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We create personalized eCommerce software development and seamless digital storefronts matching your unique brand. We are the architects providing immersive shopping experiences with an intuitive platform anticipating customer desires, not just showcasing products. From effortless integration to streamlined eCommerce management, we future-proof your business, transforming the website into a dynamic, vibrant eCommerce landscape

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USD 9.6 Billion

The eCommerce software market revenue is expected to grow to $9.62 billion by 2028 annually at a CAGR of 4.61%.


A Forbes study indicates that 91% of users of different age groups use their smartphones (Android and iPhones) to purchase online.

USD 6.2 Trillion

Social commerce sales are anticipated to reach $6.2 trillion by 2030.


Clothing and accessories are the top product category for online shopping in the US, followed by food and drinks (75%) and shoes (73%).


According to a Google survey, about 66% of users said that Augmented Reality (AR) technology has increased their shopping experience.


It has been found that 55% of users abandon their shopping carts due to high shipping costs and other additional taxes.

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Ecommerce Software Development Solutions

Accounts Management Software

Are you looking to elevate your eCommerce game with advanced account management software to simplify and streamline financial operations? TRooTech has covered you with its seamlessly integrated system that oversees all customer interactions, tracks orders, and manages transactions effortlessly with a single intuitive platform. Our software allows you to upload all inventory information automatically and easily create downloadable orders.

From streamlining account creation to simplifying order history, our solution is designed to enhance efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction. With our account management software, you manage accounts and orchestrate a symphony of seamless transactions and delighted customers.


Core Features:

  • User-Friendly Accounts Creation
  • Comprehensive Order History
  • Secure Payment Management
  • Intelligent Customer Support Integration
  • Customized Accounts Settings


Quickbooks is one of the popular accounting software, used by numerous small and mid-sized eCommerce businesses. The cloud-based accounting software offers numerous features including, tracking inventory, expense tracking, reporting, and more. Quickbooks enable automatic daily sync for efficiently importing orders and refunds, right from the eCommerce platform. The accounting solution offers multiple reporting features and templates, integration with other eCommerce platforms, and a simple pricing structure.

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Xero is among the best eCommerce software for accounting for enabling business owners to automatically manage their tasks and save a lot of time. Using the accounting platform, eCommerce business owners can import bank transactions and send invoices to their suppliers to get their books cleaned in an efficient manner. A single place for storing the data offers you a snapshot of your business’ financial health. In addition to this, you can integrate payroll services to estimate your monthly income/expense ratio and drive profitability.

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Inventory Management Software

We offer a next-generation inventory management system to revolutionize your business processes that seamlessly integrates with eCommerce management software. Our inventory management software is a comprehensive solution that allows you to gain complete control over your stock, from real-time stock-level tracking to automated order processing. We help businesses save against stockouts or overstock situations.

We provide insight into product performance, streamline reordering processes, and minimize human error with a user-friendly interface. You get the best-in-class functionalities like batch tracking, barcode scanning, and customizable alerts, helping you to stay ahead of demand fluctuations and market trends. Simplify your supply chain, enhance order fulfillment, and elevate overall business efficiency with a tool that adapts to your evolving needs.


Core Features:

  • Inventory Management and Control
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking and Alerts
  • Inventory Forecasting and Optimization
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Barcode Scanning

ecomdash Software

Ecomdash is one of the popular eCommerce inventory management software, facilitating business owners to sell their products online and perform activities such as tracking manufactured items, serialization of inventory, bundling of items, and variations, without any hassle. Accomplish order management using a single dashboard to print the pick lists, add shipping labels, and packing slips even without logging into the seller’s portal. In addition to this, you can save resources, time, and capital spent on making manual entries.

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NetSuite Software

NetSuite is an automated inventory management software for maximizing the cash flow and minimizing the handling costs. The inventory management solution holds a distinguished position among the eCommerce owners, given the ease of viewing and managing inventory across the company. The software facilitates an increased level of accuracy in inventory management processes and prompts when the items are to be counted. The solution, in turn, offers categorization of items based on value, volumes, and more.

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Return Management Software

TRooTech has developed a high-end reverse shipping solution that streamlines your return processes and augments customer satisfaction to the next level. Our platform seamlessly integrates into your eCommerce ecosystem, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers and staff. You can effortlessly generate return labels, track return shipments in real time, and analyze return trends to optimize product offerings.

Our software enhances transparency, providing customers with clear return instructions and status updates. With customizable return policies and intuitive interfaces, we empower you to turn a potential challenge into an opportunity for customer loyalty. Prioritize customer satisfaction, minimize return-related costs, and transform your return management into a seamless and efficient operation with a tailored software solution.


