With the start of app development for the entertainment industry, the whole way of accessing media and entertainment is revolutionized. And we as an entertainment app development company bring you all the digital advancements happening to give a better technological supplement to your users to spend their time online, with options like video streaming app, music streaming app, live video streaming app, on-demand movie streaming app or social video sharing app.

The nascent entertainment industry is thriving into the app-driven world with its proficiency in providing users with what they want and by giving appreciable ROIs to the marketers.

UP TO YOU. Allow customers to choose what, when and where to watch-listen-read, and eventually revolutionize the Entertainment Industry.

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Business Niches of Apps Development in Entertainment Industry

App development for
Video Streaming

Video streaming app is no stranger to any of us in today’s world. We all are addicted to one or the other platform. Video streaming app development requires a full spectrum of services like live video streaming even on mobiles, on-demand video streaming, social video sharing, series playlists, fool-proof revenue models, live streaming, media streaming, and progressive downloads, creating user sign-ups/ sign-ins, managing video catalogs, enabling search by channels and by videos, providing video upload options, saving user’s uploaded videos in the server, membership modules, and advertise management.

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Video streaming app is more popular among teenagers and young adults who actively contribute their time to these apps. They prefer binge-watch shows on platforms like Netflix and seem to indulge more with the live streaming app on their mobile. Also, they like to share videos they like on social media. Whereas, the older age group shows more inclination towards on-demand movie streaming app


Asian countries are among the highest video consumers in the world, and his calls for app development for entertainment industry with language options to many. While the United States presents the top video streaming apps, it has got less number of users engaged comparatively.


Video streaming app development is seen as more suitable with mobile devices with Android applications and iOS than websites.


Video streaming is a male dominant industry, but on the other hand, even females contribute to the views with just a small difference in the ratio.

Subscription Video on Demand

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is the most common form of revenue for any video streaming app. SVOD provides unlimited video consumption at a flat or at a pre-determined price.

Transactional Video on Demand

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) or Pay Per View (PPV) means buying permanent access to a particular movie or video or renting them for a specified period of time.

Advertisement-supported Video on Demand

Advertisement-supported Video on Demand (AVOD) refers to advertising, or ad-based, video on demand, and is free to consumers.

  • Flexible: Overall video streaming app development allows video uploads, sharing them on popular social media platforms, video on demand, allowing the access to ad-free videos on subscription, monitoring the videos on rent, allowing users to download videos on TVOD subscription, and monitoring advertisement modules.
  • Management: The video streaming app development is helpful in managing releases, enabling search by channels and videos, and goes global with multiple language support, and multiple currency support.
  • More Features: When app development for entertainment industry happens especially in video formats, integration of chat modules and follow/ unfollow features is made possible.
  • Customer Relation: Easy to build a rapport with the customers through strong customer services, solving their queries and problems in a short time.
  • Global Traffic: The global traffic in video streaming apps is received from all the site-linked social media platforms.
  • Analytics: When video streaming app development takes place, analytical reports for the popular channels, views, bounce rate, time-on-site, views, and total watch time forms an integral part of the application.

Features for Video Streaming App Development

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App development For
Music Streaming

Music is a way of life and so music streaming apps are a huge hit amongst everyone. In music streaming app development or any other audio streaming app development, we put in our expertise in managing audio catalog, series playlist, bandwidth adjustment, rewards and loyalty points, genres, handling the purchase of audio labels and rights, allowing premium services, eliminating the repetitive ads for an enhanced user experience, clicks per-ad analysis and calculations, progressive download, streaming media, and providing easy access audio.

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Music industry influences the people around the age of 25-40 the most. While the younger generation prefers video streaming app over audio streaming apps, music streaming apps are not loved any less.


US audience has the most active user base for the music streaming industry.
UK users have medium engagement while Asian and Australian audiences are more into visual content.


Android and iOS applications are mostly preferred overwebsites for music streaming app development.


Music streaming apps is a male dominant industry while females are not far behind.


Generating revenue by introducing advertisement models in music streaming app development which is pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll, and on the interface of the app.

Premium Features

A famous revenue model in any audio streaming app development is upgrading accounts to premium services for more features like less/ no advertisements, availability of download facility etc.

