Fitness Coach Booking App Development: A Marketplace For Trainees To Hire A Fitness Coach

The current health and fitness training industry has turned into a thriving online business with more impact, more income, and more freedom to deliver fitness training services in a unique possible way.

There are thousands of fitness training apps that people use in their daily lives.

Looking at these flourishing opportunities of the fitness industry, our client wanted something more than just a marketplace for fitness enthusiasts and certified trainers

Read on to know how we helped a Philadelphia-based ambitious fitness training service provider with a well-systematized community app and a fitness coach booking app development.


Two ambitious buddies had a goal to create something more than a simple marketplace for fitness enthusiasts and certified trainers.

They also wanted to digitize the administration and management of the marketplace to create a strong network of the fitness instructors and trainees.

All they wanted was to effectively enhance the experience of searching, comparing and paying for such type of training services.


  • The prime challenge was to keep all the app operations much standardized without our client getting into the role of ‘go-between’.
  • It becomes a sensitive concern when a customer deals with the transaction offline and out of the marketplace app.

They can use the search options and contacts from the app, but make payments directly to the trainer avoiding transacting on the app.

  • Another major challenge was on delivering highly personalized services to the app users so that they stay in the app for long and enjoy using the app features.
  • The process of scheduling the training sessions and updating on the same need to be optimized for the users to avoid missing out on any fitness sessions. The fitness coach booking app development required to streamline the tracking of workout sessions.
  • Furthermore, checking the availability of a trainer or a trainee for a particular location & time needed a strong verification method to avoid misunderstandings or overlaps of the session timings for the users.

Our approach

We went inside out of every possibility for a well-systematized fitness community app that offers user-friendly solutions for the fitness trainers and their customers.

This made us developed a smart and sleek marketplace app that is totally manageable, more transparent and user-friendly for the trainers and trainees to provide/purchase training sessions.

Our approach is detailed more in the below business benefits.

Business Benefits

Made the business process more automated:

The expert team of TRooTech gave complete support to make most of the business operations highly automated.

This was one of the smartest solutions to eliminate the role of go-between and streamline the scheduling, updating, and tracking the training sessions.

  • The newly developed online fitness training marketplace had advanced search options that automatically provided filter options in the search and showed suggested searches to the users on their dashboard.
  • What makes it more simplified is the active clients are automatically paired on the app with the fitness coach based on their training requirements and location.
    They can directly communicate with the fitness trainers and fix a deal if interested to get the training from a particular certified trainer.
  • Another process that was finely automated was the pre-scheduling of the appointments for a training session.
    An inbuilt automated system will ask for confirmation of the date, time, place, and price from both the parties.
    Both the parties, that is the client and the trainer can meet at an agreed place, be it a gym or a workout area at the client’s house to deliver/receive the training sessions.
  • The web developers at TRooTech infused high-performance calendar management for the app users.
    The app has an automatic reminder system for the trainers and the trainees to get updates on the training sessions.

Value-added services for the trainee as well as the trainers:

  • TRooTech took a conscious step in fitness coach booking app development at the designing stage to not to have a sole focus on offering featured services to the trainees but also to the trainers as well.
    To avoid the users to drop out of the online marketplace and deal with the offline transactions, providing value-added and personalized services to both the parties is highly important.
    The best part was the connect feature on the app that took care of the user’s privacy and also proved highly interactive for the app users to directly communicate with the other user on the app.
    In addition to these, not only the clients but also the trainers have the complete access to reviewing the prospect’s profile before confirming on a deal.
  • To provide high value-addition to the app users, this fitness training services marketplace offers its users with complete access to the marketplace for health & fitness products/services like fitness apparels, nutrition products, and wellness & fitness equipment.
  • Apart from these, the app also provides a solution for the fitness certificate renewals and even purchasing the tickets for the fitness conferences.

Raised reputation with the community reviews and ratings:

Here, the trainees can give genuine ratings and feedback for the training received. These reviews can be accessed by all the users on the app.

Based on the given ratings and reviews they achieved on the app, it becomes easy for the trainer to justify the quality and prices charged on the training.

Industry Segment

Health & Fitness Training

Company Profile

A Philadelphia-based ambitious fitness training services provider

Technology and Tools

Frontend- Swift for iOS app

Backend – PHP, Laravel, MySQL

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