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What We Serve is TROO! Expertise

Jacks of some business verticals or industries we love, masters of almost any business vertical you ask. We are pursuing to serve the very best of expertise in the domains highlighted below.

If it doesn’t include the relevance of your business requirements, kindly don’t worry. Contact us right here sales@localhost and we will knock your mailbox!

Travel and Hospitality:

No worries if your important requirements are weird and unique, TROO! ideas have to be absurd at first anyway. Get in touch with us today if your concept encircles, out-circles, jumps in/out, intersects, angles, etc. to TRAVEL

ECommerce and Marketplaces:

Almost any idea to display the product(s)/service(s) online could fall under marketplace while the platform with buying, selling and booking could be considered ECommerce. Get your own C2C, B2C or a B2B solution as for general niche or be niche specific.

Social Media and Networking:

Most trending of all today, almost every business side is looking for a social perspective. It's simple, you get the crowd, you got to be excelling. Social Media and Networking is a broad term and so are our services for this platform, reach us today!

Business Directories and Review/Rating Platforms:

Being online today, we almost look for other people sharing thoughts on a topic we are interested in. Peer-to-Peer reviews matter the most today for any market to rise! Be the one such platform and get all elite businesses under :)