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What is Cloud App Development?

Information and data has no bounds when it comes to expanding its wings. With each passing minute, we are producing ginormous amounts of data and information online. This begs the questions, where do we store these data? Where does all the information reside?

Enters Cloud Computing. In relatively simple terms, it is the method to store or accrue every single bit of data that is being generated or pushed online. And for cloud computing to take place successfully, the application architecture is done according to data needs of the client and of course, easy retrieval of that data whenever needed.

Instead of banking on the traditional storage devices, cloud computing enables users to store their essential data online on servers that can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

And for such cloud app development to take place effortlessly, we at TRooTech plan the application design and make the process of outsourcing the data to companies providing server space.


Parties Involved in Cloud App Development?

Going to ground zero, in cloud app development there are three parties involved.

First is a cloud service providing company which owns and maintains enormous servers inside an infrastructure called Data-Centre and is heavily guarded. These servers are, in simple terms, hard drives with storage space and connected online.

The second is the application owner with huge data to be maintained and outsourced.

And the third are companies like us who act as the middleman between the above two parties. We help in cloud computing, cloud app development and provide cloud consulting services.

Advantages of Cloud App Development

The potential of cloud computing has just begun to huddle people’s attention. Also, cloud app development is a paradigm shift in the world of applications.

The influence of cloud computing in the industry is impeccable and for obvious reasons-

This is a prime concern for most businesses before opting for cloud-based services. There are two reasons cloud computing helps you cut costs.
Firstly, most of the cloud-based services follow pay-as-you-go model. This means that you pay only for the services that you avail, nothing more, nothing less.
Secondly, you do not have to make huge investments in physical equipment or burn your pockets if they break down, get stolen or eventually stop working.

Cloud service providers are ready to provide any extra service, bandwidth or space at any given point of time. This saves a lot of time for an organization. Provides more time to focus attention on issues that demand immediate attention. Additionally, anyone from the organization, regardless of their location, can access company information and work conveniently from any device.

If things go south, cloud app development proves to be in a much safer position. If in an unfortunate turn of events, there happens to be a disaster that could possibly harm your business, cloud service provides a backup to all your data. From natural disasters to power-outages, cloud-based service providers offer quick data recovery.
Cloud services allow you to easily launch your application simultaneously across multiple regions. Cloud ensures low latency and faster browsing experience for your customers.

Types of Cloud solutions

Cloud computing absolves one from the hassle of maintaining a close eye on every distinctive aspect of the organization.
With accurately devised business models, you are sure to get the best out services.

The cloud computing stack is segmented into three models.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This service involves in offering a development platform and configuration management on the cloud for the organization. Cases such as capacity planning, resource acquisition, software maintenance or any analogous heavy lifting required to maintain your application. It provides with the perfect environment to develop, test, and host the application.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

In this model the cloud providers engages businesses or organizations with software and applications via a subscription model. You do not have to manage, install or upgrade the software. Applications reside on a remote cloud network which can be accessed by anyone with the credentials through web or API. This helps the organizations in collaborating on projects.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Just as the name suggests, in this model you are provided with computer resources such as storage, networking, and servers. The software platforms and applications provided by you are hosted on the service provider’s infrastructure. It is the same as server room hardware and IT infrastructure existing in an organization but with much more agility and flexibility.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

Amazon Web service Consulting

Let’s Talk About Your Business On Cloud

Our research enthusiasts have closely tailed on the technological advancements in the cloud computing environment. TrooTech believes in scaling our business through adaptability and versatility.

We believe in mentoring, supporting, and backing companies Amazon Web Services (AWS) clients. Our aim is to provide clients with superior fulfillment on their coveted outcome.

The proficient cloud computing ability of AWS combined with our diligence and excellent track record provides a perfect solution to all your cloud-based requirements.

Services We Offer

Evaluate, outline, and accomplish. We believe in the idea of a radical approach with minimum complications. Our certified cloud architects work dedicatedly with your firm to lay down the perfect roadmap for accelerated cloud growth. We understand the core metrics of your business before constructing a bespoke solution for your organization’s leap towards cloud computing.

