Financial Software Development

We provide streamlined and innovative financial software development services that become a gateway to digitizing your futuristic economic prospects. Our next-generation solutions transcend boundaries to weave the code of financial success for banking institutions, financial companies, investors, money lenders, insurance firms, and much more. So, start your financial journey here to spark a win with every investment opportunity.

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Financial Software Development

TRooTech implements the best digital transformation practices in the financial industry to deliver exceptional services, reshaping how transactions are done and improving overall efficiency.

The key to the new-age industrial revolution lies in adopting the best Fintech software development services

USD 3,528 Billion

According to the latest Statista report, the total value of the digital payment market is expected to grow to $3,28.00 Billion by 2027.

USD 4.45 Million

A study by IBM reveals that financial institutions incurred a loss of $4.45 Million in 2023 due to data breaches.

USD 9.0 Billion

Recent research has shown that global AI in the banking sector is expected to increase to $9 Million by 2023.

Here’s What We Offer in Our Array of

Best Financial Software Development Services

Money Lending Financial Software

Our Money Lending Financial Software represents a leap forward in the lending industry, seamlessly integrating technology to enhance loan management and compliance. Harnessing the power of data analytics and Machine Learning, our software empowers lenders to make informed decisions. It ensures that your lending operations consistently meet regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind in a complex financial landscape.

We help financial institutions with automated credit assessment, streamlined document management, and efficient payment processing to simplify the lending process from origination to servicing. Additionally, our customer-centric approach enhances borrower experiences through self-service portals and online applications, aligning with modern expectations. Experience the future of money lending, where efficiency, accuracy, and growth converge at your fingertips.


Core Features:

  • Automated Loan Origination
  • Credit Scoring and Risk Assessment
  • Document Management
  • Payment Processing and Servicing
  • Compliance and Reporting Lending Financial Software


Finastra is one of the best financial software development solutions for money lending. It provides end-to-end lending solutions across commercial, syndicated, mortgage, and consumer lending. Finastra homes fully automated functionalities for cash pooling alongside flexible reporting through dashboards and multiple formats for downloads. In addition to this, Finastra features virtual account management functionality, including negative interest currency, transaction-based swiping, back-dated sweeps, and more.

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SS&C is portfolio management, reporting, and investment accounting software popular among pension fund managers, investment managers, private client brokers, and trust agencies. The money lending financial software enables you to satisfy the demands of digital-savvy consumers in a market that’s fast-evolving. The money lending software enables your business to comply with stringent banking regulations and drive consumer loyalty for delivering an absolutely seamless customer experience as well as engagement.

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Banking Software

Elevate the banking experience of your customers with our digital, connected, and scalable cloud-based banking software. We are a top-rated Financial Software Development Company that focuses on building a seamless and secure banking environment that empowers both financial institutions and customers alike.

It's the future of banking, where agility meets innovation. Enjoy instant access to your accounts from anywhere, anytime, with real-time updates and a user-friendly interface. Enhanced security protocols keep your data safe, and robust features simplify transactions, whether you're managing your savings, investments, or loans.


Core Features:

  • 24/7 Access to Accounts and Perform Transactions
  • Real-Time Updates About Your Transactions
  • Robust Data Security to Protect Your Financial Data
  • Intuitive Design and User-Friendly Interface
  • Customer Onboarding and Digital Cash Management

Temenos Transact

Temenos combines cutting-edge banking technology with extensive and flexible business support. It is one of the best financial software development solutions to ease out the creases of your banking needs. With the help of agnostic and cloud-native technology, it offers a comprehensive set of banking functionalities across various industries, including payments, wealth, corporate, retail, and treasury with 1000+ banks in over 150 countries for offering marketing leading products and innovative approaches.

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Oracle FLEXCUBE is known as one of the best banking software in the niche. It is developed to modernize the core system of a bank in an efficient manner. In addition to this, it helps transform a ban into a well-connected, agile, efficient, and versatile bank of tomorrow. Besides this, it also drives enhanced customer engagement as well as next-gen digital capabilities for better insights into the current processes. Oracle FLEXCUBE provides multiple transformational paths with its high-end capabilities as well as reintegrated components for progressive transformation.

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InsurTech Software

We help you unlock the future of insurance with our state-of-the-art InsurTech Software that empowers insurers and policyholders. TRooTech is redefining the insurance landscape with financial software development services to shun away the tedious paperwork and complex processes of traditional insurance. With streamlined, user-friendly interfaces, you can purchase, manage, and track your policies with ease.

Our customers have also benefited from advanced technologies like advanced data analytics and AI-driven risk assessment that provide seamless claims processing, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. We prioritize security, ensuring your personal and financial data remains safeguarded. From auto and health insurance to life and property coverage, our software supports various insurance types, tailoring solutions to your unique needs.


Core Features:

  • Streamlined Policy Management
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Efficient Claims Processing
  • Security and Data Privacy
  • Simplified Claims and Payment Processing Software

Salesforce Insurance CRM

Salesforce Insurance CRM is a leading InsurTech software among the other best financial software development solutions. It handles networks as well as producers with better access and control to data. In addition to this, it connects the middle, back, and front office operations for offering exceptional customer service while adhering to regulations. Salesforce Insurance CRM boosts customer satisfaction and enhances digital insurance processes, achieve operational excellence, and launch products faster with a customer-centric approach.

