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It was the smart Monkey who took the Cake in the scuffle of slices between the two Cats. In any scenario, the Mediator is the one who benefits from both ends. One such Intercessor is Eventbrite who brings in a digital platform for Event Hosting and Online Ticketing.

Eventbrite is an expedient platform for the Event organizers and the attendees. Founded in 2006 by the Hartz couple and Renaud Visage, Eventbrite struggling on the fortune graph has turned out to be a succeeding growth. With 100% user satisfaction, it has secured a top leading position in most of the event organizing charts.

If organizers are thinking of a cake-bake workshop or a gastronomic food festival or maybe an art panoply exhibiting your creativity, they don’t have to worry about the event planning, functioning, and management. Neither to fret about the marketing struggling to inform friends and extensions about the upcoming event via messages or calls. They simply have to create the event and post it on Eventbrite.

And Voila! The show is set.

On a different aspect, if the youth is getting bored on weekends and looking for an event; they just got to hunt in the vicinity on Eventbrite, book tickets and hit the party. In the digitization era where everything is done online, why not ticketing? And O gosh! Who wants to sweat in the long queues of ticket windows?

The organizers get all the services needed to execute a successful event and they in-turn pay some amount of registration fee to Eventbrite. Customers find it fast and easy to surf and book tickets for their favorite shows/ events. Organizers have used this platform to host and promote various kinds of events ranging from tutorial sessions, music concerts, corporate events, parties, religious practices and many more.

How Does It Earn?

Answering The Prime Question Of Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

Eventbrite earns the revenue by charging the organizers on each of their tickets sold. The company has earned 51% revenue growth since last two years. It charges (for the professional package) 3.5% of the ticket price + $1.59 on each ticket sold. There are three different registration packages available as per the need of the event. However, the organizers don’t have to pay for their free Events when they are not charging any ticket fee from the attendees.

This platform gave the organizers a new exposure and an affluent experience where they can get the targeted audience to market and promote their upcoming avocation. They can import their contacts (guest list) via several sources and send invites to them individually promoting the event on a social network such as Facebook as well. An organizer gets the privilege of customizing the event digitally and present it to the audience. Through the customer reviews and surveys conducted by Eventbrite, an organizer gets to know about the market needs following the popularity and trends.

Digital event management and event hosting are imperative as the users are abounded to do everything online. With the ease of ticket printing, barcode scans on entry, assistance support and payment options within their controls, event organizers were highly attracted to such platforms.

The attendees get benefited with the ease and time savings along with the group bookings, earned vouchers, E-tickets and hassle-free entries to their events. They wouldn’t wait for the ticket counters to open rather they would book online in the midnight when they feel like. They feel like they are being served on demand.

Such platforms become the boosting resource to put into action what is being planned. With the smooth functioning and technological blessings, Online Event Management and Ticket Booking have been accepted warmly by the audience. They give one place solution to event creation, planning, scheduling, ticketing, marketing, payment, and management.

Cut short your go to market time

What would you concern before investing in such leading and trending business solution?  To buy a perfect one, you must do a 100 try ! Isn’t it?

If you are thinking about the scope and potential of Eventbrite similar app development, what shall you consider? To gauge the power of a successful model, a deep study into the market with rigorous research will be required. A comparison of strategies and tools used by the competitors and analyzing the new technology would be essential. Your time will be the most essential and valued tool which be the cost behind the research.

As you pack your bags and open the door to begin the trek, SURPRISE!

Here we plunge in with a Digital Bouquet of Solution for Eventbrite Similar App Development.

We, at TRooTech, cater to you what you are looking for. Spending enormous time behind scrutinizing the working model of such systems, we cut short your go to market (GTM) time. We have shed the thorns of dysfunctions and plucked in the freshest and fragrant feature-flowers of the latest techno-garden and hence custom made a bouquet that shall be a crown you would earn.

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Unique Selling Point (USP) of Eventbrite

What led Eventbrite to a successful position where it stands today is a smart move by getting things done by the users as per their choice. Eventbrite was the first of its type to give organizers and event managers a chance of self-governance.

Eventbrite is special as it gives the organizers a feeling of self-promotion as they can DIY. It gave the powers to the ordinary so that anyone and everyone can host and sell their event tickets online. They create, manage, host and run their shows independently. There can be no better a dessert than self-satisfaction.

Through attendee reviews and event feedback, Eventbrite provides the organizers a good way to know about their event impact. Through these reviews, organizers can improve their events next time and they get to know what their audience thinks about them. They can track the ticket sale and its progress involuntarily.

This has been the Unique Selling Point of Eventbrite. It has always focused to bring to its users- life experiences in the form of events, and this is what one should consider for their Eventbrite similar app development

In-Depth Planning Of Features
For Eventbrite Similar App Development

We have listed the Minimum Features required for creating Event Hosting and Event Booking solution like Eventbrite.

