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ECommerce and Marketplaces with TRooTech

ECommerce Development Solutions and Marketplaces

The very first idea to start an online business will provoke the thought of having an online ecommerce store to anyone. That’s TROO! since ecommerce concepts have changed the complete trend of traditional buying and selling, online ecommerce platforms have given that expanded reach to the people which was quite not possible with conventional physical shops/malls. Get to us for a strategized ecommerce development solution to bang with a unique step in the current market.

TRooTech Approach

Accelerate With TROO! Approach

ECommerce Development Solutions & Marketplace Solutions handcrafted by TRooTech experts will integrate all the latest tools gearing up the development process effectively. One stop solution for documentation, prototyping, designing, development, integration and testing.

AMC with TRooTech

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We believe in a long-term partnership with our clients for smooth and effective product delivery. For this purpose we provide a yearlong contract which takes away all your site/business related worries in terms of glitches or updates.

Win-Win with TRooTech

Win-Win Situation

We provide you custom tailored product for your business so it’s the best service you can get in the market. That’s 1st WIN. We on other hand, start by demonstrating and integrating standard features and platform for your business and then build on that. This is cost effective for you and time stipulated for us and that right there is our 2nd WIN

You Envision, While We Would Like to Tailor   Your Half Part with Below Mentioned Important Modules

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Merchant Stores and Dashboards

The very first planning of developing an ecommerce platform or a marketplace depends on the data listings to be managed by. Generally you will have Sellers/Vendors/Merchants who would sign up and would create their stores and listings. Some features to create under merchant modules are,

Uploading Mass/Multiple Products – Your sellers would be always looking for an ease though they are the sellers who are going to earn ultimately, that’s being human. So they would look for an option wherein they can put all their products in a format file and upload to upload all their listings at once, give them this convenience with a TROO! module with many assistive features like exporting sales data, statistics, reports, etc. for each Seller/Vendor/Merchant.

Merchant/Vendor Stores – Give your merchants a store which gives them a satisfaction of having a virtual space on a platform, sotres are good for the purpose that each merchant can showcase all the products at one place in all the categories he/she/they serve. Merchants can build up their reputation with the use of these stores and the stores can turn to micro websites as well. Giving stores on custom domain or sub-domain is an edge since that will provoke them to do the marketing which in turn will increase the results for your ecommerce platform as well, TROO!ly strategic, right?

Merchant Payment Withdrawals – Withdrawal methods mostly depend on te Payment Gateway being integrated wth the solution, to backup the withdrawal method for Merchants strong, including an e-wallet system is a vital option if using any other payment gateway than PayPal

ECommerce Development Solutions
Market Places

Shopping Cart | Order Management

While developing a travel portal, you need to decide the modules you would like to include in your portal solution. For each of the module you include in the solution, there are different set of features so obvious since the entities being booked are different.

If your niche is fixed for a module in your travel web solution like a combination of Travel Packages and BNB rentals, that’s optimum approach for a startup as you can include different modules in phases gradually to become a TROO! successful portal.

Payment Flow & Payment Gateway Integration

Being live as an ecommerce solution or running a marketplace online will require the payments and transactions to happen often through your platform, strategizing the proper flow of payments between the stakeholders of the platform is quite important.

Payment Gateway is the key component which enables credit/debit card payments acceptance, online wallet payments, net banking options and EMI options. When you want to offer any of these payments through your platform, there are different payment gateways having such roles and offering solutions, you have to well decide between important factors like which payment gateways are supporting locale, what are the restrictions and what are the processing charges of that payment gateway.

Deciding the Payment Flow is definitely linked to the payment gateway selection. Deciding the payment flow from the step buyer makes the payment to the step seller receives the payment, there are multiple factors whether you would like to escrow the money for refund policies or you want to accept split payments from the step buyer makes the payment. This becomes ambiguous in case where there are more than three stakeholders for an ecommerce/marketplace business and all things are not meant to be easy always anyway.

We have the experience of strategizing the perfect combinations of users, payment gateway selection and payment flow for your solution, get to us to know the next part for your important solution

ECommerce Development
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Inventory Management

Live ecommerce platform for the visitors is most often a window shopping area. You will definitely have a strong inventory management module using which the sellers/merchants can set the variations wise proper quantities to make sure no over promises on the orders. This quantity management is simple that as the products will get sold, the figures will reduce and if merchant updates the quantity again, the cycle will go on.

Here comes the interesting part where it gets bit complex, think of a situation wherein a single product is accessed by multiple users simultaneously and is added to cart as well. Now as per the conventional flow, as and when the product is added to cart by a user on the platform, it should be actually deducted from the quantity on the platform. Does it happen same on the ecommerce giants you see online like Amazon, Walmart, etc.?

This ambiguity of cart management is to be managed intelligently with a strong algorithm backing the processes. Requires handling of the cart and auto-considerations, updations, timely set sessions, etc.

Reach us for the solutions to such critical parts of management for your ecommerce solutions and we will guide with the most appropriate method as per your generic requirements.

Possibly That Sounds Great! Hmmm. . . any questions on getting started?

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A TROO! Process

Let’s get in touch – contact us today and we will reach out to you in best time to discuss your important requirements and understand your concept for your business. Following our requirements gathering phase, we will present you the best suggestion and solution possible for your solution to consolidate your requirements with us.

You will get a TROO! quote in a short time following our important discussion and the time stipulation for the work required for your review and confirmation – next is an inception of our mutually beneficial long-term business relationship!

What programming languages/technologies will be used for your solution?

The ideal language to code travel portal/vacation rental solution is .NET/PHP using scalable and secure structure with high concentration to JS, Ajax, jQuery, AngularJS etc. to provide your users a classic web 2.0 experience while concentrating simplicity and integrity as well. Coding will be based on the core standard structure excluding any 3rd party frameworks for scalability, agility, flexibility and optimum quality.

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