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eCommerce is the most neoteric, experimental, and highly remunerative business today, which calls for eCommerce development and marketplaces solution. The web stores are slowly capturing the traditional market influencers through their insightful studies about the loyal user base.

With our technological geniuses and robust approaches, we serve the needs of the most sophisticated eCommerce development and marketplaces solution today, both in mobile app and websites.

The biggest mistake a startup makes is it thinks like a startup. If you’ve got what it takes to be the next business giant in the eCommerce world, let’s begin NOW.

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The coming sections will describe in detail about major niches in eCommerce Development and Marketplaces, namely Online Retail eCommerce Store, Multi-vendor B2C eCommerce Site, B2B eCommerce Site, eCommerce Site for Auction Platforms.


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Online Retail eCommerce Store Development

Under eCommerce Development and Marketplaces, Online Retail eCommerce Store is a very competitive online market segment for a variety of niches by designing attractive storefronts, managing customer accounts, handling product directory and variations, shipping and tracking services, search engine friendliness, creating revenue models and generating sales/purchases statistics.

Target Audience for Online Retail eCommerce Store Development 

Apparently, the most active online retail eCommerce store audience are the people with around 20-40 years of age. Comparatively, people with younger and older age group show a neutral engagement.

Geographically segmenting the loyal customer base, America, Europe, and Australia lead the individual online retail eCommerce store industry under different niches. While keenly studying the market scenario of today, Asia and Middle East buyers are readily accepting the online marketplace for specific niches.

Online retail eCommerce store development is more effective as a local business website which serves the purpose better than native mobile app development since the buyers can easily find their desired products online, view the details, research and can make purchases.

Females dominate the Category-specific of online retail eCommerce stores while males fall back with a mere smaller ratio.

Revenue Structure for Online Retail eCommerce Store Development


Providing a wide range of payment options to the customers including credit/debit cards, mobile/Internet banking, and money orders is beneficial for Online Retail eCommerce Store Development as it is a major niche of eCommerce Development and Marketplaces


Embedding third-party payment gateways and payment wallets for conducting secure transactions in Online Retail eCommerce Store Development is quite beneficial

Comprehensiveness for Online Retail eCommerce Store Development


Registering user accounts/ signups, managing their dashboards, remembering their preferences, and offering the re-supply of products are the highly leveraging aspects for this specific eCommerce Development and Marketplaces Niche



Closely observing stocks, handling inventories, shipping and tracking of products is an added advantage users look forward to in an Online Retail eCommerce Store Development

Business Easiness with Online Retail eCommerce Store Development


Recency, Frequency, Monetary reports and user analytics for vendors show an ultimate growth in Online Retail eCommerce Stores without having much efforts digitally


Elimination of physical barriers leads to attract customer from all over the globe, easy marketing, promoting, and lead conversion opportunities in the world of eCommerce Development and Marketplaces

Modules for

Online Retail eCommerce Store

Multi-vendor eCommerce Site (B2C Marketplace)

When eCommerce development and Marketplaces designing is done, especially for a multi-vendor eCommerce site many key features are taken care of for manageable marketing, promotions and lead conversion tools, search engine optimization, vendor dashboards & managing interfaces, international support, order return/cancellation management, abandoned shopping cart management, encompassing dynamic rule-based product relations, providing support for CDN database and providing advanced CMS

Target Audience of Multi-vendor eCommerce Site

Teenagers and people around the age of 20-45 years are the proactive audiences for multi-vendor eCommerce site while others are slowly pacing up with the trends of online shopping with eCommerce Development and Marketplaces

Talking about the demographics, North America and Europe customers have the most active involvement in multi-vendor eCommerce site segment of eCommerce Development & Marketplaces as a whole. The population of Asia, Australia, and Middle East are adopting the technological trends and are making their purchases online. Yet, Australian audience is a tough nut when it comes to online shopping.

Android application rules out web application and iOS application when it comes to the multi-vendor eCommerce site

Perfectly an equal dominance of Male & Female audience makes up for the traffic and the purchases in multi-vendor eCommerce site segment of eCommerce Development and Marketplaces

Revenue Structure for multi-vendor eCommerce Site Segment


Various payment methods for customers to choose from – credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile banking and e-wallets specifically allow to strategically save commissions for the multi-vendor eCommerce site owner


Commission management system and payment gateway options for administration to choose from – 3rd party payment gateway and own payment gateway saves the strategic advantage for multi-vendor eCommerce site owner

Comprehensiveness of Multi-vendor eCommerce Site Business


Handling customer signup, dashboard, shopping cart history and wishlist management, incorporating vendor’s functionality – inventory management, listing of products, pricing power, offering gift coupons, featuring of items and brands.