Core Features:

  • Automated Return Process 
  • Real-Time Shipping Tracking
  • Return Trend Analysis
  • Customizable Return Policies
  • Transparency and Communication

Veeqo Software

While looking for the best eCommerce software development, Veeqo claims a crucial position. Veeqo takes care of multiple functionalities such as creating return request, receiving the return items in the warehouse, and processing refund for customers. Veeqo is known for crafting a seamless returns experience for its customers by offering flexible refund options re-shipping and reporting to keep the eCommerce owners in the loop. One of the distinguishing features of Veeqo is that the return and refund management solutions for eCommerce can be implemented by any form of the online store–small or big.

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Return Magic Software

Return Magic holds fame for being one of the best-ranked return management solutions with nearly 2,500 merchants. The software offers global coverage and supports multiple languages. The cost of the refund management software is based on the number of returns an eCommerce brand makes every month. The automated tool implies that online store owners can do away with their resources dedicated to track the return status and handle the returns. In addition to this, it is deemed an efficient and quick way for handling a large number of returns from customers. The time spent handling returns can be put to better use by owners, which initiates time- and cost-efficiency in the process.

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Loyalty Program Management Software

As a leading eCommerce software development company, TRooTech provides a loyalty program management solution like no other! We have designed a software tool that has become a passport to customer satisfaction and delight with a points-based reward system and customizable perks. You can picture tiered loyalty programs that elevate engagement, rewarding your most loyal customers with exclusive benefits.

Our software offers automated tracking, providing insightful reports to drive your business to success and continuous growth. We have crafted it carefully by adding user-centric elements like personalized offers and discounts, making each interaction unique. We believe in building lasting connections because your customers deserve more than just rewards and an unforgettable journey with your brand.


Core Features:

  • Points-Based System
  • Customizable Rewards
  • Tiered Loyalty Programs
  • Automated Tracking and Reporting
  • Personalized Offers and Discounts

Marsello Software

Marsello is a leading eCommerce software for the management of loyalty program. It is an omnichannel marketing platform that can power up the POS system by crunching the customer’s data and predicting their behaviors for businessmen to re-target them and achieve profitable outcomes. The loyalty program enables eCommerce owners to store the customer information, check how many points they have gained in the past with the brand, and monitor customer interactions to forecast the buyer’s intent to get it right with the right marketing tools.

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TapMango Software

While wishing for the best eCommerce software development for handling customer loyalty, cloud-based system, POS integration, and automated email/SMS marketing are the main pillars. In order to prioritize customer loyalty, TapMango offers an engrossing customer experience that gives eCommerce owners an edge over their competitors. The customer loyalty management software provides a mobile app to customers, using which they can keep tabs on their personalized deals, offers, and points. The system helps generate untapped revenue through flexible reward structures, smart points redemption, and an automated friend referral system.

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Order Management Software

Automate and organize your purchasing or fulfillment processes efficiently with our order management system. We have built a potent platform that enables you to trigger your fulfillment, whether shipping to a nearby location or preparing for in-store pickup; our software can help deliver your item on time. Our eCommerce software development is aligned with OMS, allowing you to track real-time inventory to avoid backorders and stockout situations. You can manage all orders seamlessly from start to finish and boost improved productivity.

Our order management system provides real-time insights and reporting, allowing retailers and distributors to monitor key performance indicators such as order fill time, fulfillment costs, packaging costs, shipping, and returning charges. Tracking and identifying these critical KPIs helps them address core issues.


Core Features:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Real-time Order Monitoring
  • Order Processing Automation
  • Customer Communication Integration
  • Multi-channel Order Consolidation

Webgility Software

Given the chaotic ecosystem and lost control over order management and tracking, Webgility is the solution to automatically sync orders received through multiple sales channels. The order tracking and management software include multiple functionalities such as search, sort, filter, edit, import for multiple online stores. eCommerce owners can record every order individually or provide a summary of the settlement period. In addition, they can automatically update inventory along with every sale as well as record currency. The order management software also helps forecast sales based on the products and channels.

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Conexiom Software

While the demand for the best eCommerce software development is at its peak, Conexiom is sufficing the need for order management software. Conexiom facilitates the integration of Infor, Sage, Epicor, NetSuite, and SAP for easing the accounting processes associated with the confirmation and shipping of the orders. Besides being an order management solution for eCommerce enterprises, Conexiom is popular for the document automation solution, assisting streamlined business processes for order entry, quote management, invoice capture, and more. The files supported by the order management system is inclusive of XML, idoc, Word, Excel, and PDFs, among others.

