Enterprise App for Construction Inspection Firm To Digitize Inspection Management

Field Inspections at construction sites are extremely critical procedures without following which, the sites may become prone to hazards and calamities. The Inspection companies across the world face struggle in executing inspection projects given by the Field Contractors.

The Field Inspectors, who are the prime resources of the inspection company, also undergo tedious and messy procedures.

Their role is demanding major of the fieldwork which comprises of inspecting site materials, water levels, soil erosions, and governmental building control & standards.
Along with the fieldwork, the inspector also allocates plenty of time to paperwork, reporting, and documentation. Data redundancies and inaccuracies arise as they employ assistance under them for work distribution.

Also, such meticulous inspections must only be assured in talented inspectors’ hands and not their assistants. Most construction sites are in remote inaccessible locations where finding network connectivity is difficult.

Read further to know how we developed an Enterprise app for Construction company to help their inspectors by providing ease of undertaking, scheduling, and managing assigned inspections offline; along with hassle-free documentation, synchronization, and reporting of the same.


America’s outgrowing Construction/ Field Inspection company approached us with an idea of inspection management app so that they could manage and assign various inspectors under them by simply allocating inspection tasks.

This enterprise app for construction industry functions offline for task handling and completion (by the inspectors), whereas synchronizes the day’s work at the end with the company’s SalesForceDotCom CRM.


We realized that the traditional inspection system was facing the following troubles:

  • Time-consuming data transfer from paper to PC.
  • Fetching the projects allocated by the contractors from the SFDC to their field inspectors.
  • Data misinterpretations
  • Contractor annoyed with delayed inspection time
  • Poor communication during an inspection
  • Inspectors carrying all the data to the site for inspection

Now, to overcome them, we proposed a comprehensive Enterprise App for the American Construction company for their field inspectors.

Our approach

TRooTech strategists researched, analyzed, and planned an inspection app solution that would rule out the challenges faced by the traditional inspection methods.

Next, our designers designed a functional structure for this construction inspection app such that minimum efforts had to be implemented by the inspectors.

The smart development team of TRooTech came up with features like:-

  • Offline inspection task creation/updation
  • Assigning projects and inspections to inspectors
  • Adding site locations
  • Completing unit by unit inspections
  • Managing types of inspections
  • Online synchronization of updated project/inspection report with SFDC
  • Assigning new inspectors
  • Automatic report generation- inspector-wise & project-wise
  • Incorporating to-do lists, calendars, maps and much more

After user-testing of the app by our client, we deployed the Mobile App for Construction Inspection by backing up all their existent data swiftly onto the SalesForce database.

Business Benefits

The Inspection company and the field inspectors were big-time satisfied as the mobile app had curated all their struggles and offered them real-time profits by:

  • Eliminating data duplication
  • Sustainable and significant cost reductions in Inspection
  • Ready PDF inspection reports
  • Smooth undertaking, functioning, and completion of inspection project- that maintained healthy relations with the Contractor.
  • Speedy completion of inspection for a given project
  • Reliable implementation of the building and construction standards

Industry Segment

Construction and Field Inspection

Company Profile

An American Construction/Field Inspection company.

Technology and Tools

Frontend- React Native for Android and iOS Apps
Backend – Salesforce API Integration

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