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In order to bring about a technological change in the Educational sector, we leverage our deep web and mobile application knowledge, technology and expertise to provide you a well-designed futuristic applications that are sustainable and can compete in this multicultural and International EduTech business environment.

Enable your end customers to improve their performance and meet their objectives by making their learning process fun, easy and flexible and ultimately acquire the productive EduTech business.

Popular Niches For Edtech App Development – We Highly Assist On

Online Educational Resources

Competitive online market segment for a variety of niches by designing attractive storefronts, managing customer accounts, handling product directory and variations, shipping and tracking services, search engine friendliness, creating revenue models and generating sales/purchases statistics


This type of informational resource website works well for the target audience with around 16-30 years of age, while the ones around 40 years of age occasionally show participation in less amounts.


North America and South America have audience that interact and make use of such services and African audience is set to follow the trend, unlike the low count of audience from the other countries.


Websites are the most preferred platforms for online educational resources and services because of the simplified downloading, viewing, and studying modules.


Females occupy online educational resource space far more willingly than males.



On-demand question solving fees.


Subscription plans for advanced resources, tips and tricks


Tracking individual’s progress, enabling access to restricted materials on subscriptions.


Managing dashboards and notifications about tips, shortcuts, and tricks.


Tracking popular subjects and most downloaded resources.

Referal Programs

Referrals programs for students to earn credits and access more study materials.

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Booking of Private Tutor

With our developed applications covering all the applications aspects, you will be able to provide a platform in the form of a missing link between private tutors and students consisting of profile creation, performance analytics on student dashboard, posting of requirement at the student’s end, online question posting and solving, short listing of tutors by communicating with them, fixing up a tuition deal and timing, reviews, ratings and recommendations, and booking local tutors for offline tuition.


Private tutors serve for a multiple of grades right from pre-kg to special master courses and beyond. Moreover, parents, tutors and students, more or less are involved in the process. So, such a service does not have a specific age group audience.


Private tutors serve for a multiple of grades right from pre-kg to special master courses and beyond. Moreover, parents, tutors and students, more or less are involved in the process. So, such a service does not have a specific age group audience.


iOS applications after Android application acquire a prominent place in booking a tutor online; since it comes with the ease to search, view profile and book tutor.


Beyond comparison, females associate with online tutor booking service more than males.

Problem Solving

Problem solving fees, students can post only a certain number of questions in a month and can ask more on subscription and discount plans for popular subjects.

Scheduled Lectures

Teachers can schedule only a certain number of lectures and by applying for a membership plan, so they can take more requests.


Managing both, the teacher’s and student’s modules and dashboard.


Setting up online sessions, managing referrals and credit points, categorizing tutors on the basis of reviews and ratings.


Recommending tutor/subject to friends and earning credits.


Complete analytical module of tutors and students.

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Online Courses and Remote Certification

Help your students learn remotely by availing them with our designed platform that enables them to browse courses by categories, qualifications, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, in-app calls and chat bots, expert assistance for selecting a course, customer support and service, featured courses, customized career paths, admissions and applications form filling, selecting faculties for webinars, real-time assessments and examination, degree generation, progress and performance analytics, change tutor/faculty option, access to educational resources, and subscription programs for in-depth study materials.


People with the age group of 22-35 years opt for distant online courses more than any other age groups and the ones nearing around 40 years show a bit of participation.


European audience involves and prefers distant learning programs more than any audience in the world, yet American and Asian audiences are following the footsteps and are pacing up with the online education trends.


Websites are favored more than Android and iOS applications when it comes to learning online due to the ease of viewing, managing and downloading study materials for courses.


Online certification courses influence females more males, pertaining to which females have got unmatched involvement in the online distant learning programs.


Course admission fee, expert guidance and providing on-demand solutions for problems.


Degree generation fee.


Registration of students under courses, expert assistance, degree generation modules.


Customizing career paths for the students.


On-click advertisements, marketing on social media and other similar platforms.


Discounts and offers for courses.