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Catalogue Management System

TRooTech is an award-winning eCommerce software development company that helps you gain comprehensive control over your product data with a cutting-edge catalog management system. We organize, update, and synchronize your existing product catalog across various platforms. We also provide an intuitive user interface that lets you quickly manage all product information in a centralized database, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Our Catalog Management System is designed to adapt to your business needs, providing a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to manual errors and welcome a centralized hub for your product data, optimizing your online presence and accelerating growth. Revolutionize your catalog management experience with us – where efficiency meets precision.


Core Features:

  • Bulk Editing and Updates
  • Real-time Synchronization Across Channels
  • Intuitive Categorization and Organization
  • Scalable Solution for Businesses
  • Enhanced Product Listings

Salsify Software

In order to facilitate better control over their inventories, Salsify enables an effective catalogue management solution. In order to help the eCommerce owners sell products easily, the catalogue management software assists the sales teams and distributors with digital assets, pricing, and product information. The catalogue management solution provides an ease to deliver the right type of content to drive purchases and establish trust. The capability of the platform offer easy importing of content to merge and manage the products listed on the eCommerce platform.

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Catsy Software

Catsy is a known catalogue management software for the eCommerce industry for the unification of the product content and syndicating the multiple channels. The system offers simplified exports for the management and optimization of products as per the individual specifications. The catalogue management software directly influenced the sales and boosts the revenue for ensuring completeness, grading the quality of the product pages and customizing the page content by channel. In addition to this, the eCommerce owners can identify the top-selling channels using the catalogue handling software.

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Marketing Management System

If you want to gain unparalleled insights into your campaigns through robust tracking and analytics tools and enable data-driven decisions, we have a state-of-the-art marketing management system to elevate your eCommerce marketing strategies. The biggest advantage of our marketing and eCommerce management system is that you can seamlessly integrate across multiple channels, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

Effortlessly manage and segment leads with our intuitive system, optimizing your targeting and engagement. Embrace efficiency with automated workflows and scheduling, saving valuable time and resources. Our Marketing Management System empowers you to measure and analyze ROI comprehensively, providing a clear understanding of your campaign's success.


Core Features:

  • Campaign Tracking and Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Integration
  • Lead Management and Segmentation
  • Automated Workflow and Scheduling
  • ROI Measurement and Reporting

Klaviyo Software

Marketing is the key to stay ahead of the competition in the eCommerce arena. Given the importance of marketing, Klaviyo helps build eCommerce brands to grow their contact lists and establish valuable relationships with the customers. In addition to this, eCommerce brands find it easy to scale when they know the underlying gaps in their business and what customers want from their brands. The predictive tool and automated data crafts an engrossing customer journey through sentimental analysis.

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Sales Management System

We provide custom eCommerce software development that helps to upsurge your sales with comprehensive support from sales management software. Now, you can seamlessly track your leads and opportunities using a single centralized hub, ensuring every potential deal gets cracked successfully. Our developers visualize and optimize the sales pipeline to drive higher conversion rates and nurture meaningful relationships with customers using CRM tools.

TRooTech crafts outstanding sales strategies that help you stay ahead of the curve with real-time reporting and analytics solutions. Our tools offer complete assistance,  enabling you to make informed decisions and constantly refine your sales approach. Whether a startup or an established enterprise, our system adapts to your unique needs, enhancing collaboration and propelling your sales team toward unparalleled success.


Core Features:

  • Sales Pipeline Management and Visualization
  • Lead Generation and Opportunity Tracking
  • Custom Relationship Management
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting
  • Quoting and Invoicing Integration

Zendesk Sell

When you opt for the best eCommerce software development, you just can’t do away without sales management software. Zendesk Sell is a leading sales solution for eCommerce, which is inclusive of complaint management software, customer engagement platforms, and CRM. The customer relationship management software enables B2B and B2C professionals to handle sales, track leads, and identify cart abandonment instances to help users complete their buying journey.

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Why TRooTech is the Best Reliable and Long-Term Partner for All eCommerce Software Development Requirements

At TRooTech, we take pride in developing custom eCommerce software development solutions that align with your brand image and business objectives. We build a platform anticipating your customer-specific needs by unleashing the power of innovation—and seamless integration.

Automate Order Management System

Leverage the technological prowess of the best eCommerce software development team to automate your order management process to efficiently handle your complete order fulfilment cycle with absolute transparency and accuracy.

Order automation

API-first Development

Turn your eCommerce solution feature- and function-rich by opting for API-first development to have a structured eCommerce software and eliminate any potential bugs

API-First Development

Upgrade Database

Give your database performance a boost by upgrading your existing database to fix security breaches, save costs, and improve the speed.

Upgrade Database

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