With becoming a complementing companion rather than a competitor to the traditional systems of education, EdTech industry is taking an upward swing in digitalization with education app development.

Digitize the art of phonics!
It’s all about making the teaching or learning an effective and fun loving activity.
The extent of simplification in imparting knowledge, and managing the crowd-led education market has a soaring use of the EdTech apps across the globe.

The education app development features a meritable approach to ease out the school management, creating a unique learning material, exam preparations, and much more.

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App development for
Online Courses

The students, hobbyists, artist, or even the skill developers demand a user-friendly online platform to search courses, learn and get certified.

Also, the universities, professional teachers, coach, tutor or lecturer hunt for the applications to offer their teaching expertise and give certifications to the mass enrolled for the course.

Online Courses Platforms more commonly known as MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Platform is a state-of-the-art online platform of certified, accredited and licensed courses delivered through interactive learning sessions, digital textbooks, recorded videos, projects and quizzes accessed from anywhere anytime.

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The age group can vary depending on the type of MOOC. Like, MOOC for university certified courses is usually used by young adults. While the MOOC for the business or enterprises is majorly used by the people between the age group of 25-45 years.


Learners, educators, universities, educational institutes, corporates, and employees.


Most of the popular MOOC Platform and startups are US-based business and the largest user base is found in the US followed by India and UK.


As the online platform conducts the teaching/training on the app itself, the web-based app is more in demand. Also, the MOOC for the short term courses are turning all mobile with increased computation and need to upgrade skilled staff much frequently.


The number of the Male user are more compared to female, but the annual growth of the number of female users is far greater than male users

Transaction fees

The certain percentage of transaction fee is charged for every course enrolled by a student from the platform.

Subscription fees

The users are charged a monthly/yearly subscription to use the featured services on the app.

Listing fees

The university or the licensed professors are charged a fee for listing the courses on the app.


A fee is charged to advertise a course or a certification on the app with sponsored courses listing or promoting schools, colleges, universities or any other educational institutes via targeted display ads.

No middlemen & less cost

It proves to be cost-effective with no interference of the middlemen to charge a commission to enroll for a course or consume time to get valid leads.


The cloud-based MOOC tools allow the learner and the teacher to access the learning platform at anytime anywhere.

Automatic app marketing

As the professor has to maintain quality in imparting knowledge, the app gets automatically marketed through the posting on social media tools by the learners along with the professors getting involved in the marketing activities to get more leads.

Analytics and reports

The app owner can quickly get a complete report and analytics on the number of app users, courses offered, and the certification.

Features of App Development for Online Courses

Common Modules in the App

Modules for Tutor

Modules for Students

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Development of
Learning Management System (LMS)

It’s an exclusive application with flexible and compact online toot-sets like a text editor, document sharing, managing mock tests and much more for school/college management.

Here, the LMS app owner can provide a customized platform for different schools/colleges to access the premium features on the app.

Above all, a digital learning environment in which the educator, learners, and the management can customize and simplify the school/college/classroom activities is what is LMS all about.

With a high-performance external collaborative tool and a wide range of built-in features, it ushers the development of a strong community in the EdTech industry.

Read on the lucrative features and benefits of owning an LMS app.

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Schools, colleges, students, parents, tutors, and educational institutions.


Pioneering in North America, the LMS technologies shows a decent hike in its demand curves especially in Europe, Australia and some of the Asian countries like Thailand and China.


Most of the time, the LMS apps are made multi-platformed as web-based apps are more popular in use by the school/college management, admin and tutors. While the mobile-based apps are more popular among the students and their parents at large.


The school/colleges can be offered different packages on getting an access to the different set of app services.

Annual License Fee

The school/colleges are charged a fee to get the license of using all the features of learning management system platform on yearly basis.

Cost Efficiency

With the learning management system turning all digital, the increased need for human capital and other management cost are cut off from the total consumption cost of the business.

Personalized business approach

The LMS customizations allow each and every learner to enjoy the personalization in place of learning, using creative tools like charts or graphs and even change the language as per their needs.

Maintain the level of security

The app owner can maintain high standards of security with a well updating system for the security controls, user’s privacy, and secured database.


The app owner can get the flexibility to offer a customized pricing outlay and even customize on providing access to the app services.

Features for Microblogging Platform Development

Modules for Institutes & Management

Modules for the Teachers/Students

Modules for the Administrator

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Case study: All-Inclusive E-Learning Software Using Digital Whiteboard And Streaming Live Teaching Sessions

Q&A Based Application Development

Every child is unique and so is their questions as well as their answers.

Q & A platform is a podium in which the students can learn, solve their doubts, appear for a mock test, go through the revision sheets and learn much more on the app.

The core idea is to make a highly interactive online place for students to deal with the learning and sharing of knowledge at large.

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The users of the app are the school going students and the junior-college students so the app is more used by people between the age group of 7-19 years.


The school or college students, teaching experts, and parents.


The US and UK citizens have started adopting and developing the addiction of the Q&A platforms.


As this platform is a highly flexible one, the web and mobile apps are equally profitable.

Advertising fee

The schools, colleges or private institutes are charged per click/per impression for highly targeted display ads on the app.

Membership fees

The users are charged a fee to subscribe to the app services for specific time or validity.

Revenue from Sales

The app owner can integrate online store to sell education-related products on the app like ebooks, textbooks, stationery products and much more.

Dynamic platform

As the students can opt for any style to put forward their doubts and even select any type of learning material which interests them more, it brings more flexibility in learning a topic.

A wide base of Community

The students all over the world can use the app services. This also makes it possible for a student to make new friends on the app. A huge number of app users build a wide base of the community

Highly interactive

The app owner has a full access to easily customize the app services and make it more interactive Q & A platform for the users.


The reports on the number of registered app members, total courses/learning materials listed, the level of interactions, registered experts and other parameters much easier.

Features for Q&A Based Application Development

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Development of EdTech Solutions for Kids

The app that makes the kids feel a fun time instead of monotonous reading time.

The learning app for kids is more than just learning content for the little ones.

Most of the parents look for the apps that provide authenticated content for their tiny tots.

All they demand is a creative reading material that is specially designed for the toddlers and preschool students.

The learning apps for kids touches all the emotions of ‘How to be a good parent or a good babysitter that can make the kids grasp and learn easily?’

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The users of the app are majorly the kids between the age group of 3-10 years and parents or babysitters between the age group of 20-35 years.


Kids, parents, babysitters, preschool teachers.


These type of learning apps for kids are having a major use in the US, Canada, Norway & UK


The learning apps for kids based on iOS and Android are more popular and in-demand, especially those apps that can be accessed on tablets.


The ratio of the female audience is more than that of the male audience.


Apart from the complementary app services, the users can customize on getting access of the premium app services through freemium

Subscription fees

The users can pay a fee and subscribe to the access of app services for a month or a year.


The parents can be very specific and customize the access of learning content for their kids. Be it setting a timer, no access to the videos, only using the stories features and much more.


A wide variety of learning content for kids is categorized on the app. This makes it more resourceful for the parents and the kids.

On-demand Marketing

As the concept of learning app for kids is very specific in itself, the app need not tackle the marketing but the demand of the app will tackle the marketing automatically.

Easy to get Analytics

The app owner can easily download the reports and analytics on the number of users, total registrations, total subscriptions and much more.

Features for Development of Learning App For Kids

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