Before moving on to the deployment process, we create a proof of concept (POC) addressing every single patchwork of your business. Keeping in mind the storage, content distribution, application development on the cloud, etc for your business, our architects then lay down the perfect plan to choose the right architecture.
We understand this process is quite sophisticated and of critical importance to your business. Our architects and top-of-the-class consultants have mastered the art of understanding the client’s business from their perspective before embarking on the migration process. We follow a risk-free process for cloud deployment leveraging the advantages of the cloud model.

We optimize the cloud services based on the requirements of your business which in turn helps bring down any additional costs. Our team provides the right guidance in terms of services to be availed and which infrastructure to choose. With a first-hand experience in the cloud consulting, we know the dos and don’ts for cutting any superfluous costs.

With TrooTech’s cloud expertise you can scale your business harnessing the benefits of our enhanced 360-cloud solutions. Host and extend your apps on IaaS or PaaS platforms with ease. This gives the superior boost to your apps meanwhile reducing year-to-year hardware management costs.

Your application and infrastructure always remains under vigilance. We keep a close eye on any redundancy or latency that may arise. We provide application management and support along with timely messaging and collaboration. We make sure that your cloud applications are working optimally providing business agility.

Cloud Computing Providers and their Services

Not every company can manage to house the infrastructure required to host the zettabytes of data that is being processed daily around the world. This requires gargantuan data centers with a substantial amount of servers, storage drives, network modules and more to function correctly.


AWS helps its clients scale their business with agility, durability, and sophisticated methods. With AWS, you can stop worrying about the costs and focus on scaling your business. Amazon Web Services Solutions have been segmented into two groups. First is Solutions by Application and the other is Solutions by Industry.

Solutions by Applications

Be it any application, AWS has devised solutions to match all the needs.

Solutions by Industry

Be it any business requirement, AWS is cloud-ready to serve, operate, secure, and scale any industry type.

Digital Marketing

Flexible and low-cost solutions for your digital marketing business.

Entertainment and Media

Store, process, and deliver your entertainment and video content across the globe.

Non-Profit Organization

Digital, scalable solutions for your non-profit organization. Increase donor engagement.


Efficient services to reduce costs and meet mandates for Government agencies.


Drive more sales out of your business through cloud solutions for retail industry.


Cloud-based solutions for data management, high security, speedy innovation for the healthcare industry.


360-degree gaming solutions and services to meet all your aspirations.


Cloud solutions to aid teaching, learning, focused student engagement, and modern e-learning techniques.


Bring intelligent experiences home to your customers meanwhile reaching a larger market.


Make your manufacturing process more efficient with smart cloud solutions.

Oil & Gas

Increase profitability and build intelligent solutions with cloud computing for Oil & Gas.

Models To Engage With Us For Cloud App Development

Project Based Engagement

If you are ready with an idea that needs to be developed within a given time frame and you are to the core sure about the number of functionalities and features you need to incorporate that we offer you a project based engagement model.
In this approach, we make sure that your application is developed in the given span and fledged with the pre-defined functionalities by the assistance of our team that possesses the caliber to entertain you with utmost dedication and pours out their experience to enhance your application in every possible way.

Have a project already envisioned? Acknowledge us with your project specifications. We stand by our commitment to deliver the promised essentials within the stipulated time.

Let’s Talk About Your Ideal Project

Dedicated Development Team

In case you want an application with volatile requirements and meeting the need of digitization is your goal, then we will provide you a dedicated development team who will commit their technical capabilities throughout the process.
We understand the need for advancement and addition of features and modules depending on the changes in the market and technologies. So, get connected to the dedicated development team for constantly adding intuitive features with a novel freshness.

Do you have a project idea that is crisp but will need alterations with the changing business and technological needs? We assist you with a dedicated development team to to accomplish your ideal project.

Need Personal Development Team For Your Project?

Let’s hear what you have in your mind after hearing our experience. Thoughts, suggestions, feedbacks, proposals, queries? Feel free to share anything here and we will get back to you right away..!!

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