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We develop software solutions for radio stations, news channels, production houses, publication houses, OTT platforms, music composing companies, advertising agencies, and more with a buoyant process to encompass the right tech stack with business intelligence solutions.

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Next-gen disruption in the entertainment industry begins with the incorporation of next-gen technologies.

Discover what the best media and entertainment software development team can do for your business:


Entertainment companies with live streaming are growing by 49% with a sharp ROI rise in production, studies Dacast

Tech Costs

As per Retail Focus, entertainment firms are reducing their tech costs through the optimization of the content delivery networks.


According to Fundera, 50% of businesses suffer from cyber attacks, which has led to increasing demand for CDN


Entertainment companies are gravitating towards Content Delivery Network for reducing bounce rate due to increasing page time load, finds Google

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Here’s a Run down to the Best Entertainment Enterprises Solutions

Video On-demand Management Software

Build a custom multi-screen OTT video-on-demand solution to host, organize, and manage your video content library. VOD management software serves as an intrinsic solution to deploy content across browsers and devices. Powered with PHP and AngularJS, our best media and entertainment software development team crafts the VoD management solution with CDN to serve content to your end users. Our video-on-demand management software supports multiple monetization capabilities with user-centric features and powerful CMS. Incorporate an automated solution for efficient management of users and subscribers with detailed reports and analytics.

Dacast Software

Dacast is a video-on-demand hosting platform. Dacast enables hosting, management, and monetization of live and on-demand content. It helps scale the VOD entertainment businesses through a unified and secure platform. The platform organizes video content for making streaming easy-to-view for viewers. Admins find it convenient to create playlists, categories, and subcategories for users to navigate through the content. The software also includes CMS for handling the online content with features such as bulk upload, folder organization, S3 upload, and video migration. It also offers monetization opportunities for live broadcasts, channels, and events.

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Wistia Software

Wistia brings entertainment in new dimensions, capacitating measurable results from podcasts and videos. The VOD management software makes podcasts and videos into marketing machines with multiple features. The entertainment solution enables taking control through uploading, customization, and embedding of content experiences for your brand. It allows sending data through the integration of tech stack, directly to CRM, marketing tools, and ad platforms. It is one of the best media and entertainment software development solutions with actionable insights and an intuitive platform to help content perform better. The VOD software is inclusive of fully customizable players, embeddable channels, and lead generation tools.

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Content Delivery Software

Increase the reach of content to attract more subscribers to your entertainment platform with quality content delivery software. Our developers approach the development of an automated content delivery software to safeguard costs and time required for content creation, testing, approval, and delivery. Developed with Python and Java, the entertainment solution optimizes the performance of your internal processes. Our content delivery software empowers you to onboard new staff, communicate corporate policies or run employee engagement programs efficiently. Leverage the prowess of an effective content delivery system to enhance your RoI. Get ready to orchestrate multiple content-based processes under a single umbrella with our entertainment solution.

Cloudflare Software

Cloudflare is one of the best media and entertainment software development solutions that deliver secure, uninterrupted, and immersive experiences. Cloudflare brings simplicity to enable securing of media assets and delivering a secured experience to the viewers. The serverless capabilities help deliver an enriching experience for your viewers. It has an intelligent content delivery system that includes responsive network paths. The content delivery software offers high-quality video streaming software, integrating video storage and customizable player. Cloudflare offers about 100% uptime to entertainment businesses.

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Fastly Software

Among the other best media and entertainment software development solutions, Fastly has a unique stance. Fastly is a content delivery software offering reliable on-demand and live streaming media experiences. Fastly helps reduce the overall cost pertaining to streaming infrastructure. The content delivery software enables visibility across multi-CDN through the combination of player-side data with streaming logs. The built-in logic is tailored for viewers to view content on any platform and device. The real-time streaming logs help monitor the infrastructure performance. In addition to this, Fastly takes away the bottlenecks for entertainment companies to process voluminous requests.

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Live Video Streaming Software

Enhance your offerings to augment the dose of entertainment for your target audience with live video streaming software. Capture, produce, and stream videos with live encoding abilities through our entertainment solutions. Chosen by leading enterprises, our best media and entertainment software development approach leads to broadcasting high-quality live video streaming software. Improve and broaden your business’ reach to stream content across domains like education, sports, event production, etc. to widen your subscribers. Explore the next-gen automated live video streaming solution developed with jQuery, Bootstrap, .Net, and ASP.NET.

