Cloud based Software Suite for the Operators of Vending Machines

Today, it has become vital for the vending machine operators to bring all of the business processes under one powerful unified platform.

Right from inventory, warehouse, stock refills, prekitting and cash accounting till the real-time machine alerts and driver management.

The Vending Management Software with fifth-generation internal technology is a whole lot more than just tracking each dollar or cent spent in the vending machines.

With complexities in data sorting and stock tracking processes, an advanced VMS solution which makes the owner completely hands-off from the whole vending process is a must to help them focus on the other important business cores.

This made our client demand a large-scale VMS software application that features remote visibility into data tracking, machine alerts, warehouse management, optimized merchandising, in-depth reports, and revenue.

Their idea was to digitize the absolute managing of micro-market, vending, and office coffee service parallelly from coast to coast. Our client wanted to digitize it to the level where only the decision making requires the brains behind the vending operations that too decked by real-time reporting and analytics.

Read on to know how we helped American potato chips and coffee cups wholesaler with complete turnkey management of all the vending operations.


Our client wanted to outgrow VMS to manage the operations effectively and centralize the vending process across several locations. They demanded a comprehensive functionality solution for managing everything related to vending operations all online.

As their vending personnel and operators were not so computer literate, they wanted a super easy to use but advance featured VMS. A fully customized app to suit their technology & business needs with enclosing the entire vending management to a single point of control.


  • Real-time updates accounted for a continuously connected ‘update functionality’ through cloud technology.
  • To make the user experience more simple but uniquely sophisticated to control and manage everything before, between, and beyond vending management process.
  • The app development needed smart strategies to leverage advanced technology in a way that made the users experience a high motivation level to work with increased operational efficiency.

Our approach

We performed exhaustive research for deriving a complete feature plan to serve with the best tech available at TRooTech and craft an efficient and intelligent VMS application. Here’s what we discovered while researching-

  • A collaborative environment is a must to make vending management highly active and networked.
  • Warehouse, inventory, goods transportation, driver management, cash accounting, and prekitting are at the mainstream to fetch desired sales.
  • This on-demand vending management app should have featured module to decrease the product spoilage and product returns.
  • Productivity is higher when the vend operators are alert and on task.

Our team of 8 experts worked on the following—

  • UI/UX designers at TRooTech smartly developed a rich user experience with a variety of fixtures, fridges, and templates to create a perfect vending experience for a profitable location.
  • The application was made highly responsive to serve the level best user-friendliness to the non-technical operators, driver, prekitting personnel and other employees involved in the vending operations.
  • Development stage marked the second level of research to make the app high-performance with leveraging latest digital capabilities of TRooTech.
  • Rigorous testing of app prototype made it a highly feasible VMS app with maximum refinement possible.
  • Safely deploying the customized vending management app by secured data backup of the client’s traditional software data.

Business Benefits

  • Our client leveraged visibility and control of vending operations.
  • Crystle clear updates of tasks and orders for each day with optimum inventory routing made it super easy management for the entrepreneur.
  • The packing and prekiting of product process were made highly efficient.
  • Total spends of our client were decreased to 40% with app functionalities that helped to reduce machine downtime.

Industry Segment

Food & Beverage

Company Profile

American potato chips and coffee cups wholesaler with over 30+ chips flavors in small, medium, and large chips packets

Technology and Tools

Frontend- Android & iOS Native Technology
Backend – NodeJS + Java
Database- PostgreSQL

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Possibilities for you if thinking to develop Vending Management Software

  • Server-based VMS
  • Cloud-based VMS
  • Varied handheld devices used for VMS

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