A Digital Rounding App For Hospitals to overcome the drawbacks of traditional paper-drafted rounding.

Patients admitted to the hospitals are in a distressing situation because they don’t get the proper attention and care of doctors and nurses at the most acute of times. Ultimately their stay at the hospital gets elongated.

Based on the personal experiences of our client in the United Arab Emirates, he asked us to develop a copious digital rounding app for hospitals which enabled the doctors, nurses, and the patients to be on the same page and accomplish daily hospital rounds digitally without a hassle.


Our client was a successful, old, wealthy businessman in the USA. He had undergone major abdominal surgery in his past and hence wanted to create an app for hospital on-floor management to improvise hospitals’ rounding process by upgrading the traditional paper-work rounding into the digital way.


  • To integrate the existing patient and staff records of a hospital into the app, because there is no standard structure followed by hospitals.
  • To comply with the Health Data Standards because- the solution comprised of handling and managing patient data along with ensuring security.
  • To incorporate with the general map structure of hospitals, with specifications about the corridors, lifts, ICUs, operation theatres, etc. to distinguish between the area even though they are placed next to each other.

Our Approach

We developed an app for the hospitals that will benefit the doctors, nurses, and patients admitted to the hospital by digitizing the old paper-based healthcare rounds tracking.
To meet with the challenges of the hospitals’ rounding process, we studied the actual rounding process by visiting several hospitals and learned the roles and duties of each stake-holder involved.
In our solution plan, we implemented the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic & Clinical Health) healthcare data standards.


In this hospital team-rounding app, we included the following features to address the main pain-points of all the stakeholders- doctors, nurses, and patients.

Data Analysis & Recordkeeping: Matrons can have an overview as to which nurses are doing their duties well and which are escaping rounds and alerts. They can even coach and train new nurses on how to use the system.

Patient-Family Centered care: one member of the patient’s family can track the patient’s health in real-time without bothering to call and check on the nurse. This avails nurses to provide more time addressing patient-care without interruptive calls.

Teamwork & Collaboration: Hospital’s staff- doctors, nurses, and others can get synchronized with each other via the app and can group-chat to get on the same page and provide better care to patients.

Liability: Doctors and nurses can access the system only when they are present in a particular patient’s room. This ensures that no fake entries are made making patients and their families assured of the trustworthiness.

Business Benefits

  • A number of hospitals bought this team rounding app to improve their patient-satisfaction and enhance internal doctor-staff-nurse management.
  • Our client was more than satisfied because he came up with a moral benefit to society.

Industry Segment

Healthcare & Hospital Management

Client Profile

A wealthy businessman in the United States.

Technology and Tools

Frontend- Native Android (Java), Native iOS (Swift), ReactJS for Web
Backend – Python/Django
Database- PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB

We develop technologically advanced solution for health-care sector

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