360-cloud solutions. Host and extend your apps on IaaS or PaaS platforms with ease. This gives the superior boost to your apps meanwhile reducing year-to-year hardware management costs.
Your application and infrastructure always remain under vigilance. We keep a close eye on any redundancy or latency that may arise. We provide application management and support along with timely messaging and collaboration. We make sure that your cloud applications are working optimally providing business agility.
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Industries we transform by implementing Cloud architecture

Be it any business requirement, we are ready to serve, operate, secure, and scale any industry type.

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Digital Marketing

Store, process, and deliver your entertainment and video content across the globe. Read More…


Entertainment & Media

Flexible and low-cost solutions for your digital marketing business. Read more…



Cloud-based solutions for data management, high security, speedy innovation for the healthcare industry. Read more…


Non-Profit Organization

Digital, scalable solutions for your non-profit organization. Increase donor engagement. Read more



Drive more sales out of your business through cloud solutions for the retail industry. Read more…



Efficient services to reduce costs and meet mandates for Government agencies.



360-degree gaming solutions and services to meet all your aspirations.



Cloud solutions to aid teaching, learning, focused student engagement, and modern e-learning techniques.



Bring intelligent experiences home to your customers meanwhile reaching a larger market.



Make your manufacturing process more efficient with smart cloud solutions.


Oil & Gas

Increase profitability and build intelligent solutions with cloud computing for Oil & Gas.

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Benefits of making a Cloud app with TRooTech

The perks of working with the best Cloud app development agency is that you need to bother less about your Cloud App updates as you get to work with the experts who believe in keeping themselves updated with technology at their tip-toe.

At TRooTech, we follow the enterprise release practices that keep us in the good list of our clients.

We follow the agile development model for developing and maintaining your Cloud App that comprises of working on small sprints and constantly keeping the work ongoing for its development, deployment, and maintenance.

Your data is all safe with us and we take complete care of it while uploading it on the cloud. So, get your Safe and Secure Cloud App development with us.

Get open-ended support and collaboration when developing a Cloud app with us, as you have the liberty to enhance features and functionality of the project proposal as and how it is developing step by step.

We tailor custom solutions for your cloud app requirements. Are you ready for the transformation of your business aims?

Practice makes the man perfect! Our extensive experience has made us attain great heights.

Tech Stack behind Cloud app development we do

Web App: HTML, CSS, Less CSS, Javascript, React JS, Angular JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Socket.IO, Node JS
Android: java, Kotlin, Flutter
iOS: Objective – C or Swift

Common backend system elements: Python, PHP, JavaScript, Postgresql, Redis, Solr, Angular JS, Node.js, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/ Perl/ Python)

Custom backend systems for web and mobile apps: Java, PHP

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Alibaba

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL, Azure SQL Server and Google Cloud SQL

Models To Engage With Us

Fixed Estimation Model

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Where your project definition is clear and you have a fixed budget for the development. We are ready to evaluate the number of resources, time and cost required for it.

Let’s Talk About Your Ideal Project

Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire Dedicated developers-trootech-business-solutions

Where your project specifications are progressive; you just have to decide the tech stack and hire our expert developers who execute the development step by step according to your evolving thoughts.


Let’s hear what you have in your mind after hearing our experience. Thoughts, suggestions, feedbacks, proposals, queries? Feel free to share anything here and we will get back to you right away..!!

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