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Move beyond the normal towards the best automation solutions for manufacturing businesses and join successful companies. We are pioneers in crafting the best manufacturing software solutions for a faster product development life cycle with minimal rework and maximum throughput.

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Leading suppliers, transporters, warehouse managers, engineers, manufacturers, and operators proactively converge automation with their processes to avoid the troubling ramifications.

Here are some positive outcomes from the convergence:


Industry Week evaluates that the demand for robotic orders has surged as much as 5.2% from the third quarter of 2019.


Brookings finds that countries using robotics and automation in manufacturing processes have seen at least 25% of cost savings.

10 to 20%

The same study finds that robots help improve the overall output by 10 to 20% for manufacturing companies.

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Manufacturing Software Development Solutions

Manufacturing Execution System

Reduce production costs by decreasing scrap, rework ratios, and variance with the best manufacturing management software development solutions by TRooTech. Closely monitor the transformation of raw products to finished goods and enhance the visibility of production operations for maximum throughput.

Our exclusive manufacturing execution system connects multiple vendors, sites, and plants with equipment and controllers for comprehensive control and optimization. Leverage simpler yet the best manufacturing management software development solutions, supporting diverse functionality across manufacturing operations.

GE Digital

GE is one of the best manufacturing software development solutions that enable lean manufacturing with IIoT insights as well as intelligence. GR Digital is a suite of manufacturing execution system software, transforming manufacturing businesses with insights and intelligence derived through data integration. The manufacturing execution system brings together the best of the physical world and digital world for achieving holistic performance for smart manufacturing enterprises.

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Aveva features a streamlined order flow by digitally maintaining the orders to establish productivity in the core operations. Manufacturing companies can track the transformation of products and evaluate the quality of yield. The manufacturing execution system also offers improved operational efficiencies by curbing the production costs with transparent execution of processes. Aveva offers increased responsiveness for unprecedented events.

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Quality Management Software

mplement the highest grade of quality across your production process by undertaking performance inspections, reporting defects, and documentation. Our comprehensive quality management software monitors the quality and compliance of assets used by your manufacturing company.

Small, mid, and enterprise-level manufacturing businesses use the functionality integrated with the best manufacturing management software development solutions. Built with Python and AngularJS solutions, we deliver customizable workflows to take corrective and preventive measures.


ETQ is a leading quality management software with Cloud-native and analytics-driven capabilities to serve as a prominent catalyst for an innovative and digital transformation. The automated manufacturing solution helps create, distribute, and archive multiple documents at a single place for any time, anywhere access. The quality management system defines workflow to simplify reviewing and approval cycles.

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Ideagen offers a digitized, integrated, and innovative quality management system. The robust quality management software can differentiate between a good business and a great business. Ideagen’s software is quality-centric and provides continuous improvement for the processes. The quality management software complies with the industry for complete visibility for a collaborative cloud-based system.

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Inventory Management Software

Leverage the best of our technological solutions to monitor inventory in real-time with our exclusive inventory management software. With a simplified inventory management system, our clients from the manufacturing industry can reduce the risk of overselling and overspending, while curbing losses. Our seasoned developers improve business negotiations and avoid stock-outs and excessive stockings of products. TRooTech serves the best interest to help you set up your inventory KPIs to improve your inventory turnover rates.


Odoo is a modern warehouse management software for maximizing your warehouse operations. The inventory management solution improves performance and reduces processing time. It offers an efficient stocking method and enhances your internal operations. The inventory management software uses cutting-edge automation for advanced routing for managing any warehouse.

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Fishbowl is ranked as the best manufacturing software development solution for inventory management. Fishbowl helps automate your inventory and scale your business using our powerful inventory control system. The inventory management software offers real-time inventory updates, which sets up automatic reorder points to avoid product stockouts.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Manage your product lifecycle right from the inception stage to deployment with utmost ease and efficiency. Align your processes in a digitally aligned space, leading to a faster production timeline to improve the time-to-market. Leading manufacturing companies set up the foundation of the future by connecting the product development teams with manufacturing teams. Get a high level of transparency to strictly comply with the market transformations to ensure the quality of products.


