The event management industry is flourishing as never before. The lucrative opportunity of app development for event management and planning that makes the event attendees a zillion times happier, creating a hit buzz among the target audience, double the interactions and triple the networking, streamline event proceedings, getting personalized to reach attendee preferences, captivating event uploads, event marketing and much more can amuse the exhibitors and sponsors with high ROI.
The app owner can give life to their unique ideas by penetrating the customization in providing niched and personalized event management services.
Discover how the app users can help the Millennials investing in the event, to constitute the largest consumer groups.

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Business Niches of Event App Development

App development for

Concerts and plays are blooming like a low hanging fruit every other day. The app for concerts/plays keenly targets, manages and controls a mass to discover and attend the concerts mended to their music taste.
Getting an app especially for the concerts/plays is now a smart move to provide everything at one place. Be it ticket bookings, promotions, third-party contracts, event inventories, on floor staff and much more.

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Apparently, the most active concert/play audience is the people with around 20-40 years of age. Comparatively, people with younger and older age group show a neutral engagement.


Geographically segmenting the loyal customer base, America, Europe, and Australia lead the event industry for the concerts and play. While keenly studying the market scenario of today, Asia and Middle East buyers are readily accepting the online event booking.


Concerts/plays get more effective when the booking can be made online by the users. Thus android or iOS app development for concerts are used more for big events rather than the web applications.


The event managers can be charged with different package categories like paying a fixed percentage of each ticket price or fixed fee on a successful sale.

Customized Pricing

The event managers can get customization on selecting the pricing outlay as per the features to be used by them on the app.

Service charges

Fees charged on using the premium services. For instance, a fixed percentage of payment processing per ticket purchase, if using a specific payment mode or fees for using the phone, chat and email support and many more types of service charges.

Fees for onsite staffing service

The event managers can use the onsite staffing service on the app by paying predefined fees.


The organizers get high flexibility as they can customize and select the app features as they want. It’s more than just sell and purchase of event tickets.

Team fostering

The dynamic app features allow the organizer to easily manage their team or even work with the third party as a team.

Sense of trust

The app users get a sense of trust with transparency in the event proceedings that are much accessible by the sponsorer, organizers, third parties and other team members.

Reporting and Analytics

The app owner can fetch authenticated reports on performance matrix, users details, revenue generation and much more.

Fueling wide business scope

With the high degree of socialization in the most used social media apps, email marketing, qualitative survey, data security and much more helps to capture more leads for the app users and increases the visibility of the event management and planning app.

Features for App Development for Conceres/Plays

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App development for
Hosting Parties

Organizing the barrels of beer, food fight, fire displays, water tussle and more enjoyments to the parties with ease. From planning a unique eye catchy party theme to filtering the huge guest list or offering a couple of tempting appetizers and big checklist to plan and manage unforgettable party celebration that serves the best wines in town, a lively photographer and more of the event management activities in the pipeline, are the most tedious tasks.

The party organizers can perhaps get time to even enjoy the parties that they organize after smartly streamlining the party proceedings easily with the professional party management app. The customized party management pro app can beat the complex and unique requirements of the teen parties, reception party along with the other wildest and biggest parties on the sphere.

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Majorly, the college students, young adults, and artists participate in the event. While the people in their 30’s or 40’s are found to be more involved in the social or corporate parties at large.


The US audience involves the most for the parties and the Asian audience shows a little lesser engagement than the former but still more as compared to that of the UK and Australian audience.


The HDR and AR technology used in the user friendly party management and planner apps is now bringing a fashionable trend in user experiences on the android or iOS platforms.

Listing fees

The organizers are charged fees on each and every listing of the party be it a small or a big event.

Subscription fees

The user needs to subscribe to using featured premium services by paying the specific amount of fees.

Commission from the third parties

A commission is charged to the third parties for the deals made with the organizers on the app.

Optimize the costing

The organizers can well optimize on the cost with controlling the spendings as the cost surpasses the set budget.

Suggestions and brainstorming

The organizers are served with the related suggestions on the feeded party details. Be it suggesting a top town DJ, popular cuisine, party decorators and much more.

Detailed Analysis

The app owner can discover a remaining gap on achieving the set objectives by getting a detailed analysis of the number of the logins/users, the revenue generated, the sales ratio and much more.