Generating labels, Shipping, tracking, ease to return/ cancel the product.

Business Easiness of Multi-vendor eCommerce Site


It’s process based system where every stakeholder performs their role, strategy is the key part


Elimination of physical barriers leads to attract customer from all over the globe, easy marketing, promoting, and lead conversion opportunities.

Modules for

Multi-vendor B2C Marketplace

B2B eCommerce Site Development

Linking B2B eCommerce site with eCommerce Development and Marketplaces by designing the customer’s quote comparison modules, managing lead form generation and management, handling the selective automatic lead forwarding to the vendors, Vendor lead attending management, Vendor membership modules, integrating of CRM for trades, and management interfaces

Target Audience for B2B eCommerce Site

The people who fall in the age group of 25-50 show active participation in the B2B eCommerce.

Today, Asian marketplaces top the B2B eCommerce and trading networks because of a larger pool of vendors, while European vendors are collaborating with the advances in the industry. North America, Latin America, and Australia are the still to define a strong position in this domain of eCommerce Development and Marketplaces

B2B eCommerce demands a good amount of research before opting for it and so Web Platforms are favored by the business people for seamless trading.

Male audience incompetently rules over B2B eCommerce when compared with that of female ration in this segment of eCommerce Development and Marketplaces.

Revenue Structure for B2B eCommerce Site


Embedding advanced and own payment gateways to eliminate third-party involvement due to the high transaction values.


Lead Charges

Charges for leads management system – either based on per inquiry or for a fixed number of inquiries.

Comprehensiveness of B2B eCommerce Business Site

User Options

Handling multiple vendor accounts, on-page searches, recommendations and filters.

Lead Tracking

Recording a link between one business to another business/businesses

Business Easiness in B2B eCommerce Site


Management of sale/purchase record, brief and comparative reports for the vendors and the administration.


Keeping a track on the lead inquiries – accepting as well as passing them on the vendor’s request.

Modules For

B2B Portals and Trading Networks

eCommerce Site for Auction Platforms

Designing timed auctions, dynamic real-time bidding, forward and reverse auctions, conducting auctions privately and publicly, managing bidding models, and handling pre-auction campaigns

Target Audience for eCommerce Site for Auctions

People around the age of 45-60 years interacts with auction sites and spends more of their time making bids comparing to other age groups.

Auction and classified sites are mostly for the audiences who are involved in the sale/purchase of antiques and/or used products.

Europe and America lead the world of online auction sites, while Australia and Asia have less number of audiences involved in bidding sites.

Websites overrule Android and iOS applications by providing the ease to research about the item.

Compared to females, male audience is more influenced by the auction sites.

Revenue Structure of eCommerce Site for Auctions


Upgrading accounts to premium services and adding features.


Featuring of items and prioritizing them.

Comprehensiveness of eCommerce Site for Auctions


Managing bidder’s and buyer’s profile, on-page search option and, user data interface.


Incorporating both reverse and forward bidding techniques.


Business Easiness of eCommerce Site for Auctions


Shipping and tracking management, evaluating unique bids and highest bids.


Handling time bound events.

Modules for

eCommerce Site for Auction Platforms

The next section talks about

Technologies that are used in making an eCommerce App or Website


Mobile App

Since Native Technologies have high-performance capabilities, excellent scalability, better UX than its hybrid counterpart, easy access to device’s functionalities and more, we use the same for designing Android and iOS applications



For the core computation logic of servers and databases and for the dynamic site to constantly get updated, we make use of PHP and .Net for the backend design, taking 360 degrees software security into account.



Owing to communicate the ideas more effectively, and to offer a thriving UX for the frontend of the application, we encrypt the logics in HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Magento CMS, AngularjS and node.js

This section will talk about

How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Before commencing the project, we keep in mind what domain is the web application about and will fit in best for – whether for online retail stores, multi-vendor B2C marketplaces, B2B portals and Trading Networks, and Auction Sites.

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User Persona eCommerce Development and Marketplaces

User Persona

For making a lasting impression in the mind-frames of the users, we build appealing web application designs by looking at the end-product from the view point of the user personas

demand based marketing eCommerce Development and Marketplaces

Demand Based Marketing

We strategize the marketing aspects based on the demographics, target audience, gender and technology that provides ease of usability and design the application in a easy that keeps the audiences engaged.

functionality-eCommerce Development and Marketplaces


Our deep-rooted expertise in the field keeps us away from stuffing functionality in the lieu to making the product feature-rich. Thus, we plan features that serves the basic purpose of the web application and further try to enhance the features considering the futuristic demands.

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Detailed Process of

 eCommerce Development and Marketplaces Solution

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