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Being in the EdTech industry for almost a decade, TRooTech leads the way in developing innovative online education software. Our interactive solutions empower educators and learners with cutting-edge technology. Collaborate with us to transform education, creating engaging, efficient, and tailored experiences for the future of learning.

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Universities and educational institutes are quick to harness digital transformation trends and technologies by implementing advanced education software to automate and streamline the learning process.

Trends in education software development are propelling education towards digital transformation

25-60% Increase in Attention Span

eLearning increases students’ attention span by 25-60%, while that of in-person training is extremely low–8-10%.

USD 200 Million

IBM was able to save about USD 200 Mn after switching to eLearning.

85% Less Co2 Emission

A study by Britain’s Open University found that digital education produces 85% less CO2 emission per student than the traditional mode of education.

86% of Teachers Believe

Nearly 86% of teachers believe that EdTech is an asset for students.

33-35% Less Capital

Electronic teaching resources cost nearly 33-35% less capital than printed resources.

It's Time to Leverage the Dynamic Dimensions

Advanced Education Software Development Solutions

Learning Management System

We have created a comprehensive and dynamic suite of online learning management systems to cater to a diverse user base, including  K-12 institutions, educational enterprises, training institutes, universities, independent publishers, and corporates efficiently. Our LMS platform can gather all course content, daily lessons, and assignments to manage them in one place. It can also effectively handle teacher-student communication to enhance user experience.


Core Features

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Content Management and Delivery
  • User and Access Control
  • Assessment and Progress Tracking
  • Collaboration and Communication Tools


Canvas is one of the best cloud-based learning management system, enabling easy integration of courses, services, and tools for tutors and students. Among the other enterprise solutions for EdTech industry, Canvas is known for its customer-centricity with about 99.9% uptime. It is virtual learning environment software that facilitates tutors to enrich courses using audio, images, and video for enhancing the learning experiences of students. The platform also has rubrics for students to know the scoring criteria. The grades are synced with the grade books of students for actionable reports.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is among the best learning management system for schools and educators to save time using the web-based solution. It is considered the best LMS platform, providing the entire G-Suite for facilitating education using Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail. The online learning software makes it easy to create classes, communicate, distribute assignments, and organize the education materials. The educators have a dashboard with a broad range of functionalities to manage students and view who has or hasn’t completed the assignments. In addition to this, the LMS platform is one of its kind enterprise solutions for EdTech industry with an integrated system for real-time grades and feedbacks in Classroom.

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Student Information System

Choose our potent student information system platform to manage all your data about students and educational institutions confidentially and quickly—access all information, whether associated with academic records, attendance, gradings, events, or schedules. Several schools and universities benefit from our SIS solution to boost accuracy, communication, and efficiency.  You can tailor the platform to your convenience using custom software development services.


Core Features

  • Student Course Registration
  • Grade Management and Track Student Performance
  • Automatic Recording of Student Attendance
  • Creation and Management of Academic Courses 
  • Transcript Generation

PowerSchool SIS

PowerSchool is one of the popular enterprise solutions for the tech industry, offering a unified platform to revolutionize the eLearning ecosystem to a greater degree. PowerSchool is a comprehensive student information system that puts the educators, parents, and students in the same team to establish transparency. Using the student information system, educators receive a single source to improve student outcomes, streamline informational metrics, and instill transparent communication with parents and students. The student information system is scalable to accommodate more functions and users in the future.

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Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is a web-based K-12 student record management system, including a parent portal for better accessibility. It features numerous functionalities for administrators, curriculum, reporting, instruction, and more. It provides various powerful tools for teachers, including attendance records, grade books, and similar course creation features. The portal sports various roles and dashboards for agencies, internal consultants, administrators, parents, and students. The teachers can determine the demographic data, grades, test scores, and attendance of students.

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Classroom Management System

Discover the prowess of a classroom management system with an uptime of 99.99% for enabling access to students to live discussions, interactive simulations, and real-time feedback on the fly for your business using our award-winning education software development. Whether you are managing remote classrooms or in-person classrooms, our education software makes the learning experience more engaging and interactive by delivering an improved structured curriculum for students and teachers.