Pitch on the branding

The party management app that helps to manage all the event proceedings much speedy and even book the tickets much swiftly will drag the first time users to roam into the app frequently searching for the updates. With its interactive presence in social media apps and other places gives them a sense of trust when going through the good experiences of the users.

Features for App Development for Hosting Parties

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App Development for

To make it an interesting trade fair experience for the exhibitors and the visitors, the exhibition management app has a premium feature catalogue. Swiftly mobilizing the exhibition management by allowing the involvement of the stakeholders till the end. Simplifies the tedious management as the visitors and the exhibitors rush to get a complete access to all the information about the products or services exhibited, the participants and their offered varieties and much more.

With the exhibition management app, one can standardize varied exhibition projects that prove highly cost-effective and time savvy. Read on to uncover the value additions.

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The audience involved for the event management is mostly with the age of 25-60 years while the younger generations are not so appropriate audience to target for this niche.


The ones actively involved in the exhibition as an organizer or visitor are the UK audience followed by the US audience.


Both the web application and mobile application are suitable for the platform. Since the inventories are to be maintained by the event managers, web app would serve the purpose better while for the viewing of the event and sending RSVP back to the host, the devices with the Android/iOS would serve a better purpose.

Listing Fees

The organizer of an event manager needs to pay the fees on each listing of the exhibition on the app.


The organizer is charged a certain percentage of commision on every item sold in the exhibition.

Fees Per Ticket

The organizer needs to pay a particular fee amount on every ticket sales.

More focus on lead generation

With the improved marketing services offered on the exhibition management app, the organizer can give full justice to the lead generation activities.

More interactive

By linking the social media, having an effective and active chat box along with the speedy mailing/texting to the users internally on the app, makes it more interactive.

Smooth Workflow

The flow of work when it comes to managing the user data, their payment proceedings, activating the premium features and much more becomes smooth for the app owner.

Ample scope for increasing customer base

By having such type of app can give room to increase the current and existing customers as the app manages the mass of visitors, exhibitors as well as the participants at large.

Features for App Development for Managing Exibition

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App development for
Seminars/ Webinars

Some of the wonderful tools to educate/share/inform on the products, services, technology, expertise and much more to the clients include webinar, seminar, and discussions. With owning a seminar management app can provide a strong base for the organizers to manage such events for the corporates, institutes or dominant industry leaders with great ease. Let’s see how?

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For the seminars/webinars/discussions mainly the young adults and people between the age group of 30-45 years usually participate enthusiastically.


The US and UK audience are more involved in conducting the seminars, webinars, and discussions as compared to the Asian countries.


The organizers that need a seminar or a webinar management support prefer mobile apps the most. Be it Android or iOS-based apps.

Listing Fees

The user/ organizers are charged with a fee as they create and list a seminar event on the app.


A fixed percentage of commision is charged to the seminar manager on every ticket bookings.

Cancellation charge

If the seminar is cancelled due to any reasons, the no refund policy along with a cancellation charge is to be paid by the organizer.

Speedy promotions

As the seminar can be promoted on many social media apps through a single tap, it becomes much easier to promote a seminar with a quick pace.

Track exact visitor preferences

Through RSVP, the organizer can get to know the exact preferences of the visitors and make arrangements for the same beforehand.

Double dose of publicity

Apart from the organizers using this app, the visitors or the customers of the event also add on in marketing for this seminar app through word of mouth or showing interest on the social media as well.

Sales and Revenue Analytics

The app owner effortlessly gets reports on the sales and revenue generation. Is the business to attain a break-even point, profit or loss is what they can review and audit.

Features for App Development for Seminars/Webinars

Online Webinar platforms are considered as one of the most successful business opportunity for startups

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How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Impact on Business

With app development for event management and planning can impact the users with adopting more digitized and effective way of managing as well as participating in an event as a whole. The market will have a constant crave of knowing on the new updates/innovations upcoming on the event management apps.

User Persona

The current advancement in technology has made the app development for event management and planning more interactive. This has made it possible to create more involvements of the users in addition to making the app marketing as easy as a pie.

Demand Based Marketing

Digging into the roots of the customer preferences of the targeted audience, the app development for event management and planning is done with an enhanced User Experience and User Interface that has already mapped a type of demand such that it makes the user to participate in the marketing by themselves.

Detailed Process of Event Management App Development

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