Wrike is a powerful product lifecycle management solution that shortens your team’s path from product visuals to finished products. The software consistently delivers a centralised product discussion portal for streamlining communication between teams and across departments. The product lifecycle management helps break down silos and organizes crucial product-based decisions in a single place for a quick look back. In addition to this, it also offers an advanced resource management insight for better manufacturing processes.

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Teamcenter is an adaptable product lifecycle management software, connecting processes with people and inculcating productivity. The best manufacturing software development solution delivers high-level precision and enables you to take control of product data and processes across your business domain. The product lifecycle management system helps respond to the changes effectively for being the next disruption in the industry. Teamcenter is well-equipped with the capabilities to change the management and workflow as well.

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Computer-aided Manufacturing Software

TRooTech takes pride in developing the best manufacturing management software development solutions for connecting mechanical engineers, machinists, electrical engineers, and product designers. Leverage the cloud-based CAM software for enhanced collaboration to eliminate repetitive programming tasks and reduce cycle time by about 80%.

Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and programming capabilities, we offer the best manufacturing management software solutions that seamlessly connect operations and planning with a single digital thread. Our clients trust our CAM software, integrated with rich features for importing and converting CAD models and generating information in formats.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is unified computer-aided manufacturing software that combines design, electronics, engineering, and manufacturing at a single platform. It is a cloud-based 3D that supports CAD, CAM, PCB, and CAE software for effective product design and manufacturing. The computer-aided manufacturing software ensures aesthetics, fit, function, and form, thereby reducing the change cycles across departments.

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Solid Edge

Solid Edge transforms a wide spectrum of manual processes into digital ones for business accuracy and efficiency. Any change reflected in the design can be easily shared with your entire team for better transparency. The CAM software sports a full spectrum of tools with its modularity and flexible configuration to maximize the value of your investments. The easy-to-deploy CAM solutions are especially suited for designers to reduce the review and approval lifecycle.

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Supply Chain Management

Anticipate potential disruption in the supply chain, spot blind places, and determine visibility gaps using our best manufacturing management software services. Enhance traceability throughout your facility to offer a more responsive and demand-driven supply chain.

Synchronize decisions in your supply chain to bring manufacturers, suppliers, warehouse operators, transporters, customers, and retailers on a single table to curb system-wide costs. Meet the service-level requirements to receive the right product and right quantities.


Epicor is a comprehensive supply chain management software for helping manufacturers to propel their businesses in the direction of growth. The supply chain management system enables manufacturers to integrate mission-critical operations through a centralized solution. In addition to this, Epicor boosts the supply chain visibility for manufacturing businesses to improve profitability with effective coordination to turn the raw materials into finished products.

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Infor Nexus™

Infor Nexus™ is the world’s best manufacturing software development solution for supply chain management orchestrating and optimizing business operations. With enhanced collaboration, supply chain visibility, and predictive intelligence, Infor Nexus™ helps leverage the predictive intelligence for a prompt response to have a complete view of the supply chain for enhanced operations.

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Refactor Your Way To Accelerate And Improve Processes With The Best Manufacturing Management Software Services

Brace your manufacturing business to experience automation and operational efficiency like never before. Trust the best manufacturing software development team of TRooTech to connect your business with wider profit margins. Here are some aspects to leap by several years in your industry with the power of automation:


Manufacture products better, faster, and less cost-intensive to enable prompt response and self-operating plants to expedite turnaround times.


Data Migration

Mitigate risks of losing volumes of data by outsourcing your data migration requirement with TRooTech.

Data Migration

Cyber Security

Protect your business from cybercriminals by establishing a sophisticated system to offset red flags and warning at early stages for your manufacturing business.

Cyber Security

Take advantage of responsive manufacturing, industrial automation, and streamline product planning and remote asset management

Leverage our industry expertise to refine your manufacturing operations.