All-Inclusive E-Learning Software Using Digital Whiteboard And Streaming Live Teaching Sessions


Today, education has crossed the boundaries of traditional chalkboards and has drifted with pace towards electronic mobile classrooms.

The EdTech industry is striving to use hardware, software, and educative intellect to simplify learning by using advanced technologies.

Impactful learning takes place when students can grasp the teacher’s explanations visually, interact with the teacher, re-attend the session, and learn by illustrative methods.

We developed an all-inclusive eLearning Software for a New York-based edTech startup. It was a hi-tech solution- a tool that included a comprehensive canvas consisting of paint tools, mathematical formulas, text tools, geometric shapes, document editing tools, file sharing, web broadcasting, and seamless chat options which made it the future of EdTech.

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A mature New Yorker who had spent 25+ years in contributing to the education industry with resources wanted to bring about a reformation in the traditional education system, so he approached us to develop a pragmatic solution to ameliorate learning experience.

Our aim was to replicate the real-time class environment onto the digital world, in a way that students from anywhere & anytime can join lectures through mobile devices, watch the teacher’s explanations- live, ask questions via instant-messaging, record class-sessions, and access shared files sitting at distinct locations via our eLearning Software for EdTech industry.


To develop such an extensive eLearning software for EdTech company, we underwent the following challenges:

  • Combining real-time interaction of students and teachers for three individual live tools in one- live whiteboard, live video broadcasting and live chat
  • Upload queuing of recorded sessions on the server when concurrent sessions are going on
  • Concurrent live session management for multiple educational institutes who can host the live sessions at the same time

Our approach

In spite of the challenging stride, we were adamant to foster our efforts in the ever significant educational field.

It required three different solutions to overcome the backlog existing in the educational field. Hence we proposed to serve each of the need in a way that it enhanced the overall teaching-learning experience.

In our project approach, we executed the Agile Development Model. Each of the required features of the app was built by independent teams separately along with continuous maintenance in the loop.

Finally, all the three parts of this eLearning software- digital whiteboard, broadcasting, and instant messaging- were synchronized together step by step following the agile method where testing and maintenance went hand in hand.

Project Features

The eLearning software for EdTech industry developed by us incorporated the following varied functionalities:

  • Class creation and scheduling by the teacher, to admit interested students in the lecture
  • Tools for drawing, incorporating mathematical formulas, file sharing, media sharing, and text formatting for teachers so that students can be engaged in a gratifying learning experience
  • Video broadcasting for teachers to share real-time live video with all the class students
  • Live interactions between teacher and student through instant messaging (chatting), where students can ask doubts and queries to the teacher
  • Session recording option for students as well as teachers for future referrals

Business Benefits

The project was a great success for us as well as for our Client. His startup earned fame and name because of this comprehensive EdTech Solution provided by us.

Some of the prime benefits:

  • Abundant features for teachers to convey knowledge rightly with sharing illustrative examples with students in real-time
  • Students welcomed this app wholeheartedly as it availed them learning at sought time and place via remote mobile access
  • Students could not only attend streaming sessions but also could interact with the teacher via messaging which cleared all their doubts
  • Our Client was offered partnerships by successful educational institutes. He was requested to make an API of this complete platform which can be integrated with their existing software

Industry Segment

Educational Technology (EdTech)

Company Profile

An EdTech Startup based in New York

Technology and Tools


  • ReactJS, Laravel, NodeJS (, and FabricJS – overall
  • Canvas (FabricJS) – for Whiteboard

Backend –

  • WebRTC – for video & audio calling, screen sharing, and video recording
  • Python – for video merging
  • Laravel & jQuery
  • Stripe – payment gateways
  • Chat (made by us using NodeJS &
  • Amazon S3 CDN


  • PostgresSQL

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