*MVP is the Minimum Viable Product, i.e. All The Basic Features required for Eventbrite Similar App Development

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MVP Features For Organizers
In Eventbrite Similar App Development

Login or Sign up

Organizers can enter credentials and access their account. First-time event hosters can fill the sign-up form and enter details about their organization/ business/ company/ individuality.

Organizer’s Dashboard

The main page of the site where the organizer’s account opens up for his event plan, design, schedule, and model. The control panel of the event lies here.

Event Picture and Description

Organizers can describe their event here along with a picture of the presenter or about the expected event itself. Should it not happen that looking for food festival a user ends up to a cook food event.

Categorizing your Event

There can be various types of events such as music, art, food, training & teaching, cultural, religious or business gatherings. Thus it becomes essential to put your event in the right category so that people searching for a specific interest get it under the right bifurcation.

Attorney of special offers/ promo-codes

Once your event is created and published, use the promotions and special offers for limited users/ hours to make it popular on social media and add to your profits.


Keep all your contacts of Gmail, Outlook etc synced here together. This can help you send your event notifications, reminders and emails.

Marketing of the Event on social networking platforms

Organizers get a place to spread a word of mouth marketing over social networking platforms such as Facebook. This is highly essential.

The Organizer’s Info Page

For a successful event, the users will be attracted to an event whose organizers are known well. This page gives the organizers a chance to get closer to the audience by describing more about themselves


Organizers can view all their followers who have liked their events, attended or are planning to attend. Any update of a new event by you will appear to them.

Tickets Generation

The organizers of the events should be availed the option of generating tickets to their event in case of charged events. These tickets should be made available through online ticketing or at the ticket window outside the venue.

Ticket Scan App for entry at the Event gate

A separate app for the organizers so that they can keep a check on their audiences by authenticating tickets by barcode or RFID scan entries.

MVP Features For Users
In Eventbrite Similar App Development

Login or Sign-up

Users can enter credentials and access their account. First-time users can fill the sign-up form and enter their preferences and interest in events and search for events in the vicinity. They can also check which events their Facebook friends are attending.

Profile Page

The users sign in to the platform giving their basic details like name, age, gender and interests. The user can add a profile picture and payment modes and details. Creating an individual profile is essential for an event feedback/ review.

Search Event

Users can go through all the events posted or can even go for a custom search. Options such as interested or not in an event can be marked. Booked events will be automatically added to the calendar and reminded

Social network connect

Everybody today owns a facebook profile so it becomes an easy way of authentication by linking a user’s profile with Facebook. Because of this, users can also see which events their friends are attending.

Mobile App

Get a customized mobile app for Android as well as Apple stores so that users can use the platform from anywhere at ease.

Register for a group

This option may gain users, bonus points in friendships. It would be great if one can book tickets for the entire friend-circle to a comedy show.

Flexible Payment options

The organizers of the events should be availed the option of generating tickets to their event in case of charged events. These tickets should be made available through online ticketing or at the ticket window outside the venue.

Money-back in case of Event Cancellation

No one likes to be cheated. In case of an event failure, users will feel secure only if they get a medium for getting back their ticket charges.

Review an event

Reviews are very important and users feel special when you ask them about their experience. These reviews can be used by the organizers to study the audiences’ preferences.


Users can follow organizers and can get updates posted by them regarding any event.

MVP Features For Admin
In Eventbrite Similar App Development

Receive Payments

All the transactions of money received by sold tickets can be viewed here.

Cancellation Money-back

In the case of repayment due to event cancellation, the admin needs to transfer the amount into the user’s account here.

Advance Features
For Eventbrite Similar App Development

Along with the Minimum Viable Features, you can also add the following Advance set of features which make your App Stand Out from the crowd in The Event Management Industry.

Offers for regular users

A user would appreciate if you acknowledge his loyalty along with adding up a business profit with lucrative sales.

Webcasting/ Live-streaming the event

You can earn by the free events as well by webcasting the event online. You may charge the viewers to watch the entire event webcast.

Notifications about friends attending nearby events

A strategy of human mindset to follow your friends. If it’s trending among the friends, then why not me too! Notifying the user about upcoming events in his neighborhood or where his friends are going shall add benefits.

The customer demanded events (via Surveys and QA)

Asking the users about their preferences or moods or what type of events they would cherish? Owing to the output generated, new events can be planned by the organizers.

Contracts with Event Companies

Make event companies your partners or build business proposals with them to run together in the long course. This shall benefit both to earn a profit as well as build business networks.

Offering food coupons along with the tickets

It is obvious to buy refreshments while enjoying the event, why not club them together in the ticket so that users get happy and you promote sales as well as the food business.

Is there any other feature, you want to add in your app?

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Understanding The User Experience (UX) of Eventbrite Is The Key To Your Success

Eventbrite’s UI and UX are well thought out which makes its users comfortable. Let us have an insight into the user experience in terms of design, performance, navigation, and comprehensiveness.