eCommerce Sports and Recreation Store

Speculative Glance at  eCommerce Sports and Recreation Store

Why eCommerce Development for Sports and Recreation Store?

Sports is a multi-million dollar industry online. Where is all the fun without breaking a sweat or two? Consumers actively look up online for their favorite brand of shoes, all the weather jacket, compression clothing, gym equipment, a pool table etc.

Sports industry offers a great margin for profits online. Customers looking for such products have researched about their needs and are always in the hunt for the right product. Selling branded and high quality products is the key to success in this industry.

Let’s make sports & recreation store

Most Required Features of eCommerce Sports & Recreation Store 

  • High-quality product images and videos
  • Fixed navigation and wide layout
  • Product comparison
  • Product info on hover and live search option
  • Visual storytelling and slideshow
  • Social media integration and blog page
  • Multiple videos option


The eCommerce Sports & Recreation Store can also be made available in the app format on Android and iOS.

Android app

iOS app



Front-End: HTML5, CSS and Javascript for website development. Java for Android. Swift & Objective-C for iOS

Back-End: There are tons of languages that are good for backend development. However, the most recommended and preferred languages are PHP, Python, and Ruby.

CMS(Content Management System): There are wide variety of CMS platforms available today. Choosing the experienced ones is the key. When it comes to providing best CMS options, Magento tops the charts.

Revenue Model 

What are the various channels through which this niche can generate more revenue apart from selling goods and making profit?

Sales: The most basic type of revenue generation is through online sales. The revenue generated through the sales of products or services contributes a major chunk in the website’s profit.

Affiliates: After a point, in order to open new gates for customers, a website needs affiliates. These are the middlemen who bring in more customers for the business. The same is the case with other websites. If they want more customers, you can become their affiliate by recommending their website to your customers and getting paid for the business you provide to the website.

Advertising: Once the website starts getting a convenient amount of traffic, more revenue can be generated by displaying relevant ads through Google. Google Adwords provides a plethora of options when it comes to displaying smart ads.

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