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We provide contemporary digital solutions to optimize the functioning of utilities and energy companies. Our team of specialist developers assists enterprises with their comprehensive services and strategies.

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Redefine optimization and efficiency in your energy and utility business with the power of automation. Join top energy engineers, utility operators, and managers in bringing true transformation backed with precise data and insights.

Here’s how automation is garnering strength in your industry:

Grow by over 39%

As per a study by Market Research Reports, Non-OECD energy consumption has soared by 45% in the past 20 years. In addition to this, it is anticipated to grow by over 39% in the next 20 years.

68% by 2030

According to the same study, the Non-OECD energy consumption is going to rise by 68% by 2030, which signifies a prominent opportunity for incorporation of automation and simplifying your processes.

USD 53.8 Bn in 2024

A study by T&D World states that the global Internet of Things in the Utilities Market is anticipated to rise from USD 28.6 Bn in 2019 to USD 53.8 Bn in 2024.

Discover our Range of Services to

Maximize Output for Energy and Utility Business

Asset Operations and Maintenance

We pose as leaders with the due diligence of our best energy and utilities software development team for crafting top-notch asset operations and maintenance solutions. Our clients lead their pack by availing our automation solutions to hatch better productivity with less-resources, time, and energy. Our proficient developers exhibit exceptional skills towards asset operations and maintenance solutions. Our exclusive energy and utility automation solutions is an umbrella service for microservices--better energy management, condition monitoring features, inspection solutions, and more.


Fracttal is considered to be a powerful asset operation and maintenance solution. It projects high efficiency towards the management of a team, client, contractors, and more. In addition to this, asset operations and maintenance software monitor reliability, risk, as well as usage. Besides this, it features ease for work order management, task templates, materials management, and equipment breakdown reports.

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Upkeep is one of the best energy and utilities software development solutions for asset operations and maintenance. It efficiently helps in handling the day-to-day maintenance lifecycle. Upkeep is designed and developed for a dispersed workforce to stay on the same page. The asset operations and management solution offer long-term efficiency to track and manage their assets throughout their lifecycle.

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Meter Data Management Systems

Incorporate a suite of software underneath the meter data management system to unlock intelligent grid data and power it up with quantifiable data. Our seasoned developers provide innovative solutions for delivering next-gen gas, electric, and water networks. Our technology leaders and industry experts collaborate to provide an effective means to measure the early prediction of equipment performance. Built with Python, our meter data management solutions enable task automation, data visualization, and data analysis for better insights and actions.

Gridstream MDMS

Gridstream MDMS is one of the best energy and utilities software development solutions for preparing data for multiple utility programs as well as operations. It ties numerous head-end along with other systems, thereby ensuring a definite flow of data and segregating the rising data volumes into structures. It offers a central data storage facility for determining actual as well as forecasted energy consumption values. In addition to this, it also enables unlocking smart grid data and transforming it into actionable insights with low risk and investment.

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Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management

Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management is one of the industry-leading solutions for C&I meters, electric meters, and IoT sensors. The ever-evolving platform offers flexibility and ease to centralize the collection, processing, and storage of smart device data. Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management is developed to cater to the needs without having to sacrifice any kind of capabilities or features that deliver a cost-effective system.

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Energy Management Software

Trusted by leading energy and utility businesses across the world, TRooTech offers cloud-based solutions for enterprise-level monitoring and real-time data. With a sophisticated energy management suite offering powerful solutions, our best energy and utilities development software enable the identification of prominent energy-saving opportunities. Our energy management software offers advanced energy analytics for creating sustainability reports, analyzing tariffs, and forecast data. With our energy and utility solutions, sustainability managers and energy engineers can amplify their efforts and curtail CO2 emissions.

Energy Monitoring Solution Practice

Energy monitoring solution practice by Aveva is one of the best energy management software for offering the right granularity as well as actionable information to monitor and optimize energy needs. It is available in two standards–advanced EMS and standard EMS. The solution reports energy consumption to the required companies, shareholders, regulatory agencies, and more.

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Smappee Infinity

Smappee Infinity is developed for monitoring multiple single as well as 3 phase circuits. It is a smart energy management system that gathers real-time data of energy along with the historic consumption figures for providing comprehensive information about the connected circuits. In addition to this, the energy management software implements energy as well as cost-saving measures for bringing measurable improvements.

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Power Outage Management Software

TRooTech takes pride in the development of advanced power outage management software to revolutionize business operations and boost efficiencies in the process. Our technology experts and automation specialists offer actionable insights along with situational awareness for effectively handling distribution challenges. Our best energy and utilities software development solutions enable a secure, reliable, and efficient way for the proper distribution of network. Our power outage management software automates power system data collection data from various devices and their storage for easy access.


CGI PragmaLINE helps minimize the disruption as well as the expense of power outages with automation. It is one of the best power outage management software development solutions to optimize outage detection, restoration, and reporting. With the help of the outage management software, the utility providers can boost network reliability, restoration, and outage response. In addition to this, the automated solution for energy and utilities can increase the overall operational performance and reduce costs.

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Onesait OMS

Onesait outage management system is deemed a high-performance solution that enables effective handling of energy solutions. It is a comprehensive solution that handles the outage lifecycle, thereby decreasing the outage duration as well as reducing its impact on customers. Onesait OMS quickly determines and responds to outages for reducing the impact and duration. In addition to this, it easily expands to full capacity and integrates with any third-party system.

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Improve your Energy and Utility Processes with our Refactoring Services

Take control over your internal processes with the best energy and utilities software development solutions for forecasting energy load, enhancing maintenance tasks, and transforming the customer experience. We deliver exceptional outcomes to reduce carbon emissions and simplify the distribution and transmission processes. Here are the crucial processes to kickstart the incorporation of automation:

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate artificial intelligence technology in your energy and utility processes to steer clear of strict regulation for predicting trends in advance and getting guaranteed returns.

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Accelerate your digital transformation but not at the cost of your data security with refactoring solutions from TRooTech.

Cyber Security

Data Analytics

Make accurate predictions pertaining to power planning as well as generation, performance estimation, and energy load with our exclusive automation solutions.

Data Analytics

Design a Practical and Sophisticated Energy Management Software

Consult our expert team to discover how you can quickly adapt to the latest technological innovation.