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Imagine one of those boring, lonely weekends when you step out of your house, you look at your phone screen only to find out that your friends are hanging out at your favorite cafe. What would you do? Go by to say hi! Won’t you? But, before you do that, think of how awesome this was! You practically didn’t have to do anything to find out about your friends.

Well, that’s exactly what Foursquare does.

Foursquare is a local search and discovery platform that showcases search results in a very innovative way using location tracking and GPS system of your phone. The app enables users to interact with their friends while allowing them to share their location. Foursquare provides personalised recommendations for users about places they can go to; near their location. It provides suggestions for nightlife spots, restaurants, shops and other similar destinations. Users can check-in and notify their social circles about the location and their views about that particular place.

Foursquare endows users with badges and makes users “mayor” of places that are frequently visited by them. This amplifies the user experience and makes it more interactive and innovative. Foursquare brings the virtual nature of social media a little closer to reality.

Why You Should Consider Foursquare Similar App Development as Next Business Opportunity?

There is no doubt that customers love and trust reviews the most. So, to sum it up, review is the protagonist in the movie of commerce and business.

Today, online customers are inclined towards using reviews and rating software or apps. The splurge in the peer-to-peer reviews is no secret. Providing a seamless user experience is not only beneficial but has also become inevitable today.

Add to that the application of locations, and it augments the user experiences. And, how can we forget the benefit of reviews and ratings; one could get better Google rankings, enhanced brand recognition and could use reviews as a positive promotion as well!

Did you know, 91% of customers read reviews when they want to make a purchase? The need of the hour is to have a business that is deeply involved with reviews and ratings. A simple look at how human psyche works, people tend to believe the majority and especially peers. If a great a number of people are talking positively about something, it must be good.

51% of customers prefer interacting with a business that has positive reviews. Some studies also show that 25%-40% of customers only trust business after reading at least 3 reviews. If you are still not clear about how important reviews are to customers, then take a look at this: 85% of customers trust reviews from strangers as much as they trust reviews by the people they know.

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The new wave in Review & Rating Industry

If you are set to decipher the DNA of Foursquare, you’d know that it is quite unique.


Foursquare actualizes the user interface in a way that it becomes more of a game or a contest. The users are required to share their whereabouts and eventually with multiple check-ins they can become the “Mayor” of the place.

This infuses a certain level of zeal and enthusiasm in users gamifying the experience. This serves as the primary USP of the Foursquare app.

If we look beyond the gamifiation of the app, Foursquare proves to be a great platform to build a good brand awareness for business holders. Not only brand awareness, the app can also be used for focused targeting and sometimes for luring customers with offers and discounts.

These potentials make Foursquare unique, user-friendly and brand-friendly.

We Cut-short Research Phase & Your Go To Market Time

It makes complete sense that reviews are extremely important for all kinds of businesses. But, developing one such business that encapsulates the reviews of all businesses is an uphill task not many people can achieve.

One has to dig out the data, resources, and accrue knowledge about the industry all the while understanding business requirements. Not to forget the marketing research which is a mammoth task which can exhaust the mental and financial aspects, both together.

What could be done about it?

Well, we make this process of developing your business much easier by making it technologically equipped to the extent that you don’t need to worry about the app.


The app is aimed at local discovery with the help of Geo-location on any mobile device. It allows users to follow others in order to make the discovery process concrete and well-structured.




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Hey, Look At This User Experience Comparison of Foursquare with Competitors

Foursquare has been competing with Yelp for years now and the competition has only led Foursquare to prove its mettle. The Foursquare app is designed and developed in a way that has put user-experience on a pedestal. We will try to compare the two giants i.e; Foursquare and Yelp by understanding the utility, usability, desirability, and brand experience.

If you look at the Foursquare log in or sign in the page, you’ll see a great registration page. It depicts the idea of Foursquare with a skyline showing various restaurants, cafes, bars, movies, etc. Whereas, when you see the other competitors, the registration page looks plain and simple. This makes the Foursquare’s registration page and the user experience around it more appealing as compared to it’s competitors.

Navigation is one of the most important elements of user expereince. It is the flow of the app that the user has to sail in. The easier the current, the better user experience. The app navigation of Foursquare is extremely lucid, thus, making the user experience great. Exploration comes as a part of the navigation process. Users are always delighted if they can find the location that they are looking for with all the ease. Foursquare makes sure that happens.

