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Geophysicists, geologists, engineers, oilfield consultants, site contractors, and safety supervisors are employing transformative automation solutions for long-term impact in their operations.

Here’s a glance at how they create enormous value for the entire value chain with the best oil and gas software development solutions:

USD 9.4 bn

As per a study by Markets and Markets, the global oil and gas cloud applications are estimated to register a growth of USD 9.4 Bn by 2024, up from the valuation of USD 4.9 Bn in 2019 with a CAGR of 14.2%.


A publication by SAP shows that nearly 40% of the digital transformations in the oil and gas industry will have its centre hinged at RPA services.

USD 3.81 bn

A study by Business Wire shows that the application of AI in Oil and Gas market is forecasted to reach USD 3.81 bn by 2025 as companies seek intelligent analytics systems.

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The Best Oil and Gas Software Development Services

Exploration Software

Leverage a suite of comprehensive digital software to derive efficiency out of every stage of exploration. Gain more control over your global operations with multi-process team collaboration with our best oil and gas software development services. Our seasoned developers qualify as industry experts with their technological authority to equip our clients with oil and gas automation solutions. Crafted with React and Angular technologies, our best oil and gas software development solutions have been fueling complex operations with utmost simplicity. Get precise knowledge about the potential of unexplored deposits and estimate the feasibility of extraction projects to make calculated moves.


geoSCOUT is a powerful decision-support tool, offering 360° data of the well logs, fields, pools, pipelines and seismic studies to help agencies and enterprises predict trends across reservoirs. It is among the best oil and gas software development solutions with workflow optimization capabilities with superior mapping, annotation tools, and charting. The exploration solution for the oil and gas industry comes with proper training and support, which enables enterprises to get their hand over the process with minimal hassle.

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Oasis Montaj

Oasis Montaj features exceptional capabilities to offset geophysical challenges with utmost ease. The exploration solution imports, maps, processes, and displays original geospatial data into correct geographic coordinates. The essential elements streamlined delivers a seamless user experience through improved flexibility and interoperability by laying more blocks. The oil and gas exploration software provides airborne and ground-level surveys for better interpretations and predictions of the exploration site.

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Geology and Seismic Software

Used by geologists, engineers, consultants, biologists, oceanographers, hydrologists, archaeologists, and numerous others to enhance maps with prominent titles for better clarity. Our sophisticated oil and gas automation solutions empower a subtle transformation of data into insightful publication-quality maps. Crafted with 3D seismic attribute generation, visualization, and calibration, our best oil and gas software development solutions allows precise interpretation of risks and opportunities. Better yet, our frontend developers work in alignment with the backend developers to deliver a simple interface. Clients resonate with our software owing to simple usability and time spent on improving outcomes.


Geoteric gives you incisive insights into the security and safety of wind farms placement and verification of carbon dioxide storage. The geology and seismic software empowers geoscientists for a better understanding of the subsurface for engineers to operate efficiently and effectively. With the integration of AI capabilities, the geology and seismic solution deliver a detailed understanding of the power of technology, science, and people.

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Kingdom: Seismic and Geological Interpretation Software

Kingdom reduces the geological uncertainties with asset analysis. The seismic and geological interpretation software helps you gain access to managing short term cash flow and capital budget constraints. The transformative and adaptive technologies of the Kingdom decreases geosteering operations from several hours to several minutes with data in real-time. The seismic and geological interpretation software also helps sustain the communication efficiency between geophysicists and engineers.

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Oil and Gas Transportation Management Software

Emerson Transport Planner is a comprehensive oil and gas transportation management solution that plans and manages complex networks for bulk transportation. The planner collects and assesses data to suffice crucial transport requirements for executing effective planning. The oil and gas transportation management software quickly validates the ability and cost of nomination for the network. Being one of the best oil and gas software development solutions, Emerson also helps in analyzing the transport alternatives.

AVEVA Enterprise SCADA

AVEVA Enterprise SCADA is one of the most trusted pipelines management solutions, serving digital transformation to the oil and gas industry. It equips the midstream operators to use advanced analytics with cloud capabilities and deliver safe pipeline operations. It features a situational awareness module to ensure that the controllers are competent for real-world applications. In addition to this, the oil and gas transportation management system is backed by a distributed architecture supporting and tracking the performance failover across various locations.

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Fishbowl is ranked as the best manufacturing software development solution for inventory management. Fishbowl helps automate your inventory and scale your business using our powerful inventory control system. The inventory management software offers real-time inventory updates, which sets up automatic reorder points to avoid product stockouts.

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Downstream Software

Reduce multi-screen processes into a single screen with our best oil and gas software development solutions to achieve superior performance. Manage overt and covert operations with utmost efficiency in your value chain by curbing uncertainty and risk. Our seasoned developers develop unmatched oil and gas automation solutions to contain the risk of value leaks, boost productivity, and empower you to make well-informed decisions. Our clients from the oil and gas industries are able to create a robust supply chain with our in-built modules for asset tracking, inventory management, logistics, dispatch, purchasing, and more.

Quorum Software

Quorum is one of the best oil and gas software development solutions, connecting information, people, and energy together for fruitful use. The downstream software accesses the information across the energy value chain with proper business workflows for optimized growth and profitability. The downstream software is well equipped with numerous business-centric solutions such as scheduling, transportation, and distribution, hydrocarbon management, personnel and material logistics, and accounting.

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KBC is one of the best oil and gas software development solutions that bring operational efficiency with rigorous adherence and prompt response to changes. The digital transformational solutions by KBC brings about the power of the cloud to offer exceptional outcomes. The downstream software delivers utmost operational excellence with process simulation, real-time data management, and automation. Besides this, the downstream software also manages simulation and optimization, equipment pricing and costing, and supply chain software.

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Refactor your Enterprise Solutions to Reposition your Oil and Gas Business

In the era where technology is evolving every minute, it has the potential to renew and reform oil and gas operations. Staying updated with the latest oil and gas enterprise solutions can amplify your operations and, in turn, benefit your brand position. Opt for the best oil and gas software development services from TRooTech to custom-tailor solutions for any challenges your business faces:

Data and Analysis

Upgrade your oil and gas solutions with the intelligence brought by our AI expertise. Our AI and ML capabilities enable you to align processes and receive accurate solutions to offset challenges pertaining to loss of energy, resource, cost, and time by channelizing useful data and discarding redundant data.

Data and Analysis

Energy Analytics

Leverage our technological capabilities to optimize energy use and curb redundant costs for broadening your profit margins and decreasing unnecessary expenses.

Energy Analytics


Integrate smart oil and gas solutions to reduce human exposure and manage risk with smart safety, health, and environmental applications with our best oil and gas software development services.


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