OBS Studio Software

OBS Studio is a live-streaming software for users to get hold of real-time video and audio content. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software, which features live streaming and video recording options One of the most powerful tools that OBS Studio highlights are an audio mixer tool. OBS Studio offers editing tools for users to combine specific audio recordings and tune in with the videos. The software enables unlimited scrambling of scenes and sequences for achieving seamless transitions. It, in turn, provides easy and powerful configuration options for the addition of new sources, adjusting properties, and duplication of existing files.

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Vmix Software

Among the other best media and entertainment software development solutions, Vmix is a powerful live video streaming software. Vmix software allows the creation of professional live videos. Vmix software is developed with far-reaching capabilities to simultaneously stream and record videos in HD, AVI, WMV, MPEG-2, or MP4. Besides the live video streaming capabilities, Vmix also facilitates 13 transition effects, including fade, cut, cube, fly, and slide. The media and entertainment software also allows the creation of video delay input for assigning it to any output source. The configuration option highlights the slow-motion playback from about 5 to 400%.

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Music Streaming Service

Differentiate your offerings by amplifying your entertainment business music streaming service. Explore the potential of tailor-made music streaming software, complying with the latest and future market trends. Our music streaming solutions for entertainment enterprises with engaging features and immersive UI/UX designs strike the right chords with the target audience. Stay on top of your entertainment business with incisive insights and business intelligence tools. Our music streaming services are powered with Python, JavaScript, PHP, Amazon S3, Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL. Accommodate your entertainment enterprise with real-time data management and processing solutions to have business ease.

Muvi Software

Muvi is an unconventional audio streaming software, automating IT infrastructure, cloud-based servers, CDN, payment gateway, billing, subscriber, and security. The multiple audio formats underpin audio tracks in numerous formats, spanning from Ogg, ACC, WAV, and MP3. It is a single platform taking care of multiple audio streaming needs with its rich features and strong architecture. Besides the music streaming services, Muvi brings live audio broadcasting support. It offers the ability to stream their live audio content–studio recording, concert, radio room discussions, jamming sessions, and more. It also consists of an in-built CMS system, handling complete control, right from payments, invoicing, billing, publishing, and more.

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Digital Asset Management Software for Entertainment

Avoid being overwhelmed and manage voluminous digital assets for proper organization of audio and video files. Hire the best media and entertainment software development solutions to assume complete control with brand consistency, regulated access to content, and rights management. Our digital asset management software resolve workflow inefficiencies to expedite content distribution across digital channels. The digital asset management software enables better accessibility and organization of content for mitigating the risk of misuse. Get to know the best examples of the digital asset management software developed with jQuery and Python.

Fotoware Software

Fotoware is one of the best entertainment software developed for digital asset management. It can operate in two ways–either as an on-premise solution or cloud solution. It enables users to insert their assets into their CMS by using intuitive plugins. Fotoware can be deployed as a cloud, web-based, or SaaS. In addition to CMS solutions, Fotoware features asset categorization, asset library management, and asset sharing abilities. It provides customizable branding, reporting, and file conversion features as a single solution for multiple needs.

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Widen Software

Widen is a pivotal digital asset management software for the entertainment industry that brings content together to create a shareable library of videos, photos, podcasts, and documents. The digital asset management software enables easy distribution of content across various channels. It enables the acceleration of workflows through review, creation, distribution, and approval. The best media and entertainment software development solutions enable operational efficiencies through a central source of content.

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Craft your Way Towards Sustainability with Best Media and Entertainment Software Development Team

Are you ready to embrace the influence of automated enterprise solutions with the best media and entertainment software development team? TRooTech empowers entertainment enterprises with sustainable solutions to manage internal and external operations. Take a look at common challenges and solutions that entertainment firms demand:

Security of Data

Opt for the best media and entertainment software development from TRooTech. We offer the utmost data security by properly classifying data and creating secure backups. In addition, we ensure proper encryption to mitigate the risk of cyber threats and misuse of entertainment platforms.

Security of Data

Upgrading Database

Fuel your entertainment business with seamless operations by unleashing the power of data through database migration. Hire our best media and entertainment software development programmers to accelerate deployment times and simplify database management.

Upgrading Database

Data Analytics

Empower your sales team by leveraging the potential of data and BI tools. Target the right user base by analyzing historical campaigns with our best media and entertainment software development solutions.

Data Analytics

Build custom software solutions that enable content management and delivery

Partner with us for full-scale adoption of digital technologies across digital advertising, publishing, and media analytics.