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We provide marketing automation software solutions to automate and manage operations for digital marketing professionals to bring excellent results.

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Best Marketing automation software to augment B2B businesses, digital marketers, brand managers, online reputation managers, and more.

Roll out marketing automation software to augment and better manage their business

120 martech tools

As per a study by Chief Martec, an average marketing enterprise leverages at least 120 martech tools.

8,000 options

According to the same study, the martech landscape is likely to have more than 8,000 options for marketers


The State of Marketing guide of Salesforce, nearly 67% of marketing leaders, leverage a marketing automation platform.

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Best Marketing Software Development Solutions

Digital Asset Management Software

Manage your wide spectrum of digital assets, including images, documents, videos, audio, and files. Trust our best marketing automation software development solutions to keep the show going by rapid retrieving of assets. Our clients spanning digital marketing agencies, brand managers, ORMs, and more find more value from their digital assets through storage in a centralized library and offering controlled access.

Built with powerful backend and frontend technologies such as ReactJS and PHP-Laravel, our marketing automation software development services are customized to fit the asset management challenges of your business.


Brandfolder leads the marketing software with its ability to manage and distribute assets and brands for your products to evolve quickly. It is one of the best marketing software development solutions for marketing agencies to make the most out of their savings. With ML and AI technologies, digital asset management software can help you identify users using your assets along with their locations to track your highest-performing assets.

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Bynder is a type of enterprise solution for marketing technology. A digital asset management solution ensures optimized value through your digital assets as well as 100% brand consistency. Bynder is a one-stop solution for the management of digital assets with an intuitive filter to look up for what you need and is tailored for the exact needs of businessmen. It is a professional digital asset management software, accelerating the video creation process along with other content formats.

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Lead Management Software

Bid bye to your traditional Excel sheet-based lead management processes. Boost the productivity of your marketing team with the right set of tools using our best marketing automation software development services for the best lead management software.

Automate sales, track revenue, track performance, and manage and qualify leads to reduce the conversion cycle. Using the best of our technology and industry expertise, our developers craft enterprise solutions for marketing technology ticking all boxes from your business requirements


HubSpot is one of the best marketing software development solutions for lead management. The best lead management software helps you manage your lead data and records in a centralized database. Leading marketers use lead management software to track, nurture, and score leads by viewing communication history and segmented lists. With the best lead management tools provided by HubSpot, you can organize as well as prioritize your leads. It provides enterprise solutions for marketing technology to personalize lead outreach.

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Leadfeeder positions itself in a distinguished place with its features and capabilities to determine companies visiting your portal. Leadfeeder is one of the best marketing software development solutions that turn anonymous traffic into real company names. In addition to this, the best lead management software reveals the exact behaviour of companies visiting your web portal. Top salespeople, agencies, and marketers leverage the lead management software to improve the lead identification process.

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Marketing Automation Software

Develop sustainable marketing strategies with innovative tools and features for better planning and managing to get better results. Analyze lead behaviors and monitor campaign performance with our marketing automation software development services.

Automate digital ads, SMS, social media, text, and email using our best marketing automation software. Our sophisticated and best marketing software development solutions deliver a personalized experience to your potential customers and roll out better results.


Marketo holds a name among the best marketing software development solutions. It engages the right customers by tracking their behaviours, easily build as well as scale automated marketing campaigns, and determine the impact on revenue from various marketing channels. Marketo being one of the best marketing automation software, offers insightful behavioural data and built-in-intelligence tools for identifying, engaging, as well as accelerating the best opportunities to offer a sophisticated buyer’s journey.

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Pardot is leading marketing automation for B2B companies to empower your sales team to boost more deals. It offers a complete solution, helping marketers to generate more number of leads, empower sales for more deal closure, and generating more pipeline projects. The best marketing automation software offers a streamlined lead management system for increasing engagement and make faster sales by reaching out to the right customer at the right time.

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Content Management Software

Track end-to-end content life cycle with our custom-built content management software. Our enterprise content management software system has capabilities to build, handle, and modify the content with utmost transparency with your digital marketing team. Develop appealing content templates for better engaging end-users with the drag and drop capabilities of our best marketing software development solutions. We develop the best content management software systems for digital marketing agencies to keep all the content in place.


Optimizely works efficiently for managing and creating exceptional customer experiences with streamlined as well as collaborative content management systems. It is one of the best marketing software development solutions for approving workflows, managing content, handling media, and authoring. Since the customers’ demands change and evolve with new technologies, the content management system should also change along with it, which is well taken care of using optimizely as the best content management software.

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WordPress is the world’s leading content management software, powering nearly 42% of websites. It provides you with the utmost flexibility as well as the freedom to create any website with only drag and drop functionalities. It is a well-designed CMS for search engine optimization, owing to its ability to build SEO-friendly categories, URLs, as well as tags for posts. In addition to this, it provides extensibility, thereby turning it into the best content management software for beginners as well as developers.

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Social Media Management Software

Get all-in-one social media scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and tracking of your posts with the help of a single dashboard in the enterprise solution for marketing technology. Marketers can find out the performance of every post along with the engagement quotient.

Our marketing automation software development team facilitates marketers and brand managers with the right set of tools to improve their operational efficiency and produce visibly better outcomes for their clients


Buffer is known for successful social media handling. It offers a suite of products for engagement, team collaboration, publishing, and analytics. The marketing automation tools enable social media marketers and teams to work more effectively and efficiently. It is an intuitive social media management platform trusted by agencies, brands, individuals, and businesses for driving meaningful results and engagement on social media.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive and powerful social media management platform that taps into the potential of social media to produce relevant results. It enables organizations and companies to analyze as well as track trends on social media for making sure that the content you roll out is resonating with your target audience. Using the best marketing software development solution, you tend to spend less time on the manual and repetitive tasks.

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Augment Your Marketing Services With The Best Marketing Automation Software Services

Discover synergies in the capabilities of marketing automation to find more value in your marketing processes. Kickstart your business’ automation journey by influencing one of the following areas with our refactoring expertise:

Integration of API

Incorporate a dynamic enterprise solution to enhance your marketing capabilities with the best API integration solution.

Integration of API

Migration of Database

Don’t get overwhelmed by loads of data to manage. Ensure a pathway out of complexity by outsourcing database migration services from TRooTech.

Migration of Database

Cyber Security

Don’t let security take a backseat while you are busy diversifying your efforts into various marketing processes. We have the best marketing software development team undertaking your cybersecurity woes to keep your system up and running.

Cyber Security

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