eCommerce Food & Drink Delivery Store

Speculative Glance at  eCommerce Food & Drink Delivery Store

Why eCommerce Development for Food & Drink Delivery  Store?

If there is one industry which will never see the face of recession, then it has to be food & drinks. Trying out variety of foods, eating out with peers or ordering delicious food online, consumers will never stop loving food.

The food & beverage industry is in the booming phase of today. From online table booking websites to online food ordering, food recommendation websites to online presence of popular food chains, the entire industry is fueling the e-commerce ecosystem. Have an innovative idea about the food & beverage industry? Start right away then.

Let’s make food & drink delivery store

Most Required Features of eCommerce Food & Drink Delivery Store 

  • Integration of maps for location-based websites
  • Smartly Restaurant software integration
  • Photo upload feature for users
  • Information and description of the manufacturers
  • Product quick view & One-click checkout
  • Varied payment options ranging from Card payment to a bank transfer, wire transfer, etc.
  • Displaying trust seals and security certificates.


The eCommerce Food & Drink Delivery Store can also be made available in the app format on Android and iOS.

Android app

iOS app



Front-End: HTML5, CSS and Javascript for website development. Java for Android. Swift & Objective-C for iOS

Back-End: There are tons of languages and databases that are good for backend development. However, the most recommended and preferred languages are PHP, Python, and Ruby and databases are SQLite, Mongo DB, My SQL and PostgreSQL.

CMS(Content Management System): There are wide variety of CMS platforms available today. Choosing the experienced ones is the key. When it comes to providing best CMS options, Magento tops the charts.

Revenue Model 

What are the various channels through which this niche can generate more revenue apart from selling goods and making profit.

Sales: The most basic type of revenue generation is through online sales. The revenue generated through the sales of products or services contributes a major chunk in website’s profit.

Affiliates: After a point, in order to open new gates for customers, a website needs affiliates. These are the middlemen who bring in more customers for the business. The same is the case with other websites. If they want more customers, you can become their affiliates by recommending their website to your customers and get paid for the business you provide to the website.

Advertising: Once the website starts getting a convenient amount of traffic, more revenue can be generated by displaying relevant ads through Google. Google Adwords provides plethora of options when it comes to displaying smart ads.

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