To facilitate exploration, Fousquare provides the In-app search feature that leads the user to find out the ideal match. The in-app search makes the transition from being unequipped with information to being equipped with all the necessary information easier and less complex.
Foursquare serves as a platform for business to dwell. It is a great tool for promoting businesses. At the same time, it acts as a platform that can enable users to get the best of what they are looking for. Thus, Foursquare acts as a great podium for commerce and if used rightly then the commerce can be turned into monetary benifits.
For a layman, Form entry is anything that enables the app to get information regarding the user and lets the user input necessary information. The flow of the function on the Fousquare forms is lucid and effortless.
When it comes to comprehension, Foursquare has proved time and again that users are extremely satisfied with the usability of the app. It is easy to understand and it ensures that the users do not get entangled in any kind of confusion that has to do with the functions of the app.

Technical Know-How

Innovation In Your Foursquare Similar App Development 

So what is it that goes behind the Foursquare app? The Foursquare app uses JavaScript as it’s client-side programming language. It also uses jQuery as its Javascript library. It uses Nginx as its web server and Varnish for web acceleration. Apart from this, for mapping, Foursquare uses Google Maps, Map Box and Leaflet JS. For Content Delivery Network, Foursquare uses CloudFront. Foursquare also uses CSS as the stylesheet language. Foursquare makes itself available in different languages. For this purpose, it uses Google APIs. All the images that are uploaded on Foursquare are in PNG or GIF form..

Foursquare has a very productive app that proves to be user-friendly. Apart from all this, Foursquare puts a tough competition in the niche. If you are wondering whether it is possible to develop an app without using the same technology as that of Foursquare, then you are going in the right direction.

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Foursquare similar apps can be developed using different technological aspects as well. For instance, Fastly can be a great reverse proxy service for the content delivery network. Google Hosted Libraries also works great as a content delivery network. There are various server-side languages that can be used for Foursquare similar app. For instance, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Images can be in JPEG or SVG form as well.

For advertising, Foursquare uses various technological advances like Google direct, App Nexus, Double click, Drawbridge, Beeswax, Ads.txt, etc. If one does not want to use so many aspects for advertising, then just Google ads can be of great use.

When it comes to the internal analytics, Google Analytics is one of the best platforms. If not that, then one can use KISSmetrics, Baynote, Active conversion or Extole.

The Business Model Of Foursquare

Foursquare is a unique concept that has integrated the entire world on the basis of location. It is one of those rare concepts that turns the virtual nature of an app into a real and a solidified world of business.

Foursquare’s location-based model lets its users have easy access to the location of various businesses around them. This not only makes location accessible, but it also allows users to get a better understanding of the business that they are looking into. It allows the user to check-in at various locations and shares their whereabouts and their experience with their social circle. Apart from this, Foursquare allows it’s business users to promote their businesses. This can be done with the help of websites or perhaps by inviting the location-based target audience to their businesses by giving them various promotional offers.

A lot of revenue for Foursquare comes from advertising. The company has six types of advertising solutions. They are Foursquare Audience Network, Place-based ads, Promoted places, Merchant claims, small business ads, data deals, etc. All these advertisements work on the Cost-Per-Action basis enabling the businesses to grow and also bringing in a lot of revenue.

Now, over a long period of time, Foursquare is functioning relentlessly only to be in possession of one of the largest databases. Due to this, Foursquare has the capacity to make some of the most strongest APIs in the market. More than 40% of the company’s revenue comes from data licensing deals with companies like Twitter and Microsoft.

Moreover, Foursquare has now accumulated information of around 65 million locations with millions of check-ins. This only makes Foursquare mightier with all the data.

Comparing The Foursquare Business Model With Peers

Foursquare Peer Platform
Foursquare Integrated gamification and social element with the check-in and location sharing, thereby positioning it more than directory Other directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor are traditional purpose oriented, listing a place, and the ability to add reviews and rating are a prime focus for them.
They integrated the awards and batches system for the end users of the app who are actually responsible for creating the database. The batches and awards are generally given to the businesses listed on the platform.
The major source of the revenue for Foursquare is from data licensing, so they directly monetize their data. The major source of the revenue almost all other platforms are formed advertisement so they are not directly dependent on data.
Foursquare does not have any premium service, subscription fees or additional charges so it makes it completely free app for their users, they earn form different service they sell to the businesses. Many other directory and review & rating platform, has a lot of premium services and subscription fees, and it constitutes a significant share in their total revenues.
Foursquare does not allow business to transact directly from the platform, i.e. the business can not directly sell via Foursquare. Almost every other platform, let the business sell their product or run a promotional deals form the site and charge from 3% to 30% of transaction fees for each transaction.

