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USD 8.5 Bn by 2027

As per a recent study by Intrado GlobalNewswire, the life science software industry is anticipated to cross USD 8.5 Bn by 2027.


According to research by PwC, nearly 89% of life sciences and pharmaceutical leaders favour technology to transform your business.


A similar study finds that managers have witnessed about a 50% rise in their efficiency via real-time automated collaboration with operators.

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Best Life Science software Development Solutions for your Business

Clinical Trial Management Software

Centralize your trial as well as study data that standardizes workflows across all processes with the best life science software development solutions. Our clients from pharmaceutical companies, research centres, and medical research institutes use our clinical trial management software to monitor the complete clinical trial lifecycle. Built using the best technology stack, our CTMS solution can help you find and manage participants for drug trials. Our solution ensures regulatory compliance for you to not swallow the bitter pill of drug rejection.


Bioclinica is one of the leading clinical trial management software, helping save resources and time. It offers the management of complex clinical trial information in a cohesive, single electronic environment. The clinical trial management software is an advanced system for accelerating the trial lifecycles after establishing efficient automated processes. It is one of the best life science software development solutions facilitating data management and enhanced control.

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Given the intricate nature of clinical trials in recent times, ArisGlobal poses as a viable solution to make operations more transparent and accessible. ArisGlobal serves as a centralized resource for supporting clinical research studies to enable life sciences companies to handle, track, and control all operations pertaining to conduct and closeouts of trials. It is one of the best life science software development solutions to automate key clinical trial operations for enhancing productivity.

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Drug Discovery Software

Explore new frontiers of life sciences using the prowess of automation with the best life science software development services. Our industry experts proffer smart solutions with screening, predictive, modelling, simulation, as well as computational capabilities. We ensure the best of the technology stack for the development of drug discovery software with Python, Django, and NodeJS for offering you a smart solution with machine learning capabilities.


Pharmacelera offers cutting-edge technology for drug design and discovery. The drug discovery software leverages an innovative, accurate, and differential description of the chemical components. It facilitates the automation of data analysis through different tools. The workflow platforms enable the combination of several software modules.

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Certara is a leading service provider, proffering scientific consulting services for improving productivity and increasing decision-making capabilities in the process of drug development and discovery. Certara is an exclusive suite of CAD tools developed for expedited drug design as well as molecular discovery projects.

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Drug Inventory Management Software

We assist clinical labs, pharmacies, and healthcare systems to maintain lead in the life science industry to manage the drugs dispatch process. Developed for medical shops, traders, and distributors, the retail pharmacy system is ideally suited for modernizing operations and improving medication charge collection. Garner efficiency in your inventory management system by tracking valuable medical assets, stock levels, and increasing profit through the analysis of data from the inventory transactions. Maximize your operational workflows and streamline tasks with the best life science software development services from TRooTech.


GEP is a cloud-based platform for drug inventory management. It is loaded with next-gen capabilities and features for boosting control and enabling transparency of inventory for streamlining supply chain operations. It enables the supply chain team for carrying out end-to-end warehouse operations from any remote location. In addition to this, it also helps achieve 100% inventory visibility across all the locations.

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Jagger is one of the best life science software development solutions for inventory management. It connects procurement as well as internal stockrooms for streamlining operations and driving savings. In addition to this, it also enables tracking and management of stockroom inventory directly through the procurement solution. Besides this, it also reduces external spending and boosts purchasing compliance.

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Medical QMS Software

Monitor your industry regulation and extend support for corrective actions for tested products with the best life science software development solutions. Developed with jQuery and PHP, the cloud-based medical quality management system identifies issues in the development, production, and distribution of life-saving products. We develop a highly comprehensive, agile, flexible, and quality-centric QMS solution that delivers limitless power to mitigate testing errors and set up quality workflows.


Arena is a leading medical quality management software that helps connect quality as well as product design. Besides this, it stores quality records directly to product design. Arena is a multi-tenant platform, which is designed to optimize performance, automate the recovery process and decrease cost. It offers a modern cloud experience, simplifying collaboration between your drug development company and your partners.

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ETQ Reliance

ETQ Reliance is a reliable and adaptable quality management software for pharmaceutical companies. It is known for its easy conformation and flexibility. Besides this, ETQ Reliance assists in making the processes more agile and better. It helps stay on track and shorten the time-to-market. In addition, the quality management software includes advanced quality analytics that enables data-driven decisions.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Discover what’s possible when the best life science software development team takes over your mundane and inefficient tasks. Our product lifecycle management solutions unlock a sophisticated experience for your drug development team to reach the market in the fastest way possible. Improve connectivity and collaboration across all departments to reduce manufacturing costs with the best product lifecycle management. Our clients from the life science industry hatch relevant data and work on shortcomings for running an intellect-driven business.

PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill is a top-rated product lifecycle management for life sciences innovators. It is a SaaS-based PLM solution, which is designed for making life easier. In addition, product lifecycle management ensures the security and safety of engineering data. One of the best life science software development solutions is used for adopting a sustainable and programmatic approach to compliance.

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MasterControl helps manage product lifecycle in a completely compliant way. Life sciences companies use MasterControl for automating core business operations as well as document management activities. It is known as one of the best life science software development solutions for accelerating time to market. The product lifecycle management fosters efficiency and effectiveness throughout the drug development process.

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Incorporate Automation in Life Science Business to Simplify Complex Processes

We possess deep life science industry expertise that puts us in a position to leverage and disseminate the best of technology to offset complex challenges and create value for your patients. Empower your drug discovery team with the best of automation for identifying innovative ways for reaching customers and building resilience with the best life science software development services:


Build lasting value for your patients to identify new ways to improve efficiency in the internal processes and reach customers.



Defend your life science company against any cyberattacks using the best threat intelligence solution.


Data Services

Unlock powerful analytics as well as insights by tapping into the intelligent data and make data-driven decisions.

Data Services

Avail cloud-based solutions that streamline workflows and optimize productivity

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