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Our experts are responsible for delivering real estate management software to automate the management and make the process more efficient for brokers, real estate agents, property managers, construction companies, contractors, and more.

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Adapt strategically to quick changes in your real estate industry with tech-driven insights and competitive advantage.

Real Estate Management Software to Automate and Streamline Operations

USD 20 Bn

As per a study by Industry Arc, the global real estate software market is estimated to record USD 20 Bn by 2026, which implies the rapid adoption of automation in real estate.


According to a study by Finance Online, 85% of residential firms encourage using multiple listing software.


A study by the National Association of Realtors has found that 90% of real estate businesses in the U.S. have websites, and property listing is the most prominent feature.

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Best Real Estate Software Development Services

Asset Management Software

Gain comprehensive visibility and transparency into every inch of your enterprise to promote higher productivity. Our centralized real estate management software is fully integrated with powerful capabilities and tools to record a variety of tangible and intangible assets for better clarity in the business. TRooTech homes the best real estate software development team to customize asset management software to suit your business needs. Our proficiency in AngularJS, PHP, Nginx, and more enables us to footstep into an innovative dimension to offer you the highs you deserve.


PropertyMap is one of the best real estate asset management software used for the collection of rapidly changing property information across the target geography. The real estate software solution facilitates the collection of data for large, mid, and small businesses, having residential, retail, and industrial properties. PropertyMap is a cloud-based asset management solution for managing the automated acquisition of property. The asset management software links to the existing property data.

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Archibus enables you to optimize your asset strategy for your real estate business, right from procurement to disposal. The asset management solution centralizes inventory, tracks assets, and improves accountability. It optimizes the utilization of assets, right from the acceptance stage to operations, re-purposing, and disposal. Archibus enables companies to develop a well-defined asset handling strategy with proper budgeting as well as lifecycle management practices.

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Brokerage Management Software

Get rid of the bottlenecks and widen the horizons for your bottom line with influential brokerage management software. Automate everyday activities with the powerful digital capabilities of our real estate management software. Our real estate developers build function-rich brokerage solutions to get the deal done in less time and effort.

Tap into modern brokerage solutions with Python in the backend and ReactJS in the front end for intuitive brokerage management software.

Back Office

Back Office is one of the leading brokerage management software for clients, agents, and other vendors for sharing dates, notes, documents, and more. The brokerage management solution enables smoother as well as reliable closings. Being one of the best facilitates workflows by eliminating confusing paper trails by aligning processes together with compliance, transactions, and eSignature. In addition, it stores and tracks critical documents as well due dates through step-by-step prompts, thereby easing the process for document requirement gathering.

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TotalBrokerage provides comprehensive brokerage management software. Bring cloud-hosted, the brokerage management software offers security, safety, and accessibility. In addition, it enables lead capture, action plans, eSignature, transaction management, and compliance. Trusted by numerous brokerages across the globe, it serves as a complete package for all the brokerage woes. It helps you save time and fosters effective communication, featuring auditing, reporting, accounting, transaction flow, and lead management.

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Facility Management or IWMS

Future-proof your real estate business and track your service contract records by properly managing occupants, buildings, and assets. Invest in the best facility management software to customize workflows, track schedule services, and manage vendors and maintenance costs. Our clients spanning various profiles–brokers, agents, managers, and more can handle assets, commercial contractors, work order fulfilments, invoicing, as well as data analytics through our integrated workplace management software.


iOFFICE holds a prominent position in the real estate market for its facility management. The integrated workplace management system improves real estate facilities management for agents, brokers, and real estate managers food making data-driven decisions. IWMS enables real estate professionals to adapt to quick changes and make strategic decisions for channelizing the best services in the industry.

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MRI Software

The real estate software management solution for facility management offers web-based communication for engineers, tenants, contractors, and managers. The MRI software also enables efficient tracking of KPIs to ensure that your real estate business is on the right track. In addition to this, it also manages accurate records for handling work orders. It is specially designed to streamline operations and enhance productivity to reduce overheads expended on property management.

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Lease Management Software

TRooTech’s best real estate management software development offers an all-inclusive accounting and portfolio solution for residential, professional, and commercial property managers. Our clients find our real estate solutions potent enough to automate regular and mundane tasks that require the setting of expiration dates, reminders, computation of rental charges, and accessing buyer-seller information.

