A Rare Health Journal App that Digitally Tracks & Shares Personal and Community Well-Being

Health has always been man’s most valued asset but today, with the rising growth of adverse diseases, it has only made people persistently conscious regarding their health conditions.

It has become mandatory to keep one’s health records organized and classified so that at any given point of emergency, healthcare can be provided based on one’s health history.

Read on to learn about one of our significant solutions in the healthcare industry by developing a Health Journal App for an American startup company.


A health-enthusiast in the United States was going through our company’s success in the Healthcare domain, and he instantly contacted us to develop his aspired Health Journal App.

He thought about those times when people go out for vacations, business trips, and are away from home, they leave their pets with friends or relatives. Many a time when there are young-ones or elderly at home, and people are bound to work or some other important task outside the home, they need a care-taker or babysitter at home to look after the family members.

In such times, people have to share all the health conditions, allergies, food preferences or other medicinal schedules of young-ones, elderly, or pets with the care-takers. Now, at the last minute, important data can be missed-out.

Moreover, when users find themselves in emergency health situations, they are unable to inform their immediate help about their health conditions, allergies, or health insurance details.

He wanted the public to be aware and precautious of their health conditions and also keep the health records of their relatives and friends so that health information can be shared easily digitally.

Thus, he asked us to create a personal health journal app for the community such that the app users can keep track of their & family members’ health records, share health reports, and can be connected with their doctors for emergencies.

The uniqueness of his idea was that he wanted this app solution for the health institutes as well, who can create health-awareness events for the American community and can invite relevant health-conditioned users(patients) and doctors to those events.


The major challenges faced by us in developing the Health Journal App were

  • To share health records with the user’s community such that crucial data is not mishandled or distorted.
  • To allow the care-takers to enter health reports for user’s children, pets or elders.
  • To comply with the healthcare data IT standard- HIPAA (Health Insurance Probability & Accountability Act)

Our approach

Considering this client’s futuristic, kind, and practical visions for the health of the community, we went deep to get the intricacies and planned to make an app where the user can archive his own health reports and also create a community adding health information of his family members, relatives, pets, and friends.

The app is also for the health institutions who want to create public events to share health problems, discuss cures & preventions with doctors and share awareness, compassion & happiness amongst the community.

We developed:

iPhone App (for Users, Doctors, and Institutions)- this app has three types of users, where

  • users can save own and family member’s health records, get notified & help in emergency situations, and get reminders about the upcoming healthcare events in the town
  • doctors can connect to their patients, access their health reports, assist them in case of emergency, and get reminders about health checkups & upcoming healthcare events in the town
  • institutes can create events, and invite members(users) to those events via the health journal app or via social media.

A web-based Admin Panel- from where the admin can manage user accounts, handle levels and groups, add & manage allergies, vaccines, food preferences, insurance policies, and emergency numbers.

Project Features

To accomplish our client’s vision of creating a community health journal app, we incorporated the below-mentioned features for users, doctors, and health institutions such that a useful health community is established that is ready to help in emergency situations.

Features for Users

  • Easy health record entry options- sorted folder-wise or doctor-wise
  • Adding personal health information classified in 3 levels (for confidentiality) such level l1 contains general health conditions and l3 contains very crucial health reports.
  • Adding health information of family members, friends, and others (pets) in own account, and can also invite them (via e-mail) to handle their own accounts.
  • Sharing personal and family or friends’ health information with one’s community or connected users by giving access permission to read & write for allocated shared level (l1, l2 or l3).
  • Saving one’s health insurance policy number and insurance company name

For Doctors:

  • Viewing patient’s health records as soon as it is updated because of reminders
  • Recommending cures and precautions to patients

For Health Institutes:

  • Convenient event creation and management options
  • Event sharing message and reminder options to invite app users and doctors

Business Benefits

  • This Health Journal App turned out to be highly competitive, hefty, and one of the rare kinds of apps in the American health community, achieving our Client’s purpose effectively.
  • This app was capable of serving not only personal health goals at an individual level, but it had a broader social impact on society. It connected doctors, health institutions, and patients very acutely such that the overall health rate of the nation’s community was improved.

Industry Segment


Company Profile

A Health-enthusiast Startup in the USA

Technology and Tools

Frontend- Swift
Backend – Symphony
Database- PostgreSQL

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