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When it comes to learning, nothing can replace a seminar, yet a webinar is what has the potential to serve the multicultural students at a global level.
We design you a medium which help your end users to access educational information by incorporating modules such as profile creation, browsing for categories and topics, registering for a webinar program, video gallery, various payment methods, notification alerts for webinars, reviews and ratings, incorporating PowerPoint slides to run in sync with the rest of the presentation, capture screen functionality, file and screen sharing, registration tracking, interactive after-webinar modules like Ask a question, Chat, Poll, Survey, and Tests.


E-video tutorials or webinars are most popular amongst the people who fall around the age of 16-35 years. Other than this, people with the age of around 40 years show a hesitant participation.


Auction and classified sites are mostly for the audiences who are involved in the sale/purchase of antiques and/or used products.

Geographically, American audience shows the most active participation in webinars, while Asia and Europe have comparatively show less activity in terms of webinar audience.


The target audience complies with the trends of webinars from websites relatively more than Android and iOS applications due to being better for viewing options.


Females interact with online-video seminars more readily as that of the males, though with a smaller gender ratio.


Tutors can occupy more students on subscription.


Webinar registration fees and access to materials.

Comphrensive Platform

Connecting students and tutor together on an online platform.


File, screen and resources sharing with the students.


Advertisements, promotion codes and discounts.


Complete analytical reports for tutors and students.

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We Suggest This Ideal Modules For E-Commerce Niches

How Your Idea Can Impact On The Type Of Market

Edtech App Development Types of Edutech TRooTech Business Solutions

On the basis of the type of EduTech business, whether webinar, Online educational resources, private tutor booking, or online remote certification course, we define the entire flow of the application and brainstorm for the functionality that complements the concept of the application.

Edtech App Development Demand Based Marketing TRooTech Business Solutions

As per the grades that the students are in and the courses offered while accommodating parents, students and teachers, all at once, we develop the application that connects all the stakeholders and bring them on the common grounds.

Edtech App Development Features TRooTech Business Solutions

We understand no matter how visually appealing the application is, without functionality it is a mere showcase piece. Thus, we allocate the working of the modules and ultimately the entire application that exactly reflects the needs of it’s end-users.

Development Process


Any industry or business requires a seed to be sown before it flourishes, and our seed here is the idea that clients bring to us for its development into a fully function application that fulfills their vision behind embarking the project development.


We believe in making our ground work sturdy with extensive research on all the aspects related to the idea under consideration, as this research will be portrayed in the application that will be delivered at the end.

Clarity of functions

After conducting deep research on the idea, we come up with a list of functionalities that will be reflected in the application. All the features are listed in this stage, whether they are basic, advanced or suggested by us.


This is the time when the techies enter the scene and the entire strategy is planned on the basis of the research and the features to be added into the application. This process is carried out into two stages: Design Strategy & Technical Strategy.


After planning the strategies for designing the front-end with the customer satisfaction to the brim, we focus on the creating brand awareness with the effective design and placements of brand logos, favicons, and taglines.


On the journey to reach a fully-functional application, priority and detailed attention is given to the UI design for enhancing the appearance and UX for a feel-good factor of the application.

Database Architecture

For getting access to the data within instants, we employ practical database architecture that helps the application to provide content and viewing ability without a lot buffer time.

Front-End Development

All the results of the above phases are poured in this stage to design the front end as per the design that is visualized and fabricated by the designers in the former stages. This gives birth to an impressive front end which then goes into next phase to become functional.

Back-End Development

Time to pour life into the front end developed in the previous stage. The backend is designed to control, handle, and manage the entire application, a function-rich back end is designed for the admin end.


Once the modules are done with the integration to form a complete application, testing of each function and module is undertaken. By making use of unit, regression and integration testing, bugs that pop-up are fixed and the maintenance of the application is done.

User Acceptance Testing/Client Review

Once the flow of the project is constructed, we re-validate the direction and aspects leading till the end, and hence, we are able to keep our promise of delivering the best in the market within the estimated time frame.


After the entire project is ready and confirmed by the client too, then comes the actual time for its deployment. In the deployment stage, the application is handed over to the client, configured and explained in detail.

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