What Should Be The Ideal Business Model For Your Foursquare Similar App Development

Foursquare is becoming the world’s biggest location-based data powerhouse for a reason. With all the years of functioning accumulating the location-based services model, Foursquare is now in possession of an astronomical amount of data and APIs that are used by giants like Microsoft and Twitter.

There is no doubt about it that Foursquare has brought location-based intelligence into our lives. This intelligence is not only useful to the users, but marketers are made to understand the viability of advertisements in terms of which ads are leading to more visitors.

Enough about Foursquare? Wondering how you can make your business better? Perhaps better than Foursquare?

Let’s take a look at how one can make their business as competitive as Foursquare. The location-based apps in the industry, as small as they are, focus on acquiring data regarding the user’s location in order to make businesses interact with them. If you take a look at the competitors of Foursquare, you won’t find much except directories with loads of reviews and ratings that enables users to know about a business beforehand.

How do we amalgamate the two and make a business model which is better of the two? What are the features that we would like to add to this model?

In order to compete with giants, we need to make a model that facilitates the needs of the user and the demands of the business owners. So, a business model inclusive of the needs of all the stakeholders should be made.

Sounds difficult? Well, we can make it easy for you!

When any user gets to know about the places on the basis of their location, and all they can do is check-in, it limits the user to some extent.

So, what can be done about it?

A business model that lets users book appointments or make advance booking could be of great help to make the business model better. Apart from this, if users are provided with a list of places that are among the people’s favorites or maybe make a section for the editor’s favorites in every category, it would add to the business model.
The location-based service model makes a lot of data, there’s no doubt about it, but having the customers share their reviews about the place would be something that would be an addition to the business model. Reviews and ratings will not only include what’s on the customer’s mind, but it will also add more data. This will in turn lead to higher search engine result pages as it will increase keyword search. Thus, making the business model inveterate.

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Target Market Segmentation For Your Foursquare Similar App Development

ic geographically pattern trootech business solutions

Geographic Pattern

(Where To Target)

When it comes to Foursquare, and the related businesses, it is vital to understand that it is a location-based service. This means Foursquare similar businesses focus on certain geographies. If we get specific, then countries like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany are some of the top ranking countries when it comes to using location based services like Foursquare. Apart from these, countries like Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Malaysia are also avid users of these services. As a matter of fact, Turkey is the country where most people have checked-in.

ic demographic pattern trootech business solutions

Demographic Pattern

(Whom To Target)

When it comes to demographics, considering the age group of the people who use Foursquare, one would find out that most of the users of Foursquare are between the age groups of 21 to 35. When it comes to gender it does not makes a big difference, some studies suggest that out of the entire population of people using location-based service, 54% are male and 46% are females. And in terms of income, it is found that most users have an average household income of 50k to 100k per year.

ic psychographic trootech business solutions

Psychographic Pattern

(What To Target)

Foursquare has conveniently targeted audiences on a geographical basis. Location is the key player in Foursquare. Yet, the app is targeted to cater to the fun-loving, tech-friendly people. It mainly gives the audience a lot of options to find places that they would like to go to.

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The Complete Business Expansion Journey Of Foursquare

Foursquare’s journey started in 2009. Ever since then, the company and the app have been running with full vigor. Perhaps, the reason behind the vigor evolved, yet something kept it going. Foursquare was introduced in 2009 and one cannot say that the end of Foursquare is here. Even during its decline, Foursquare came up with a rock solid solution to keep going.

Today, Foursquare has proved to be in possession of a hung chunk of data that has made the company as mighty as it is. The solution of generating APIs only came after a very long period of time.

Let’s see how Foursquare started and where it has reached now.

Here Are Few Niches To Target For Foursquare Similar App Development

The Foursquare model can be applied at various levels. If not a location-based service, one can work around a business model that is more flexible. The Foursquare model could be imbibed even without the location-based service, where various places are listed and everyone can share their views about the places that they visit.

Advertising could be a great source of income for the niche and the business owners could benefit from it. If we focus on the kind of niches that could adapt to this model of functioning, we’d find many of them.

To put them into words, Healthcare industry, Service sector industry, Entertainment and even hospitality businesses can be utilized to make a directory that can benefit the users. These niches can be further explored by making directories focused on the product or the service. For e.g., if one wants to make a directory only for therapy and counselling in the Healthcare industry, that is always a great niche to work in. Likewise, one could focus on something very specific to an industry. And there, you have the Foursquare similar app idea ready!

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