Our best expert software development team equips you with leading technological tools to enhance operations and provide effective reporting, reflecting your operational business needs.


Accruent is one of the best real estate management software, underpinning compliance, offering transparency, and mitigating risks to make better decisions. In addition to lease management, Accruent also helps handle complex lease scenarios. Accruent is a centralized lease management solution offering critical date management, simplified rent payments, advanced reporting, notifications, and location mapping.

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Buildium enables you to take charge of your business and portfolio with its powerful lease management capabilities. In addition to this, Buildium monitors and reports incentives and costs, rent-free periods, and residual value guarantees. The lease management software enhances decision-making processes and attributes more accuracy and precision. In addition, it strengthens communication with the internal team and accelerates processes to mitigate financial and legal risks.

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Property Management Software

Gain a fluid, collaborative experience for your real estate agency to execute tasks for the management of commercial, residential, and similar property. TRooTech is home to the best real estate software development team that shapes your agency with the next-gen tools and skills to manage your business at scale. Developed with NodeJS, Python, and AWS cloud, our exclusive property management solutions provide instant access to statements and reports to your team for better visibility and transparency.


Yardi is one of the best property management software with comprehensive functionalities for real estate operators having dynamic and unique requirements. It offers the right property management tool for complete business transformation. It simplifies your data storage operations and leasing. It is one of the most elaborative property management software for consolidation, compliance, and accounting of your portfolio.

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App Folio

App Folio enables you to modernize your real estate business using powerful property management software. It provides you with the required clarity to intensify focus on crucial aspects and processes. App Folio is designed with user-friendly UI/UX to simplify the digital transformation for your staff and residents. The online portal offers easy access using any device. It provides powerful workflows to streamline as well as automate operations using flexible tools.

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Virtual Tour Software

Show your properties in vivid detail using a single click to save your resources and time in in-person visits. At TRooTech, we put our innovative capabilities on the table, enriched with industry expertise for your team to collaborate in real-time and make required edits. Our clients from across various segments in the real estate industry have gained the capacity to offer immersive 3D tours, room dimensions, and accurate floor plans. The panoramic tour authoring software empowers property managers to reach more leads in less time.

3D Vista Virtual Tour Pro

3D Vista Virtual Tour Pro creates an interactive virtual tour for real estate owners and managers to embed sounds, photos, and videos with fully customizable frames. The virtual tour software for real estate is equipped with gamification tools for enhanced interactivity. The virtual tour software also recently introduced live guided tours that not only enable you to walk your clients through the property but also communicate with them.

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Floorfy is the best real estate software development solution that helps you automatically develop virtual tours for your business. Floorfy enables you to virtualize the real estate portfolio and distinguish your offering in your industry. The virtual tour software offers multiple features for your team to replicate the property in a digital form using a virtual editor, 3D Dollhouse, Floor plan, HD Images, commercial videos, and powerful analytics.

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Lead Generation Software

Unlock quality leads and close more deals from every quarter hereon with the integration of the best real estate software development solutions for lead generation software. Our lead generation software boasts a variety of features including marketing automation tools. Our real estate industry experts study the latest trends and form a distinguished strategy to power up the lead generation process. Optimize your sales and marketing team’s efforts with the best lead generation software from TRooTech.

Boom Town

Boom Town is one of the top real estate software for lead generation. The lead generation software is a reliable extension for your marketing and sales team to delegate 100% efficiency in the lead qualification process. The lead generation software offers prospects the required attention, while your brokers and agents focus on sellers and buyers to upkeep their operations.

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Bold Leads

Bold Leads acclaims to be a proven way to run a real estate business effectively. The lead generation software features an automated follow-up to keep the communication going between your marketing team and prospects. The data-driven lead generation software enables demographic and psychographic segmentation and clustering for advanced targeting and lead conversion.

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Tap the True Potential of your Real Estate Business with Refactoring Services

Achieve excellence via automation in the real estate industry for selling properties and increasing your business’ bottom lines by chipping off redundant processes. Here are the refactoring services you can opt for your real estate businesses:


Bring the required automation into your real estate business to draw more insights to better the construction timelines and raise the delivery pace.


Cyber Security

Protect your data from prying eyes and use it effectively to drive more efficiency into your real estate business.

Cyber Security

Data Migration

Migrate your data to a better cloud to have more out of the storage capabilities with the best real estate software development team taking care of your data woes.

Data Migration

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