Healthcare is the most important industry, as we can say it keeps all the other industry running. Now when the internet is omnipresent, app development for healthcare & fitness industry is attracting people around the globe towards tapping the medical opportunities online. It is essential to be on par with the current app-driven trend in order to prove to be lucrative. The Healthcare sector has proved to be one of the most technologically advanced sectors over and over again.

To make sure the app is more user-friendly, we develop various codes and algorithms while app development for healthcare that help you serve your patients better.

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App development for
Health & Fitnes Tracking

We understand that a fit lifestyle is one that everyone should adopt and the awareness has certainly increased since app development for Healthcare & Fitness industry started. With health & fitness app development, we help you track the condition of your user. Therefore, our platform allows users, doctors, and healthcare professionals to keep an eye on conditions like blood pressure, calories, heart rate and much more of the user.

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The target audience for a health & fitness app development is the age group of 25-40 years. Whereas, for people beyond this age group can use such health app in recording measurements regarding ailments that are chronic.


With the entire world aggressively moving towards a more fit lifestyle, US citizens have proved to be avid users of health & fitness apps. Followed by the Aussies who prove to be moving towards the fit lifestyle rapidly. Asians are not very far behind either.


Health & fitness app development include the use of locations and movement tracking. Apart from this, such platforms also use heart rate sensors. Thus, this platform works great with wearables with iOS or Android.


Psychologically, when app development for healthcare is done, they target the audience who are more aware of health and are inclined towards fitness. People who are fighting against obesity or the ones with chronic ailments are also the target audience when it comes to health & fitness apps.


Although there is a developing parity between the use of health & fitness apps of males as well as females, males have proved to be using such platforms more often. We can also develop platforms focused on women’s health.


One of the revenue options for the health & fitness app industry is to launch wearable devices compatible for iOS and Android platform.

Download Fees

Another revenue options opted by some players in the health & fitness app industry is to charge an initial fee on download.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising is another revenue option for healthcare & fitness app industry.

Home Remedies and Workout ideas

The app users can extensively explore creative and effective fitness ideas and home remedies on obesity through the complimentary services available on the app.

Touching the veins of user psychology

The health and fitness app is artistically designed giving a friendly experience to the users to conquer the emotional fight due to dieting or unfit symptoms like lethargy/drowsy. This makes the user frequently log in to enjoy the joyous fitness services on the app.

Double Dose in Selling

The health and fitness apps work in collaboration with the wearable orIOT devices. The marketing of the wearables becomes easy with that of increasing demand for online health and fitness apps.

Data management

App development for health and fitness has a feature-rich management system with secured details on the users, their preferences, payment history, revenue generated, sales ratio and much more.

Features for Health and Fitness Tracking App Development

With increasing health consciousness among the people, The health and fitness tracking has become a hot favorite choice for new startup

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App Development for Healthcare in Online booking Professional Fitness Trainers

App development for
Electronic Health Record

The app development for healthcare is to enable doctors to have a digital database of their patients and of their conditions or ailments. Such apps are called Electronic Health Records – EHR or Electronic Medical Records – EMR. This helps doctors in diagnosis and assist better treatment of patients. This is also a patient engagement app and they can feed their information and share it with their doctors. It’s like a cluster of medical reports, which is on a screen instead of paper.

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Usually, app development for healthcare industry which acts as a medical database of the user focuses on the ages between 20-50 which included the technologically advanced youth.


Most users of such patient engagement apps are located in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The awareness of this platform across the world is also increasing at a rapid speed.


Such patient engagement platforms focus on technologically savvy and updated people. People with mobile devices powered by iOS or Android are a great target audience.


One of the revenue options of the electronic health record app is charging commission from doctors on account of collaboration.


When electronic health record app development is done, a segment is defined for advertisements which becomes another source of revenue.

Secured Data Management

A high quality of security on data management is possible, be it the customer accounts, their conversation and chat data, health history and much more.


The healthcare app is highly flexible to channelize the healthcare records for the users. Doctors can now use creative styles on the app to review and diagnose the patient history.


As the app itself is based on offering the records on the patient health, a complex reporting is made pretty simple for the app owners by categorizing the doctor and user accounts. Also, they can fetch the analytics on new users, increase in sales and much more on the app.

Cover the healthcare industry as a whole

The customer base to be targeted covers the entire healthcare industry that involves the dentistry, clinics, care center, hospital, medical supplies, pharmacist and others. Wide customer base always proves to ease out the marketing with smooth selling of the healthcare services or products.

Features of App Development for Electornic Health Records

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Health Journal Case Study of App development for Healthcare sector

App Development for
Medical Forum

App development for healthcare can also be as a platform that assists doctors to keep in constant touch with their contemporaries and the healthcare sector. Doctors would be able to get in touch with their fellows with the help of this platform and share their queries or help each other in special cases.

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People in the age group of 30-50 would use such platforms and exhibit their expertise in the field of healthcare.


Such platforms are used across borders. Also because doctors are eager to learn if any better treatment has been found in any place.


These platforms are widely used on different hardware using different operating systems, so it is made to be compatible with various systems.


Some studies show that men use such platforms more than women. Yet, that doesn’t mean a great deal about the functionality of these platforms for genders.


One of the important sources of revenue here is advertisements based on the pay-per-click model.


Doctors look for a constant way to keep themselves updated with the latest discoveries in the field of medicine and this platform connects the entire world and doctors would not mind paying for the membership of such a portal.

