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The digital advancements have provided users with better technological supplements to spend their time online.

The nascent Entertainment Industry is thriving into the app-driven world with its proficiency to providing users with what they want and by giving appreciable ROIs to the marketers.

UP TO YOU. Allow customers to choose what, when and where to watch-listen-read, and eventually revolutionize the Entertainment Industry.

Entertainment App Development : Segments & Niches We Highly Assist On


Providing a full spectrum of services like series playlists, fool-proof revenue models, live streaming, media streaming and progressive downloads, creating user signups/sign ins, managing video catalogs, enabling search by channels and by videos, providing video upload options, saving user’s uploaded videos in the server, membership modules, and advertise management


Teenagers and young adults actively contribute their digital time in video streaming. While the older age group shares somewhat less interaction.


Europe and South Asian users have the highest video consuming rate, while North America, although presenting the top video streaming platforms, has got less number of users engaged.


Mobile devices with Android applications are unmatchable to websites and iOS applications.


Video streaming is a male dominant industry, but on the other hand even females contribute to the views with a small difference in the ratio.

Multiple Revenue Models

Multiple Revenue Models: SVOD (Unlimited Video consumption at a flat or pre-determined price), TVOD (Permanent access to a video or renting a video), Pay per view


AVOD with pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll options


Allowing video uploads, sharing on popular social media platforms, video on demand, allowing the access to ad-free videos on subscription, monitoring the videos on rent, allowing users to download videos on TVOD subscription, and monitoring advertisement modules.


Managing releases, enabling search by channels and videos, multiple language support, and multiple currency support.


Traffic is obtained from all the site-linked social media platforms, global audience for the video streaming platform, content contribution from the audience.


Analytical reports for the popular channels, views, bounce rate, time on-site, views, and total watch time

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Expertise in managing audio catalog, series playlist, bandwidth adjustment, rewards and loyalty points, genres, handling the purchase of audio labels and rights, allowing premium services, eliminating the repetitive ads for an enhanced user experience, clicks per-ad analysis and calculations, progressive download, streaming media, and providing ease to access audio


Audio industry influences the people around the age of 25-40 the most. While the younger generation prefer video streaming over audio streaming.


US audience has the most active user base for the audio streaming industry.
UK users have medium engagement while Asian and Australian audiences are more into visual content.


Android and iOS applications are mostly preferred over websites for audio streaming.


Audio streaming is a male dominant industry while females interact at a slow pace.


Generating revenue by introducing advertisement models including pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

Premium Features

Upgrading accounts to premium services for more features.


Allowing audio uploads, introducing genres, handling radio, managing song catalogs, pseudo streaming, streaming media, and upgrading accounts


Purchasing audio rights and labels, managing releases, sorting various categories, and supporting multiple languages.


Engaging global audience and ability to share content with multiple users/groups/community.


Analysis and reports about loyal visitor, unique visitor, time on-site, bounce rate, and user interactions.

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Tangible services in handling revenue models, content management system, server side ad stitching, categorizing (popular, featured), membership models, allowing guest contribution, cost per lead analysis and calculation, facilitating content sharing to external links and websites, facilitating user interaction, and incorporating bookmark feature.


Text as an entertainment is more popular amongst teenagers and young adults.


US users have the most active participation in viewing text content, while UK users are pacing up with the numbers. Asia and Australia have a less text-viewing audience.


Android applications are synonymous to text entertainment industry while iOS and websites have almost edge-to-edge audience with the ease to access content anywhere anytime.


Text as an entertainment has male audience more than females.

Pay Per Click

Facilitating Pay per clicks and on-site ads.


Allowing membership by charging a subscription fee and featuring the posts of partner websites at a charge.

User Management

Signups for users/managing their bookmarks, remembering their preferred categories, and adding estimated reading time by computing the number of words of the content.


Updating content, enabling users to contribute, linking to partner websites, interconnecting and linking to various social media platforms, and building various interaction modules.


Can reach your customers through different channels, and scheduling contents for posting.


Analysis (time on-site, bounce rate, popular), cost-per-click calculation.

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We Suggest This Ideal Modules For Entertainment Niches

How Your Idea Can Impact On The Type Of Market

Entertainment App Development Impact of Business TRooTech Business Soluions

On the basis of the type of the Entertainment Industry we design the course for the entire project while matching with the standards of the ongoing video streaming, audio streaming and text streaming industries.

Entertainment App Development User Personas TRooTech Business Solutions

Every time we get conceptualizing and detailing of the project, on the back of our mind, we always have the end-users. This lessens marketing efforts for the clients and increases the user involvement and participation.

Entertainment App Development Demand Based Marketing TRooTech Business Solutions

In order to get reach into the application space of every possible audience, we strategize the flow by understanding their choices and preferences on the basis of their demographics, age, and gender.

Entertainment App Development Features TRooTech Business Solutions

We understand that the feature which works well for a niche might not be appreciated for another entertainment niche. Thus, we plan the working aspects of the application following the norms that suits best to the application and provides ease to the customers.

Development Process


Any industry or business requires a seed to be sown before it flourishes, and our seed here is the idea that clients bring to us for its development into a fully function application that fulfills their vision behind embarking the project development.


We believe in making our ground work sturdy with extensive research on all the aspects related to the idea under consideration, as this research will be portrayed in the application that will be delivered at the end.

Clarity of functions

After conducting deep research on the idea, we come up with a list of functionalities that will be reflected in the application. All the features are listed in this stage, whether they are basic, advanced or suggested by us.


This is the time when the techies enter the scene and the entire strategy is planned on the basis of the research and the features to be added into the application. This process is carried out into two stages: Design Strategy & Technical Strategy.


After planning the strategies for designing the front-end with the customer satisfaction to the brim, we focus on the creating brand awareness with the effective design and placements of brand logos, favicons, and taglines.


On the journey to reach a fully-functional application, priority and detailed attention is given to the UI design for enhancing the appearance and UX for a feel-good factor of the application.

Database Architecture

For getting access to the data within instants, we employ practical database architecture that helps the application to provide content and viewing ability without a lot buffer time.

Front-End Development

All the results of the above phases are poured in this stage to design the front end as per the design that is visualized and fabricated by the designers in the former stages. This gives birth to an impressive front end which then goes into next phase to become functional.

Back-End Development

Time to pour life into the front end developed in the previous stage. The backend is designed to control, handle, and manage the entire application, a function-rich back end is designed for the admin end.


Once the modules are done with the integration to form a complete application, testing of each function and module is undertaken. By making use of unit, regression and integration testing, bugs that pop-up are fixed and the maintenance of the application is done.

User Acceptance Testing/Client Review

Once the flow of the project is constructed, we re-validate the direction and aspects leading till the end, and hence, we are able to keep our promise of delivering the best in the market within the estimated time frame.


After the entire project is ready and confirmed by the client too, then comes the actual time for its deployment. In the deployment stage, the application is handed over to the client, configured and explained in detail.

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