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Guidewire is a surefire way for professionals associated with the fintech field to engage their customers as well as partners with omnichannel, digital experiences. It is one of the best financial software development solutions to empower customers towards controlling and enhancing their insurance journey using any device. In addition to this, Guidewire also enables the creation of digital design systems through personalized customer journeys. The InsurTech software supports auto-generation of instant digital experiences through API-driven design.

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Investment / Wealth Management

Embark on a new journey leading to financial prosperity with TRooTech’s investment and wealth management solutions to consolidate your financial position. We help you invest wisely and grow your wealth by providing a tailored platform that offers a personalized and data-driven approach to wealth management. You can access investment options customized to your financial goals and risk tolerance.

You can hire financial software developers to leverage advanced analytics that helps you to make real-time informed decisions while keeping a finger on the pulse of investments. We are a reliable compass, enabling you to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Our experts guide you through viable strategies, portfolio diversification, and risk mitigation.


Core Features:

  • Personalized Investment Strategies
  • Real-Time Portfolio Monitoring and Management
  • Wealth Preservation Guidance
  • In-Depth Data Analysis
  • Financial Education


Murex is known for its next-gen portfolio management capabilities. The MX.3 real-time investment management software of Murex uses a real-time dashboard for the creation, analysis, and execution of investment approaches of clients. The wealth management software optimizes operational efficiency by position keeping, compliance, cash management, and order management. It underpins compliance throughout the investment management cycle in any relevant dimension in the fintech vicinity.

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Avaloq is one of the best financial software development solutions for brokers, traders, investors, and more with its smart, digital tools. Avaloq automates comprehensive client-centric investment processes for strengthening and streamlining discretionary and advisory business. It is a unified platform that involves four applications tailored for investment analysts, relationship managers, portfolio managers, and advisors. Timely advice and personalized portfolios ensure a seamless investor’s journey for wealth management companies.

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Payment Processors

It’s time to revolutionize how you process payments using our cutting-edge payment processing software solutions. We have designed a high-end platform that has become an advanced gateway to seamless and hassle-free transaction processing. Connect your financial company with a digital economy to enhance efficiency and fortify security, embracing the future.

Our financial software development company crafts payment processing solutions for all businesses, regardless of size, from startups to large enterprises. You can experience swift payment authorizations, real-time transaction tracking, and a streamlined reconciliation process. Our software supports a wide range of payment methods and currencies, ensuring that you can cater to a global customer base.


Core Features:

  • Seamless Integration With API
  • Multiple Channel Payment System
  • Mobile Payment Support
  • Complaint With Payment Card  Industry  (PCI) Data Security Standards
  • Merchant Onboarding and Recurring Bills Processors


BrainTree is one of the top-rated payment processing software for financial businesses. It typically works on four areas–conversion, reach, efficiency, and risk mitigation. BrainTree helps in driving higher conversion by increasing loyalty and sales through a modernized and optimized payment experience. In addition to this, it also leverages the next-gen technology and PayPal network for expanding markets.

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Next to the payment processing software PayPal, Stripe has been deemed the best financial software development solution for payment processing. It helps businesses use the payment API for their businesses. One of the key pros offered by Stripe is that it does not redirect users to another web page while the payment is processing. It is a highly suited payment processing software for credit card processing systems.

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Governance, Risk, & Compliance Software

Now, you can navigate seamlessly through the complexities of financial insights and risk management by implementing our comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance software solutions. Our financial software development services are exclusively designed to help you gain more visibility while setting policies and frameworks for the Fintech business and future-proof risk management procedures.

We have equipped our GRC software with cutting-edge technologies that allow you to receive automated email alerts if someone adds information or if the workflow action takes place. Our developers provide customized and intuitive dashboards where you can view risk heat maps, registers, and workflow approvals in one place.


Core Features:

  • Content and Document Management
  • Data Risk Management and Analytics
  • Streamlined Workflow Management
  • Simplified Audit Management
  • Intuitive and Interactive Dashboard

SAS Governance & Compliance

SAS Governance and Compliance Management software build trust through proactive as well as systematic management of risk exposures. It offers a reliable and integrated view of compliance and risk exposure obligations, thereby offering collaboration with finance groups. In addition to this, SAS Governance and Compliance Management software offers improved operational risk management and enhance effectiveness across processes.

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ServiceNow GRC

ServiceNow GRC is one of the best financial software development solutions for empowering your enterprise through well-informed and insight-backed decisions. The governance, risk, and compliance software connects IT, security, and business for managing resilience and risk in real-time. ServiceNow GRC enhances business resilience by creating a unified data environment. It also provides the front line with easy access to tasks and insights through portals, mobile apps, and chat.

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It’s Showtime! Automate your legacy Fintech services and solutions and manual processes to migrate to SaaS-based cloud finance software, providing improved agility, scalability, and resilience. Hire financial software developers today!

Give your customers unmatched banking and transaction experiences by simply integrating your existing system with next-generation technology-enabled financial software fortified by high-end robust security.

Voice Assistance

Introduce voice assistance in your business to diversify your functionalities and improve security with the least possible hassles.

Voice Assistance


Get to know your customers better by understanding their virtual interaction with your apps or websites through a touch of artificial intelligence.



Bring efficiency to your repetitive and mundane tasks with our best financial software development solutions.


Multi-device Functionalities

Offer your end users and internal team the luxury to invest and run your business respectively using the device of their choice. Introduce app for smartphone, smartwatch, desktop, and tablet.

Multi-device functionalities

Transform your financial service delivery to improve operational efficiency and response time

Develop smooth, user-friendly, and secure financial apps with our team of skilled developers.