Freemium Model

Using the Freemium model on the medical forum platform means to invite the target audience to make accounts for free for a certain period of time and then encouraging them to purchase the premium packages for their accounts.

Going Global

It is possible to go global for a social network of doctors and health technicians at one place. The healthcare experts can locate any of their fellow members or specialized doctors from any corner on the globe.


Providing a high profile categorizing of the specialist domains, the users can easily locate and start conversing with the right fellow member. More user-friendly functioning makes it constant grabbing the attention of the user for a frequent usage.

Effortless Marketing

With the medical forum apps turning more interactive, the user involvement and strong customer rapport become as easy as a pie increasing the scope of marketing.

Stay Updated

As the healthcare app is based on interacting with the experts and bringing new updates on the medical industry, the app owner has to stay abreast with the upcoming technologies and also upgrade the current app technologies.

Features for Medical Fourm Development

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App development for
Online Appointment of Doctor/Nurse

During the app development for healthcare sector, focusing on to help doctors on getting rid of the process of accepting appointments or phone calls and maintaining a registry for the same, opens doors to another platform called Doctor/ Nurse Appointment Booking Platform. Such platforms allow patients to check the availability of doctors and book appointments for future dates. Thus, making it a easy process for patients to book themselves an appointment .

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People of all ages can use such doctor appointment booking app. According to reports, 42% of the patients would like such a platform for booking appointments.


European countries extensively use such doctor appointment booking app. Australians, Americans, and Asians are also avid users of such platforms.


Doctor appointment booking apps like these work great on devices using Android and iOS.


In doctor appointment booking app, membership fee forms a major part of its revenue structure. This is because the doctors tend to provide such facility to their patients giving an edge over other members in healthcare.

Fremium Model

Providing premium features for some time and then charging fees according to packages is also a common revenue option in doctor appointment booking app development.


Many wellness and other health benefit place advertisements can form a good source of revenue for doctor appointment booking app.


Monitoring the scheduled appointments and taking required follow-ups avoids the appointment miss outs and cancellations at large by the user. The doctors/nurses can also benefit from the double confirmation on the scheduled appointments.

User Experience

The realtime user experience on booking the app, tracking the waiting time for meeting the doctor/nurse, quick payments and directly send the medical reports through the app is all that the user wants to be served on the doctor appointment booking app.


The doctor/nurse appointment booking app has unique and personalized features providing value addition on the healthcare booking services that automatically drags the users to market the app on social media or through word of mouth and also promote among the internal app users.

Dynamic App Functioning

The app owner can customize the functionalities with easy clicks on their dashboard. This gives a flexibility to make changes as per the current market trends without relying on the tech geeks.

Features of App development for Online Doctor’s Appointment

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App Development for
Virtual Consultation of Doctor

Virtual Doctor Consultation app as the name suggests is consulting a doctor virtually. It helps to make it easy for doctors to make a virtual visit and make consultations. Similarly, it helps the patients to reach out to doctors without visiting them physically. The platform contains catalogs of doctors; the patients can choose to consult either of the listed doctors and have sessions with them and pay them for their services. The patients get their prescriptions through e-mail. This is also known as Telemedicine Services. The platform is revolutionizing the app development for healthcare sector at a very rapid rate.

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As per reports, 60% of the Millenials support the use of virtual doctor consultation app, making it one of the important apps in their mobile phone.


The virtual doctor consultation app is extensively used across the globe. Americans and Australians lead the charts.


Tech savvy people owning devices with good front cameras are to be targeted.


The Virtual doctor consultation platform charges commission on the fees made by the doctors registered on it. The commission is from the payments made to the doctors.


Since the app platform is about consulting virtually, the location of the doctor and patient doesn’t matter. Doctors from any location can become members of the platform by taking its membership and getting listed on it. Doctors also love this concept as they can get patients from anywhere in the world.


The virtual doctor consultation app also has a revenue source with Pay-per-click advertisements. All the companies of healthcare and fitness industries prefer advertising here as they get visibility directly to doctors and patients.

No Location Boundaries

The consulting from the health specialist anywhere across the globe is possible with the virtual doctor consultation app.

Comfort & Convenience

The patient need not come out of the comfort zone to book an appointment, visit the clinic, get prescription and shop the prescribed medicines.

Provide Highly Secured Services

The virtual doctor consultation app gives privacy to the user to secure their data and avoid face to face consulting in case of patients having fear of being judged or embarrassments.


Much of the comfort features for the doctor and the patient creates a curiosity among the people not using the app. In turn, making the app marketing easier.

Features of App development for Virtual Consultation of Doctor

The virtual consultation and counseling has a great potential market
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How your Idea can Impact on the type of Market

Impact on Business

The patients or the sufferers are booking an appointment, shopping for medical supplies, hiring a nurse and much more in a couple of minutes while relaxing on the couch. This shows that the healthcare industry has taken a rapid shift in churning the cores of digital.

User Persona

High degree of customization in app development for healthcare and simplifying the complex product categories are prime facets that are speedily making the audience more and more involved into the medical apps and eCommerce carts.

Demand Based Marketing

Using the healthcare apps and marketplaces proves to be more cost effective and time savvy, it needs less of marketing efforts as it covers all the features that the current on-demand consumer preferences prevail in the market.

Detailed Process of App Development for Healthcare Industry

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