  • Upgradation: Allowing audio uploads, introducing genres, handling radio, managing song catalogs, pseudo streaming, streaming media, and upgrading accounts.
  • Tracking: Purchasing audio rights and labels, managing releases, sorting various categories and supporting multiple languages.
  • Portable for the users: Not taking space on the hard disk, the music becomes accessible anytime for the users.
    Specific genre playlist: The users can enjoy searching the music piece by accessing a genre-specific music playlist.
  • Engagement: Music streaming app has the power to engage the global audience and can share content with multiple users/ groups/ community.
  • Analytics: Analysis and reports about a loyal visitor, unique visitor, time-on-site, bounce rate, and user interactions form an integral part of music streaming app development.
  • Creating playlists: Providing the customers with an updated playlist is as simple as a pie.
  • Easy research on customer preferences: The music streaming app can be featured with getting suggestions from the customer on the new releases or concerts.

Features for Music Streaming App Development

User Experience is everything when it comes to Music Apps,
With cloud-based technology, we can create seamless uninterrupted music experience for your users.

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Tinder Like Music App Development for Entertainment Industry

App Development for

Setting free the highway from thoughts to publication. To publicize was never so smooth and easy, so was the blog writing. An app development for the entertainment industry that focuses on the people who love to read is now an important aspect. Making a head start from a blog reader to the content developer? Want to give a most enjoyable and simple blogging experience to the users? To create an app for blogs needs a thorough insight into the specific structure, facilities, and services to be offered to the end-users. A blogging app that combines directness with powerful features becomes a toolroom for the bloggers to write amazing content and explore it to the targeted audience.

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To create app for blogs attracts mostly the people with age group of 21-35 years use the blogging app the most as these young generations are much enthusiastic to present their interest, finding, knowledge or experience


The US, UK, Japan, Brazil and Australian citizens are fond of and use the Blogging app much frequently as the audience includes more of the travelers, foodies, photographers and other passionate souls.


Above using the best platform for the blogging app development and adding varied features on the blogging app, technology has spread its hands to provide more innovation to the blogging app development. Like,

  • Effective plugins to add more features to theweb/mobile app.
  • SEO friendly Blogging app
  • The user control on each and every aspect of the website making it a public, private or hybrid accessed web/mobile app.
  • A pool of beautiful themes for the app.
  • Responsiveapp design and the list goes on.

In entertainment apps, the usage rate of the Blogging app by women is more than that of male bloggers.

Membership Fees

When creating an app for blogging, the blogging service provider can charge membership fees to every user that subscribes on the app.

Advertisement fees

The users who want to advertise their digital products can pay the fees and go ahead with the advertising process.

Effective Cash Backs and Discounts

Through the promotional codes, the provider of online eWallet can offer many discounts and cashback schemes while making a payment.

Other Charges

Additional fees that can be charged to the users include fees for posting blogs above a certain limit, fees for using premium features on the app and more.

  • The customer base can be targeted to varied industries, sector, and demography.
  • Easy to offer blogging services to people with high, medium or low affordability.
  • Business can get a high rate of leads generated by making more user-friendly and strong online presence.
  • Easy management of the user content.
  • Simplified payment process.
  • Fetching effective analytics and reports.

Features for App Development for Blogging

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How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Impact on Business

Over the centuries, entertainment remained the same but the entertainment industry has always been volatile and ever growing. Technology has always played the most important part of enhancing the medium of entertainment. According to researchers, by 2020 USA alone will have more than 179.4 millions mobile video streaming app viewers. Whereas the audio streaming app users are expected to grow up to 260 million by 2020 worldwide. An audience this big is ready to accept any new video or audio streaming platform which enhances and makes it easier to access the data of their choice.

User Persona

As such, the users of video & audio streaming app cannot be defined. This is majorly because it covers anyone and everyone. The user’s choice and preferences are mostly based on the language they speak, the place they live in etc. They vary from dancer and music creators to an old person enjoying retirement, giving us a huge user base.

Demand Based Marketing

When any new venture comes to life, making it known to the masses is as important as the product itself. And when the audience is always eager to try something new in audio and video streaming app, it automatically lessens the marketing effort for the clients and increases the user involvement and participation.

Detailed Process of App Development Entertainment Industry

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