Core Features

  • Attendance tracking and reporting
  • Real-time collaboration and communication tools
  • Content sharing and screen monitoring
  • Behavior monitoring and reporting
  • Integration with learning management syste

Top Hat

Top Hat is an engagement platform for students to join classes, and participate in assessments and discussions. Students receive personalized and dedicated support for their queries and get motivation outside of their classes. Moving away from the patchy edtech solutions based on online conferences, Top Hat offers exclusive services by hosting discussions, offering attendance management, recording sessions, and providing real-time feedback. Using a classroom management system, students can choose from among thousands and millions of digital textbooks to learn at their own pace.

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ClassDojo is a leading classroom management system among the other enterprise solutions for the EdTech industry. It bridges the gap and resolves the patches of online education by bringing parents, educators, and students on a single platform. The classroom management system allows a different dashboard for teachers, parents, students, and school leaders. Teachers can encourage students and push them to work hard or stay consistent, while students can use the eLearning software to interact with other students and collaborate on different projects.

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Assessment Software

At TRooTech,  we craft robust and data-driven assessment software that allows teachers and course instructors to prepare interactive test assignments using cutting-edge tools and streamline the evaluation process. The user-centric interface enables users to create questions seamlessly, automate grading, and provide insightful performance analytics. Our online education software has features allowing teachers to tailor assignments according to their needs and access real-time data tracking, custom reporting, and easy integration with other tools, making assessment management a breeze.


Core Features

  • User-friendly interface for easy question creation
  • Automated grading and performance analytics
  • Customizable assessment types (quizzes, surveys, etc.)
  • Real-time data tracking and custom reporting
  • Seamless integration with other educational tools


Nearpod is an instructional software engaging students through an interactive eLearning experience. The platform is for students, teachers, and administrators. The assessment software offers an interactive learning experience to students. Teachers can use the platform to convert their files from and to PowerPoint, Google Slides, Video files, PDF, and YouTube videos. Teachers can upload videos for the creation of their favourite resources. On the other hand, students have built-in accessibility features consisting of a Microsoft immersive reader and audio responses for teachers to track the learning progress.

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Help students learn faster by enabling educators to capture the video of students and assess their skills. GoReact has an unlimited amount of video storage, enabling viewing, recording, and grading anytime, anywhere. The assessment software offers three innovative recording features–self-record, HTML 5, and multi-camera support. The educators can upload their presentations into the assessment software and present them through a split screen. In addition to this, markers allow students to flag mistakes or save some important pointers.

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Whiteboard Software

Now seamlessly engage in a collaborative learning environment with activity timers, interactive brainstorming, bilateral communication, and screen projection using our all-in-one whiteboard software. We have added a real-time visual element in our tool to increase the attention span of participants with onboard activities to enable quick distribution of educational resources. Our whiteboard education software development services also contain a unique feature, Watch Mode, which helps users mitigate barriers to pre-recorded sessions, fostering better communication. We also prioritize bolstering security with the best practices.


Core Features

  • Digital pen and touch input for drawing and writing
  • Real-time collaboration with multiple users
  • Tools for shapes, text, and multimedia integration
  • Cloud storage and sharing capabilities
  • Interactive presentations and screen recording


Miro claims to be a digital whiteboard service for making it easy for teachers and students to collaborate. While the whiteboard remains the core functionality, the software also enables tutors to create notes for the class while designing, dragging, and dropping things, and communicating through online chats and video calls. Another crucial feature of the whiteboard software is the use of SurveyMonkey, Trello, Asana, Slack, Google Drive, and more. The educators can implement their own tools by building a virtual project. In case of any difficulty, they can find guides to help them resolve their queries. In addition to this, the platform also offers a series of YouTube videos to help them get started, navigate, collaborate, and organize.

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OpenBoard is an interactive application enabling the whiteboard feature for tutors to teach their students belonging to schools and universities. Numerous educators have a low inclination towards technology. However, the easy-to-use platform empowers tutors with the best features to keep the students engaged on the platform. The whiteboard software consists of a built-in library with videos, audio, animations, shapes, and images. Universities and schools can create and upload courses, allowing instant access to students and teachers. Additional tools such as world maps, stopwatches, calculators, protractors, and clocks create a conducive learning environment for students.

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Campus Management Software

We have exclusively designed the campus management software with you in mind to offer a seamless and user-centric experience. By implementing our intuitive education software development, you can streamline administrative tasks, from student records to event scheduling, all in one place. Enjoy real-time communication with students, staff, and parents, enhancing engagement. Customizable dashboards provide insights at a glance, making data-driven decisions effortless. Let us transform your campus life.


Core Features

  • Comprehensive student and staff record management.
  • Real-time communication tools
  • Event scheduling and resource allocation.
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Streamlined administrative tasks


The Campus365 is a school ERP software offering user-centric dashboards allowing login access to tutors, students, parents, and management personnel for your schools and universities. The campus management software handles the functions of the school calendar for scheduling, Gradebooks, Examinations, Attendance, Timetable, Library, events, and more. To summarize the functions of Campus365, think of a human resource manager. The campus management software handles the internal functions of universities and schools.

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MyClassCampus is one of the best enterprise solutions for the edtech industry, owing to its ability to offer a common stage for teachers, students, and parents to interact, share their knowledge, get information, and learn. Educators can use the platform to assign homework and assignments to students. It also acts as an LMS with integrated hardware, and smart ERP. The classroom management software also offers an SMS gateway for sending bulk messages to parents, teachers, or students. The app can work in online as well as offline mode.

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Account Software

TRooTech’s financial management and account software has been specifically crafted to efficiently handle educational institutions’ all finance, billing, and accounting seamlessly at the tap.  Say goodbye to the complexities of budgeting and expense tracking, as our intuitive dashboard simplifies financial tasks. Real-time insights empower you to make informed decisions, while customizable reports keep you in control. Innovate your school accounting and embrace a future of efficiency and transparency. Your success is our priority, and it starts with our cutting-edge education software.


Core Features

  • Streamlined budgeting and expense tracking
  • Intuitive user interface and financial management
  • Real-time financial insights for informed decision-making
  • Customizable reports and analytics
  • Enhanced efficiency and transparency

Zoho Books

Zoho is online accounting software that helps manage finances, invoicing, subscription tools, CRM, and a pathway for tracking expenses. The software also includes a separate solution for empowering customers to view the transactions in a single place. The audit trail offers a clear view pertaining to the transactions of your school/university. The accounting software enables universities or schools to monitor their financial activities to avoid unapproved transactions as well as fraud.

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Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct takes away the back-office accounting processes with optimized time and ease. The user-centric financial intelligence and timely reports enable the educational institutes to make better decisions through analysis about their performance. The accounting software also offers powerful automation tools to simplify complicated processes and unify multi-dimensional data. It adapts with the school and universities to integrate with cloud services such as Salesforce and ADP.

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Are you planning to transform your educational institution into a technology-enabled, innovative, and intelligent school where learning becomes streamlined engaging, and teaching becomes fun? You are at the right place, as TRooTech has customized education software development solutions to take you to the next of imparting knowledge.

High Maintenance Cost

Contain the high maintenance cost by hiring our developers and getting to the problem-causing nodes for providing simplicity to your educational platform for enabling cost-effectiveness.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Poor or Average Code Readability

Get rid of the poor visibility and readability of code, thereby tackling a lag in information processing. Turn your enterprise solution competent with the expertise of developers to prevent deep nesting, code grouping, limiting line length, and avoiding redundant comments.

Boost Code Readability

Outdated Architecture

Reduce the risk of security breaches from outdated architectures and move towards stability and efficiency using the best development practices. Our experts can help renovate your architecture that stays relevant to the latest technologies and standards.

Re-Build Architecture

Low Storage Capability/Slow Processing

Limited storage capabilities can often prevent the system from storing and retrieving more information. In such a case, the system often becomes slow and frustrates the user. Our specialists can migrate your database to a more efficient one.

Database Improvement

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